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'Open enrollment' begins in October for insurer marketplaces

Published: Saturday, March 9 2013 10:30 p.m. MST

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Spanish Fork, UT

Fred44 and UtahBlueDevil... you need to speak to Nancy Pelosi cuz she said we need to implement this 2500 page deal before we could understand it. How is it you understand it when she doesn't?

And after reading this article I conclude that the "leaders" in DC are once again saying, "Trust us. We're doing this for your own good."

Am I right?


Thanks for this article. Overall, I'm glad for the new health care plan. The status quo isn't working, so let's see how this new thing works. I'm cautiously optimistic that it will be better, and that congress will improve it over time.

Durham, NC

@joseywales - I get where you are coming from... but even those paying cash get a break. Go ask the finance person for your doctor if there is a difference between what you pay, and what the insurance companies pay.

For example, when my son went on his mission, he went before Obamacare was in force. He was over 21, not enrolled in school, because he was saving for his mission so didn't qualify for my insurance at the time. When he had his wisdom teach out, his bill was 30% less, because he (or should I say I) paid the bill personally. You may not call it a subsidy, but had I come in there for the same treatment, my insurance would have been billed at a higher rate.

Our ward is home to a university hospital. We get on a regular basis people coming to the area for acute medical care. 70% of those who come, can't pay their full bill. I doubt you have paid for cancer treatment yet. Many file bankruptcy as a result. That uncollected difference is paid by someone, at that someone is the insured. BTW, number one group who default - trades people.

Durham, NC

RockOn... not sure what Nancy Pelosi has to do with it, but she is absolutely correct. There is not a single bill passed, even if it were only 10 pages long, that you can predict the exact consequences - intended or not - will be.

Utahs new "Drivers can't smoke in cars with their own kids bill".... tell me, exactly how many lives will that save? What is the net impact fiscally for having these kids not be around smoke in their cars - but still in their homes? You can honesly tell me a single Utah Republican can give you answers to these questions? If they do, they are lying. No one knows.

Can you tell exactly how many lives will be lost by raising speed limits from 65 or 70 to 75. No,

But you can tell often that things in general have a positive impact. And those parts where it has unintended consequences, you fix by modifying the bill. You don't say - we just will not do anything because we don't have all the answer up front.

Lets drop the goofy partisan junk. Do you want results, or to score political points. If it is broke, fix it.

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

Not enough people cared enough to stop what is happening so, quiet down and take your federally mandated free medicine.

Salt Lake City, UT

"The ACA will "bend the cost curve down," "

Healthcare costs in America have gone up the past three years at the slowest rate in over half a century.

Salt Lake City, UT

Every state can opt out of Obamacare if they design their own program that makes sure at least as many people will have health insurance and is no more expensive than Obamacare. What's stopping Utah from designing their own plan if they really want to get out of it so badly?

Draper, UT

@ cjb

Uh, no, healthcare costs won't go down with a single payer system. You only have to look north of the border for that. Single payer = government payer or no competition. Government/no competition = higher costs because no incentive exists to be efficient.

Obamacare is a terrible system that will be more expensive all the way around. My company is paying tens of thousands of dollars in Obamacare taxes that have nothing to do with the quality of healthcare we receive. Consequence? Every employee pays more.

If we want healthcare costs to go down, we have to stop using it for every doctor visit, every sniffle, and expect the insurance company to pay. HMOs created the demand by covering everything with a small copay. No one pays attention to actual costs. We need to go back to having an actual insurance policy in case we need surgery, have a serious illness or accident and paying our own way for routine care. Then people will shop for better prices for visits, buy more generic prescriptions and take better care of themselves. Some companies offer HSA plans which accomplish this in part. Put consumerism and personal accountability back in healthcare.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Obama care had absolutely nothing to do with providing affordable health care. If it did they would not have created 1869 new federal agencies and mandated that all insurance policies cover all diseases, real and imagined.

Obama care is all about making every American dependent upon the Federal Government and gaining life and death control over all Americans.

We could provide a basic catastrophic care policy ($10,000 deductible) for $50 a month and legalize real medical savings accounts. This would do wonders to drive down the cost of health care.

If we also stopped forcing hospitals to treat non-emergencies for free and allowed them to refer non-emergencies to area clinics as well as requiring those gaming the system to pay their own bills (eventually) a lot of the abuse will go away.

I say we do everything in our power to make certain that Obama Care does not work!
The Republican's should also refuse to revise anything on Obama Care. Repeal and replace should be the only option.

one old man
Ogden, UT

joseywales says: "utahbluedevil and fred- you haven't subsidized me or many others like me who are self employed and don't have insurance. Many of us who don't have insurance, but still go to the doctor, just pay out of pocket."

Granted, there are some who have been lucky enough to be able to do that.

But how long will your luck hold out? And if it does run out, then what?

one old man
Ogden, UT

And Whoa Nellie said: "One old man,

If you are really interested in learning the truth about who has done what to the middle class, tune your radio to KNRS 105.7 between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. then listen very carefully."

I have. But I've not heard much of any TRUTH there about anything. Lots of hatred, but not much actual truth.

