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Published: Monday, March 11 2013 10:40 p.m. MDT

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Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

I wish it were possible to get a word to Dick because he is part of the family even though he doesn't know I exist. The only news persons I can recall from my time in Utah, Texas, NorCal, Colo, Arizona is Dick, Bob Wentii, and Paul James. Dick iwas trustworthy, very professional, and you paid attention to what he said. He was a part of everything important in the state, the Stadium of Fire, fund raising for the Primary Children's Hospital, the Provo Freedom Festival, etc. The guy gave voice to what really mattered. I wish him the best and I hope he beats this thing, to lose the man would feel like losing part of your soul.

Burke, VA

Growing up in southeastern Idaho, I could always count on Dick Nourse's golden voice to give me the news - just the news without commentary - and it made me feel a little safer hearing his voice. I've been gone from the Salt Lake media market for 25 years and I know much has changed but I've always used Dick Nourse as the standard of excellence in newscasting whereever I've lived. Best wishes to him and to Dayne and Debi. May God's love bless their lives the way they have blessed so many.

Sports Nutz
Smithfield, UT

Best of luck to Dick and his family. To anyone who has heard Dick present the news, knew he was the best at what he did. You can beat this AGAIN. Thoughts and prayers to you, Debi and Dayne.

Atlanta, GA

When I lived in Utah, I always enjoyed watching Dick Nourse give the news. I think one of the reasons he was so well liked is that he never seemed pretentious. He was just a good guy with a great voice, and that came through on screen. Sometimes it is obvious that a newscaster thinks that he or she is pretty hot stuff. I never felt that way about Nourse. I think a lot of people are pulling for a man who was very successful, but always seemed like he could be the guy next door.


Best wishes to the Nourse family. I hope to read more articles about the Nourse family as things get better and there is triumph.

Orem, UT

Dick Nourse is a 100% genuine man, without an ounce of arrogance or falseness. On a field trip many, many years ago to KSL, he treated my sixth graders with absolute kindness and class ... happily answering their endless questions without talking down to them. What a pleasure and treat it was to spend some time with him.

Liberal Ted, we keep hearing about Mr. Nourse because his story is continuing, and because people who know him want to know more about him. He's the real deal, and I wish we could read more stories about people like him ... people who are grounded despite their success. He's the real deal (a true journalist AND human being), and I wish and pray all the best for him and his family.

Cache county, USA

Liberal Ted
Not sure I understand your many comments.


I had the marvelous opportunity to have Dick Norse in my home for an evening many years ago, and even though it wasn't for very long, and I was just a nobody from St. George Ut. he treated me as if i was important to him. I've followed his story with interest and feel compassion for him and his family. He is indeed a great man and I wish him the best and his family also.

Liberal Ted: Huh?

Ray E.

I grew up watching Dick Nourse, Bob Welti and Paul James, and though I've been away from Utah for over 30 years, I still know their names, and have long since forgotten scores of other newscasters I've watched since then. Best wishes to Dick, Debi and family. You deserve a great outcome for the service you've given your legion of followers for half a century.

Gilbert, AZ

Re: Liberal Ted
You really missed your calling in life. Your comments reveal your ability and nature to kick someone when their down. There are people who find the negative in life and spread their venom. On the other hand there are those who empathize with anyone who struggles with challenges they face and offer support with kind words and encouragement. Your comments were dark and hurtful. I dont know what your purpose in life is but your commentary reveals it's nothing positive. You must be a joy to work and live with. Get a clue.

Just an Observer
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm guessing my first comment didn't get approved, so I'll try again with it toned down even further. To the people that have great experiences with Dick Nourse, I say that's great. My only experience with him working a hotel Christmas function years ago was not that way. I do hope this will be permitted to be posted. I think it's great to sing a person's praises. I also think that if we do that, we should be able to be reasonable and offer the occasional counterpoint if it in fact exists.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

We became acquainted with Dick through both KSL News and a local charity organization in the late 1970's. What a strong, yet kind individual!
Dick became a comforting friend to many, many of us over the years, as well. One could always depend on his nightly visits into our homes. He may have not known this, but he really did seem like part of our family.
We certainly do appreciate the DN's continuing articles about the Nourse family.
Hopefully, Dick and his family will realize everyone's love and positive thoughts for them continue on.

Grandma Char
Kaysville, UT

So sorry to hear this sad story!! I have to wonder if the new 3D printers will one day be able to help the Nourse's beloved son. It can make him new bone, I'll bet! God Bless them!

Kaufman, TX

I first saw Dick Nourse doing the news while serving in the Air Force in Montana in the early seventies. KSL was one of the few cable channels on our barracks tv. When I got out of the service, I moved to Utah to go to college and there he was every night. He always seemed like a good and genuine guy. I wish all the best to his family and him.

Salt Lake City, UT

Our best to Dick and his family. You have been a little part of lots of lives, and a big part of some. May the prayers from all of those people lift you up.

Brother Dave
Livermore, CA

May the Good Lord Bless Dick, Debi, and Dayne.

Cancer is such a nasty and ugly intruder into many families and individual lives.

Hopefully, someday, cancer will be in the history books of yesterday.

I, and others, will be at and support this year's "Relay for Life" to help eradicate this
ugly disease.

Cedar Hills, UT

cancer is the most scary disease ever! Norris is well acquainted with this disease...hope he is able to beat it a third time. Sad to see cancer come back after so many years in remission.

Florissant, MO

Nourse, Welti and James, it just flowed that way for so many years. It was something that you could count on always being there. I have been away from Utah for nearly ten years, but seeing stories like this brings me down memory lane. I am sorry for the suffering this family has to go through, I wish them the best and proud of his wife for the care she is giving her husband and son, I have been a caregiver and it is a loving sacrifice.


I didn't know how good Nourse was until after he was gone.

Local news now is.....well......sometimes kind of silly.

A sort of "stupid pet tricks" mixed with entertaining "reading of the headlines".

A journalism professor some years ago taught me to "actively listen" to the news; i.e. how many times do the newscasters say "almost", "very nearly", "came close".
Those are ALL indeterminate phrases that mean absolutely nothing in the news sense.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

@liberal ted

As Doc Martin would say...

Stop Whining!

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