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'Open enrollment' begins in October for insurer marketplaces

Published: Saturday, March 9 2013 10:30 p.m. MST

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Park City, UT

Bluedevil- Actually what I receive is called a discount. Having been in the retail business and now owning a service business, I have given cash discounts for years. I have never looked at the people who pay full price as "subsidizing" those who receive a discount. Those who pay with credit actually cost me a little more, so are the cash patients subsidizing them? I don't think so. It's a part of business. The fact that your ins. company pays more than me is actually why it's a broken system. Health care costs are ridiculous when compared worldwide. Lawsuits, malpractice insurance,etc., has driven up costs to both providers and ins. co., so the consumer pays the tab. Drugs that cost pennies to make are sold at thousands percent markup. Mostly to defray future potential litigation, which happens more and more often now. I'm sure that hospitals write off bad debt a lot more than other industries, and maybe blue collar guys are the leaders, but we are also the ones caught in between. Not all of us have employer access to healthcare, and few of us can afford over 1000 month.

Pheonix, AZ

"... each and every one of us who does have insurance have been subsidizing the care of the uninsured for decades now."

And we will continue to subsidize the care of the (formerly) uninsured... through tax and insurance premium increases to pay for it.

"Those of us who have health insurance have been subsidizing health care for years now and have been experiencing double digit increases in premiums every year. What we have been doing certainly isn't working."

The reason the uninsured are ensured is becasue they can't afford to pay for insurance. Where do you suspect the money will come form for the uninsured under Obamacare... From increased taxes and insurance premiums for those who can pay, that's who.

"Can you tell exactly how many lives will be lost by raising speed limits from 65 or 70 to 75?"

The answer is: 'More.'

Tooele, UT

Re: ". . . it is too soon to tell whether these bold creations of the Affordable Care Act will actually bring "affordable" care to consumers."

It's not too soon. It can't and won't.

The horrendous extra costs associated with Obamacare's punitive mandates and rationing safeguards will necessarily cause health care costs to skyrocket.

The President made the mistake of admitting the same thing regarding his energy "policy" scams. He and his shills won't repeat that mistake with his health care scams.

They'll just ruin the best health care delivery system ever devised by man, all the while assuring the gullible amongst us that they're saving it.

Park City, UT

Oneoldman- I don't consider myself lucky that I can pay out of pocket. I would rather have insurance. I haven't always been uninsured, but after the downturn, it was either lose the house or lose the insurance. And no, I don't have a big house. I actually pay about the same as I would for rent to fit our family. I consider myself an "in betweener" make just too much for any assistance, but not enough to cover high health insurance costs. My guess is, I'm in a rather large group of Americans.

I have been lucky so far, and hopefully that will hold. Trust me, most like me worry more than you about this for sure. It sucks. Sometimes it's overwhelming knowing that you work your tail off to barely make it, when you could throw in the towel and become part of the "taken care ofs" but that's not the way I was raised, so I'm gonna keep fighting. Obamacare is just putting a band aid on a large open bleeding wound of a system that needs overhauled before the talk of universal healthcare enters the discussion.

Salt Lake City, Utah


A "frightfully simple question"? You said there where better ways all I was suggesting was that you maybe could enlighten us with what those better ways were. Anyone can criticize and on this message board it appears especially easy to criticize the President, but what are the solutions?

Springville, UT


To claim single payer systems would lower prices is not only patently false but historically ignorant. Competition lowers prices, PERIOD. Government efficiency is a contradiction in terms so CJB you can look forward to higher insurance costs, long lines, highly restricted options and death panels, as NYT economist Paul Krugman labels them.

Government monopolies such as the old phone company, post office and military cannot be considered highly efficient.

Today's Postal Service is the prototype of what Obamacare's single payer system will be. It's forced to operate under outdated, inefficient and cumbersome government mandated rules. Stamps are going up and Saturday delivery is being cut. If you think the Post Office problems are bad, wait until Obamacare's starts.

Recently, my wife, who is 66, was told he's too old for a simple female test for women. According to life expectancy numbers, she has almost 20 more years to live left. That will be happening for more and more procedures and tests. Look at Britain's NHS. It's coming to America January 1, 2014.

When I hear the scream from Bountiful that "this can't be," at least I'll know who is screaming.