Wisdom comes from reading or listening to a wide variety of material from all sides and then carefully considering the merits any of them may have. It's called THINKING for oneself.

metamora, IL

For those who think the uninsured drive up health care costs, you are only partially correct. Yes, many uninsured individuals have never paid a medical bill. There are many others, like joseywales and myself, who pay out of pocket. But the insured are also responsible. As I pointed out previously a large percentage of insured individuals never pay their co-insurance/co-payment/deductible. The insured are more likely to visit the doctor for every little ache, pain, or sniffle. This behavior raises the cost of insurance and healthcare. Greater demand causes higher prices. The insured are also less likely to care about how much a doctor visit, x-ray, medication, procedure, surgery, etc,, costs because they have the ILLUSION that they aren't paying for it. Unlike the uninsured (read: me) who looks for the highest quality care for the lowest cost, the insured do no medical care homework. Best example is medication costs. Recently got prescription for an antibiotic: locally owned mom/pop pharmacy was $48; Walmart was $55, Walgreens & CVS were over $100. Those with insurance think it doesn't matter where they purchase the medication because they only have to worry about the co-payment.

Wasatch Front, UT

ObamaCare is just another transfer of income and wealth from young working families to the older and more medically needy retired crowd. The Baby Boomer generation will spend this nation into servitude, then leave the bill to be paid by the next 2-3 generations. Social security, medicare, food stamps, federal discretionary spending, etc., etc. are all above long-term sustainable levels.

When will the young wake up and realize that they will be paying for all these promised freebies. All so the older generation can lead lives filled with eating out, new cars, expensive health care, and travel. We can't afford all this folks. We are spending 9% more than we bring in as a nation. How long will we get away with this before the bills start coming due?

Portland, OR

I'm surprised no one so far has noted how SPECULATIVE the article is. Relying mainly on two sources who opposed the Affordable Care Act, the reporter speculates that young people will not sign up for coverage, that taxes will rise (without saying why or how) and that insurers will raise their rates. (Only in the last paragraph does he cite the projection that overall medical insurance rates will decline about 12% once the ACA rolls out.)

The only tax rising for the ACA currently is one on medical device makers, who sometimes have profits as high as 50%. The Obama administration also transferred about a half billion dollars from Medicare Advantage to cover costs, and, reduced some payments to medical providers. None of these are consumer taxes. So, anyone who thinks his taxes were raised to pay for ACA is just plain wrong.

We will not know how many people will take advantage of the benefits of the Act until it rolls out in 2014. The projection of seven million Americans is modest. Certainly, it is premature to assume negative consequences.

Colorado Springs, CO

metamoracoug: Just as you say we should not lump all uninsureds together, so should you not lump all insureds together. I am insured, and I can unequivocally tell you that I purchase my medications, when needed, from various different pharmacies, as I agree with you that some are cheaper than others.

And while I will admit that I didn't read the whole article, the very first page of this article says we will have to wait and see if insurance costs go up. I, for one, will do just that. And if there are dramatic jumps in cost over and above what we have seen every year for the last 15 years, then you can bet I will be calling and writing my representatives.

metamora, IL

one old man at 6:26 pm: My family has been uninsured for 13 years. We got several quotes for health insurance 13 years ago, the cheapest being $950/month. In 2007, we got more quotes all coming in around $1150/month (interesting since we had 3 adult sons out of the house by then). Using these two figures, we would have spent $162,600 on insurance. During these 13 years our highest annual expense has been $7500 and the average is about $3700. As I see it $162K is a lot of money to spend on something that would not have paid us a dime back ($10K deductible). Instead, we bought property and built a second house on it (currently owned free and clear). In case of a medical emergency, it could presently be sold for $200. Thus, not only do we have an emergency medical fund (now valued at significantly more than the original investment) but we also have a wonderful place to escape to once a month or so.

metamora, IL

Xscribe: you are correct and I apologize if I gave the impression of lumping all insureds together. If I were a betting man - and I'm not - I would put a large sum of money on the fact that you are the exception rather than the rule.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

"If you think health care is expensive now, wait until it is free."

Obamacare does exactly ZERO to increase the number of health care providers, only shuffle how money will be confiscated by taxes ("fines") or forced purchase of insurance, and "saving money" by cutting the amounts paid to actual doctors.

Obamcare will destroy our health care system, the best in the world, and by default we will be stuck with a single payer government run system. With all the efficiency and innovation and cost reduction that is part of any government bureaucracy.

This may help religious faiths, as praying you do not get sick may provide more relief than Obamacare.

Iowa City, IA

RE:Fred44 Your question is frightfully simiplistic and shows a complete unwillingness to consider anything else.

Everyone is for better healthcare and for all, but Obamacare ignores untouchable principles of a successful, civilized society such as, accountability, choice, freedom, competition, fairness, honesty, transparency, equity and stewardship.

Instead he has chosen (and those who support him) oppression, taxation, force, pseudo equality, jealousy, punishment, preferential favors and distortion.

There is a better pointing to two failed systems doesn't justify either one. To accept a law that was passed before it was read is a sham and a move against free people.

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

America should have gone with single payer. Then, let everyone have the freedom to choose whether or not they want to participate in a government pool that they pay into, or keep the insurance middle man that has given us the highest costs in the world, with mediocre outcomes.

All of this would be working better if the GOP wasn't working so hard to make it fail. They have no answers. They're content with people being vulnerable to financial ruin. Our system of healthcare delivery puts America at a competitive disadvantage with the rest of the civilized world.

Ironic, too, how many who don't want universal coverage for others will accept Medicare for themselves with no problems. The pride cycle is alive and well in America.

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