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Published: Tuesday, March 12 2013 7:00 p.m. MDT

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USS Enterprise, UT

To "FDRfan" your analogy is 100% wrong. Hitler was able to trise to power by using a series of financial and social crises and finding a group to blame everything on. He then began acting as a dictator and circumvented the law to accomplish his goals. When the people received "free care" from the government, they followed him and granted him more power.

Please go and learn about how Hitler was able to rise to power so that we can avoid a Hitler like person in the US.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT


"Such as? Name one job he has had."

Who? Obama or Ryan?

Obama was a "community organizer" and lawyer
Ryan worked at McDonalds
Obama served one incomplete term in the US senate
Ryan is on his tenth term in the house
Ryan is nearly 10 years younger
A non-ostrich could easily find that information for themselves without the feigned indigation

BTW: You are the one that says conservatives demand business experience
I merely require economic sanity

Hyrum, UT

One thing that people often don't understand about budget proposals. Obama and democratic leader's budget proposals for reducing spending never entail any actual budget cuts. They simply propose reducing the rate of already exaggerated proposed budget increases (that have largely become uncontrolled). And that in effect does nothing toward actually reducing the existing deficit. Absolutely nothing! In fact, they still allow for increases beyond inflation and population growth.

That is the reason Obama is currently reigning over trillion-plus (1,200 billions) annual deficits that keep growing at unprecedented rates. The current annual and overall budget deficits are the highest of any nation, at any time in the history of mankind... even after accounting for inflation. Mind-boggling!

Those who understand the true ramifications of where this situation is headed are having a hard time sleeping at night... and for good reason. Without major and immediate change, we are truly headed for a fiscal disaster. What's been happening in the worst Europe nations is just a small warning of what will soon be happening here... only on a much larger scale.

salt lake, UT

Keep feeding into the finger pointing you only give your elected officials an easy way to keep doing nothing.

Poplar Grove, UT

@m.g. scott
Let me see if I'm getting your plan correctly. You want to take THE EXACT same benefits, but cut or eliminate the benefit for people under 40. Why is that OK? Why do you get to take government money,that's coming out of my checks, but then not give me the same benefit your getting. It seems like you only care about yourself, not young families like mine and many others in this state and country. Preposterous!!!!!

Far East USA, SC


I did know of Ryans resume. I didn't realize that "career politician" counted as real employment and constitutional law professor didn't.

My mistake.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

I can see my 92 year old neighbor bringing her little Ryan voucher to a negotiation session with her friendly insurance agent, a wolf who will eat that sheep whole.The financial market has already stolen vast quantities of equity from the elderly with their "reverse mortgage" scam; just imagine what the insurance companies would do to them given a chance.

Elmo, UT

So we have a tax and spend budget or a slow the rate of growth of government budget... I am for the later but I think the majority of Americans are for the former. I think people in this country want as much as they can get from their government not realizing someone has to pay for it. It is like my teenager wanting me to fill up his gas tank. He claims he doesn't want money, just the tank full. Why does he think I should do this for him? He says well I live in your house. You can substitute his gas tank with health care, unemployment benefits, pell grants, defense contracts or a myriad of other government programs, and substitute my house for I live in the US, I deserve it.... I hope I am wrong but I think we will see a democratic house elected in 2014.


Think of the budget as an overweight kid who needs to be skinnier. One way to achieve that is significantly cut back on his daily caloric intake, resulting in moderate weight loss. But, if his intake is too severely reduced, it could affect his growth. Another way for him to become leaner is to stabilize his calorie intake, keep him from gaining weight through a slight caloric decrease, and as he continues to grow he will become leaner.

Paul Krugman points out:
"The budget doesn’t have to be balanced to put us on a fiscally sustainable path; all we need is a deficit small enough that debt grows more slowly than the economy. To take the classic example, America never did pay off the debt from World War II — in fact, our debt doubled in the 30 years that followed the war. But debt as a percentage of G.D.P. fell by three-quarters over the same period.

Right now, a sustainable deficit would be around $460 billion."

The real threat to the economy is long term--as the population ages. We need to slow the rise of healthcare costs. Immigration can also help.

Sanpete, UT


Comparing Republicans to a murderous Hitler is not only asanine, but insulting as well. If I said that about Obama I would be called a racist. Learn a diffent term to reflect your point of view instead of comparing them to a murderous vilain.

m.g. scott

RE: Noodlekaboodle

The reform would be in the form of each person having control of their own pension plans, 401K and other ways to invest retirement. I'm not advocating keeping things as they are. If you thought that, then I didn't explain it very well. The change needs to be in how the whole social security plan is implemented in the first place. I'd like for people to be able to opt out all together and invest their money in something other than this current ponzi scheme that will likely go bankrupt or bankrupt the country. Change is needed. And change now for the future is better than waiting for disaster.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

HS Fan,
The deficits were almost eliminated in 1999 and 2000, NOT in 1992. And remember, slick willy shut down the government THREE TIMES because the repubs did not want to spend as much as he did. Only when he held his finger to the political winds and saw the people actually wanted reduced spending, did he acquiesce. Please stop re-writing history.

Yeah, and repubs and demonrats got together under LBJ and passed medicare; but the subject bills were the deficit reduction act and welfare reform act, NOT those you cited. And you quote an uber-liberal think tank as an authority? HAHAHAHAHAHA. But look again, you are saying there are NO poor in the seriously disabled and working households

5 of the last 8 presidents. OK, what has the make-up of congress been? Remember, unlike the way BO is trying to run things, the POTUS is not a supreme dictator.

EdGrady, IronyGuy
You’ve been listening to too many lies from the DNC and MSNBC. If you’ve been paying that long, you are grandfathered in.

Mcallen, TX

We need to read both Ryan's, and Obama's budget plans to form a creditable conclusion.

Mcallen, TX

I have neighbors on both sides of my house.

My neighbor on the left, has wages tripled to those on the right.

Crazy! The neighbors to the right are debt free, while those to the left are in a triple digit debt.

With a tremendous amount of government revenue, we to, should be debt free, but our leaders are corrupted big time spenders, and we will suffer for it.

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