UT Brit
London, England


"the best health care delivery system ever devised by man"

I have lived in several places around the world. I can categorically say that the US is the worst health care system I have experienced. I would never want to live with it again.


Um, the US healthcare system is not the best in the world. It is, however, by far the most expensive.

As an LDS person, my main question is are we taking care of our sick and our poor? This is a command that Jesus repeatedly gave to his followers.

In the current old system, poor people and very sick people get the short end of the stick. If you don't have insurance through your employer, you are out of luck. These people wait until they are extremely sick and then go to the emergency room - the most expensive way possible. By then they need a lot more care. And the rest of us pay for that. Preventative care is much cheaper, and much more Christian, in my opinion.

I think it's very easy for people (myself included) who have decent insurance to forget how it is for people less fortunate than we.

Cedar Hills, UT

I am just guessing here but if I were to bet I would say our premiums are going to go up ... alot ... while the quality of the coverage declines. It warms the heart to know however that although my families premiums increase and the care decreases I am helping to pay for Obama's army of do-nothing bums and giving them FREE health insurance. I wonder what it takes to qualify as an Obama-bum? Certainly my son and his family don't qualify even though he is only 25 and a struggling college student. Yes hope n change...isn't it great.

HS Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Getting rid of the middle man (for profit insurance companies) would have done more to drive down the cost of health care than anything else we could do. The rich men with their powerful lobbies defeated that. Americans spend twice as much on medical costs as other nations because of one word, PROFIT. The next progression in affordable health care is to enable non-profit competition (e.g. Credit Union, Medicare). We're moving in the right direction.

Sandy, UT

The fact that many people actually believe that this legislation will improve things shows just how naive and ignorant people are when it comes to the insurance industry and the dynamics of medical costs.

SLC gal
Salt Lake City, UT

This is nothing new. A few years ago, when 26 year olds were allowed on their parents insurance, is when the rates really started to rachet up. Even before then premiums were increasing slowly every year.

If you want lower rates, start by reducing the amount of lawsuits people will file over any little paper cut. So we reduce the premiums practicioners have to pay for their liability ins. instead of absorbing the increases with our annual checkups.

Cedar Hills, UT

re:HS Fan

I have news for you... the goal of Obamacare is eliminate ALL competition. Barack wants a SINGLE PAYER system which would be the federal government and enforced by the IRS. No competition means the feds can set the price as high as they want. For those who don't demonstrate proper political allegiance will get hit with higher premiums and denial of coverage or perhaps no coverage at all. How do you like that direction? It's called socialism and it IS the end game for all progressive Marxist's.

Durham, NC

@joseywales - first of all.... I want to make it clear that my comment about blue collar workers wasn't not aimed at you personally.... it just is what it is - a raw statistic. Blue color jobs can be very inconsistent, rich to poverty to rich again faster than. It is the nature of the job sometimes.

But there has to be a solution for people like you, so you can afford to protect your family so that they are not wiped out in the case of a major medical issue arises. I don't think Obamacare is perfect. The problem is no one is talking about fixing the problems (cost, access, etc), they are just shouting from their bully pulpits that the other person is wrong.

One of the things Paul Ryan does have I like is a voucher system. We can preserve a competitive system, allowing for choice, and the ability to upgrade plans if you like, and still be able to cover those most in need. Meidicare fails because it is loaded with high demand people. If everyone paid into the system - the average cost for all would be much cheaper.

Cedar Hills, UT

It scares me that Obamacare seems to be forcing private insurance out of business and leaving us all ...eventually ...with nothing but Obamacare. I recall living in a small town in Nevada that had one grocery store. The next closet town was 2 hours away. The prices at the store were insane - $4 for a gallon of milk but you had no choice but to pay. Finally a storehouse market and a Smiths moved in providing competition and the prices dropped through the floorboards on food. The little store with the jacked up prices went out of business. People seem to have so much trust in the Federal government and I can't understand why. Do you trust the IRS? I don't. Anything run at the Federal level is bound to be mismanaged and wasteful as well as terribly expensive and that includes Obamacare. For a year or two the Federal govt will be helping with these state exchanges but then each state exchange will be left on its own to implement all these mandated regulations and that is where the trouble beings for all of us. Health care could become unaffordable except for the wealthy. Ironic isn't it.

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