Comments about ‘University of Utah AD Chris Hill vows to look into allegations aimed at athletics dept.’

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Published: Saturday, March 9 2013 9:10 p.m. MST

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Farmington, UT


Read again carefully, please. I said "I hope" not that it was a fact. I also said that tax dollars support "the institution," not just the "athletic department."

Also, I am one of the few critics of Utah athletics that also said we don't have the facts and that we should find them out first.

Now, respond accordingly please.

salt lake city, utah

Uteanymous, who said anything about assuming the ostrich position. I simply said compalints about harsh treatment and unfair treatment are a dime a dozen in competitive sports programs..thus such claims wouldn't be alarming..as would an accusation of sexual abuse. What does a hypothetical of one of my kids being mistreated have do with anything? The parents aren't being questioned here..you're just making up unrelated nonsense.

Salt Lake City, UT

Uteanymous and killarney. I'm sorry you missed the point of my comment. I am in no way defending the coach at Utah or the actions of that University.

My concern was in regard to the teaching profession. Again, I don't know why any kid would choose "teaching" as a profession. I don't know how an honest, non-molesting teacher or coach protects themselves from false accusation in this day in age. That seems to be a profession high in risk, with little reward. Too bad, because we need good teachers and coaches.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT


If these are "dime a dozen" complaints, why was Winslow fired so abruptly as soon as the allegations became public?

Hill and the Utah athletic department have had five years to address numerous complaints against Winslow, yet nothing was done until the complaints became public.


Iron Rod
Salt Lake City, UT

It is about time!

salt lake city, utah

Marked it down..your two comments have nothing to do with one another..stay on topic. Complaints being common in sports programs are a fact..ask a high school head coach. Everything from unfair treatment to harsh treatment. But the commonality of complaints has nothing to do with why these complaints were treated the way they were..I have no idea, and neither do you..so again stay on topic and quit asking irrelevant questions.

Layton, UT


The comments after the article have everything to do with byu,Utah and the rivalry. That's why the majority of the comments are fron byu fans. Thus the essence of my comment. Save your sermon for your meeting on sunday. No doubt,this is a black mark on the Utah athletic dept. We'll see how much of a black mark at the conclusion of the investigation. Probably not as much as the byu fans are hoping. So I maintain...That on the field of play, this does nothing for byu. the Utes already raced past you and now even the trail of dust is starting to disappear. Go Utes

DOCTOR Chris Hill
Bountiful, UT

yes, I'll look into this and get back to you on it.

Ogden, UT

Too bad for all involved, get it figured out and move forward. This and other situations like this are terrible.

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