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'Open enrollment' begins in October for insurer marketplaces

Published: Saturday, March 9 2013 10:30 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

The ACA will "bend the cost curve down," and other fantasies. So much for not taxing the middle class.

Durham, NC

I have no problem with the sticker shock - because each and every one of us who does have insurance have been subsidizing the care of the uninsured for decades now.

The best example I can think of is it is like going to a restaurant where in the 80s Reagan mandated that everyone who showed up hungry at the restaurant had to be feed. if you showed up to the place and had money - the restaurant owner over charged those with money to balance the books. Reagan was not wrong to mandate hospitals give care, he just didn't create a mechanism to pay for these people. The hospitals compensated by averaging cost and spreading it across those who could pay.

Now, everyone who shows up to be feed (or get medical treatment) must pay. Everyone pays. No cost averaging.... not hitting up the insured to cover those not insured. We shall see what the real cost of all this is... and hopefully tweak to make it work right.

Hayden, ID

After reading this article the translation I got out of it is that Obamacare will in fact increase health care costs. Everything the Democrats told us about Obamacare is turning out to be a pack of lies!

Iowa City, IA

This is not a step forward but a push down by the heel of an oppressive government. There are better ways to healthcare that won't force businesses to fire people, close down or cut back hours for its workers. That is not progress but oppression.

Salt Lake City, Utah


What are those better ways? Those of us who have health insurance have been subsidizing health care for years now and have been experiencing double digit increases in premiums every year. What we have been doing certainly isn't working.

one old man
Ogden, UT

It's very refreshing to be able to read comments from people like Fred44 and UtahBlueDevil who actually put some thought and wisdom and truth into their posts.

St.George, Utah

No matter where you are employed, your health insurance has been getting more expensive EVERY YEAR since.....
Rising health costs passed down to us in our health insurance policies has been happening long before Mr. Gingrich, Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama talked about some new fangled way of making sure everyone in our nation had health care.
Living with the pain of the past is no way to exist. New ideas are this nation's future
Give this new system a chance, folks.

Salt Lake City, UT

I thought if you make under $250,000 you won't see you taxes go up. What a lie! My taxes already rose this year due to the bill the President signed and Orin Hatch voted for,and now even more taxes thanks to ACA, a law I didn't want. Way to go Democrats you are killing the middle class. I can't afford to pay more for health insurance, we may have to drop it altogether and pay the fines. This law is stupid, stupid, stupid. These politicians have no clue how hard it is right now for the middle class. Soon enough if you aren't upper middle class you will be better off taking a pay cut down to 30k so that the government will pay for the stuff that you can no longer afford. The private sector isn't giving raises to make up for all these fees and taxes that the Democrats are burdening us with, because of all the fees and taxes they are getting saddled with. When will America wake up. Oh ya there isn't very many people left in the middle class to care.

Tremonton, UT

There is no doubt that the "Affordable Health Care Act" will be anything but affordable, for most. In particular, that 60% that pay an honest tax, and support the other 40% are going to see an increase in the cost of health care.

Also, those who are young, healthy and independent, who in the past have chosen to forego health care, will also face an increase in health care costs. They will now have to either purchase insurance that may be of little benefit to them, or pay the penalty. I suspect that, depending on the cost of health care on the exchange, many of our youth will choose to pay the penalty.

Supporters of the bill were depending upon these youth to buy insurance, but not use it much, thus putting money into the system. If this does not happen, the rest of us will have to pick up the difference, thus effectively raising the cost of health care.

Tremonton, UT

Fred44 asks "What are those better ways?" This is a good question, but one that the supporters of the "Affordable (Such a terrible misnomer) Health Care Act" chose to ignore.

Any attempt to provide affordable health care, without addressing the causes of expensive health care, are doomed to fail at the affordable part. We as a country must thoroughly research and identify the real causes of health care being so pricey. Then attack the highest offenders with efforts to bring those costs down. This is the only way to reduce the cost of health care.

But it is hard, and will require much effort. Forcing all to have insurance was a lazy way out.

Mcallen, TX

All have had excess to health care.

Now those who had insurance will pay more.

Seem old thing. The haves who worked, and were responsible will be made to pay more. It's like dragging weight behind you.

Of course, the working Americans didn't build that.

Bountiful, UT

If we went to a single payer system, instead of
having a myriad of insurance companies, which
is very inefficient, health care costs could go
lower than they are now.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Onceuponatime -- if you are really interested in learning the truth about who has done what to the middle class, go to your library and get a copy of "Who Stole the American Dream."

Then read it very carefully.

Park City, UT

utahbluedevil and fred- you haven't subsidized me or many others like me who are self employed and don't have insurance. Many of us who don't have insurance, but still go to the doctor, just pay out of pocket. It's an old fashioned idea, but it works. True, if something tragic happens, (and it has to my family) you might have to make payments. But you having insurance either by yourself paying, or your employer, hasn't benefited me or many like me at all. Sure, there are many immigrants and illegals and lifelong welfare cases who suck the system dry, but that isn't me. Not everyone who is uninsured is that way because we are derelicts. I wouldn't buy car insurance if it weren't a law either. Insurance is one of the biggest scams in America. Besides, when my family needs to get in to the Dr. we get an appt easily, because the office staff knows they will see some green, instead of having to fill out insurance forms and waiting to be paid.

Grantsville, UT

I heard an interesting comment, believe it or not on talk radio, one state I forget which one set up health clinics for doctors to voluntary. In exchange for their free services the state included these doctors under their liability insurance thus saving some of the specialist 10's of thousands of dollars per year.

Of course the trail lawyers would be up in arms over this. They had enough influence in the ACA law that tort reform was left out, so it would be an up hill battle.

Park City, UT

I should point out that we don't drive shiny new vehicles, have boats, atv's and such. We don't vacation other than a trip to Fruitland now and then, so it's not a case where we aren't buying insurance to fund a lavish lifestyle, it's just that after '09, there isn't any money left over to pay high insurance costs. I know the ones you guys who are saying you're subsidizing for, and it's as maddening to me as it is you. Many I see on welfare and food stamps, are the same ones pulling up to the clinic or store in their shiny new Escalades with chrome rims and have overflowing baskets of food in the market. It's disgusting!

Big Bubba
Herriman, UT

My concern is that this bill was given a misleading name (affordable healthcare act). Insurance reform, which is what we are talking about here, has nothing to do with making healthcare more affordable. Making healthcare more affordable has everything to do with changing the delivery of healthcare.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

One old man,

If you are really interested in learning the truth about who has done what to the middle class, tune your radio to KNRS 105.7 between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. then listen very carefully.

deseret pete
robertson, Wy

We knew this long before it was put into law --- but apparently enough people was fooled again and voted for Obama for a second term.We get what we vote for.

Mcallen, TX

Face it folks! We're going to be paying more!

This is a scam our political leaders won't be having medical insurance with.

Does anyone think Barry will have anything to do with Obama care?

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