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Published: Saturday, March 9 2013 9:10 p.m. MST

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Before Ute haters come on the board and pile on (yes, in the D News this happens---shocking, I know), let's let the facts come out. Give Dr. Hill his chance to show his side of the story. Let him tell what he knew and did not know. A writer in the Trib has already done his best to stir the pot against him (Hill). It would be nice if the readers could reserve judgement until the whole story comes out.

Salt Lake City, UT

NCAA athletics, where students not only have scholarships held over their head but are forced to stay with their school or suffer a redshirt season while coaches can come and go as they please, is the perfect environment for abuses of power.

Highland, UT


This is a comment board, where people, you know, commment. I understand your desire to not have to read anything negative about utah and its athletic department but the truth is this is a very big story, a very big deal, hill looks like he is in some serious trouble, the university itself looks like it could be in some serious trouble, and utah "fans" like yourself are just going to have to deal with those facts.

Your plea for restraint, from those you call "haters" rings hollow since you certainly would not restrain yourself in the slightest if the tables were turned, your record here proves as much. Nor would the other utah "fans" on these boards restrain themselves. I'm sure that other than attacking BYU fans that make comments about this though all of you will refrain from commenting on it since you would prefer the ostrich approach and a quick as can be cover up.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Go Red,

I couldn't agree more. We always have to be careful not to immediately believe those who sling accusations ... especially when they're coming from disgruntled former athletes (or the parents of those athletes) who had scholarships taken away.

I'm certainly not saying that the accusations shouldn't be taken seriously. The U or even an outside entity needs to do a VERY thorough investigation to uncover all the facts. And if even some of these accusations are true, I hope the U will take swift action against those in the wrong ... including Chris Hill if he had any prior knowledge and didn't appropriately act on that knowledge.

Highland, UT

@gored and motortrike

So what is appropriate commentary on this? Can we say that this looks bad? Can we say that it appears hill may be in some serious trouble? Can we say that it appears that the university has some serious questions to answer? What can we say about this?

Can we not say anything at all? Are we supposed to just ignore this, for utah "fans" sake, and pretend nothing happened? Should we ignore the parents and athletes that have almost all verified this?

I'm waiting on permission from you guys on how I should react to this, afterall we can't have people commenting on subjects that might cast the univeristy of utah, its athletic director, its president, and least of all its sports, in a bad light. Why that would be unconscienable, far worse even than ignoring the complaints of a group of parents and athletes over half a decade. It is always wrong to discuss things that might expose corrupt behavior at utah, things now publicly reported.

Santa Monica, CA

Duckhunter--yes. You can say it looks bad.

South Jordan, Utah

Go Red - stop with the hypocrisy! We all know how these comment boards would be lit up if this were to happen at BYU under Holmoe's watch.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Did you actually read my comment? Cause if you did you'd see that I'm pretty much saying the same thing you are.
There's nothing wrong with commenting on the article. But there's certainly a difference between a rational comment and what Go Red was talking about - assuming guilt before the process has been played out.
Bottom line, if Hill and others are guilty of wrong doing then I absolutely hope the U doesn't hold back on punishment, penalties and firing people where necessary ... and that includes Chris Hill.
But for now, all the public has to judge this by are the stories from a few athletes that had scholarships pulled. We have yet to hear the other side and probably won't hear much because it would be extremely unprofessional for the U of U to respond to comments prior to doing a full investigation.
THUS the reason for Go Red's comment about using restraint. There's this little thing in our country called "innocent until proven guilty."

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Let me more clearly answer your questions for you:

"Can we say that this looks bad?"
Yes. Because it does look bad.

"Can we say that it appears Hill may be in some serious trouble?"
Yes, because he "may" be in serious trouble.

"Can we say that it appears that the university has some serious questions to answer?"
Yes, because they obviously do have serious questions to answer.

"Should we ignore the parents and athletes that have almost all verified this?"
We certainly should NOT ignore them, nor should the U ... which is why a full investigation is under way.

It seems you just want to stir the pot since all of your questions have very obvious answers.

This situation isn't about the U looking bad or looking good. This is about doing the right thing. If an investigation finds that there are serious improprieties, then U of U leaders and even law enforcement, need to take serious action.

However, the point here is that no one on these threads knows the full story and we would be wise to withhold judgement until that story has been told.

Bountiful, UT

It's just as I feared. there is an apparent lack of institutional control and the athletic dept is starting to crumble around Dr Hill as we speak. He's run a top 25 basketball program into the ground, is well on the way to doing the same with the football program, and now this with the swimming team. Often times with every cockroach you see they are 25 more you don't see. Is this just the tip of the iceberg with the Athletic Dept?

It certainly looks like Dr Hill is in over his head and maybe this is just a sign that trying to remain competitive in the Pac12 is just too great of a strain and they are beginning to flounder. Is it just a matter of time before we hear things like this from the football program?

Sound like it's time for a change.

Rock Springs, WY

Article reminds me of the late Jo Paturno at Penn State. Let the coverup of the coverup begin.

Bluffdale, UT

why do you take the bait?

Saratoga Springs, UT

I'M a Ute fan . Yes if this was about BYU it would have a 100 comments already. What do u expect you are held to a higher standard right, or u think u are right. I think the Doc on the Hill needs a reality check. There is a good article on Yahoo about this and if all is true Doc Hill needs to go and fast.

Columbia, MO

The win-at-all-costs mentality has invaded lots of corners in college athletics. The problem is that there is too much $$$ in university sports. Sometimes, less is more. Sometimes, a more prestigious conference is not worth the pressure it creates to compete.

Salt Lake City, UT

It doesn't matter how many comments there would be for a similar story about BYU. The bigger question is why allegations aren't addressed hard and fast, especially after Penn State. Every university in the nation should be doubling down on investigations.

I am interested in hearing the administration's side. They are a public institution, and owe us something. I'm not going to leap to the "cover up" conclusion. Joe Paterno, you kind of get that. He is a football legend. Swim coach is one of those positions you presume a school has. Dime a dozen. Certainly not a position you need to protect with a cover up.

Salt Lake City, UT

Dr. Hill and the University of Utah were notified in writing as early as May 2009 of allegations of abuse occurring within the swimming and diving program and they've received other complaints since then. In December 2012 the university was notified that Greg Winslow was being investigated for criminal sexual abuse of a 15 year old girl during his previous coaching position in Arizona.

Yet, Utah apparently did NOTHING until a blogger connected the dots from Arizona to Utah?

There's absolutely no excuse for Utah not immediately suspending Winslow as soon as Utah learned of the Arizona allegations, at the very least, until that investigation was completed and Winslow was cleared of the charges.

This whole thing reeks of a cover up.

Peter Coyotl
West Jordan, UT

I am a Utah grad. I am a big Ute sports fan.But if these credible allegations are true, Chris Hill needs to be fired. It sounds as if Hill was sweeping many independent and serious allegations under the rug in an attempt to protect the athletic department.

I expect better things from the school I attended. I expect better behavior from its employees and from their superiors. It may be time to clean house and Chris Hill has to be the first person cleansed from the U.

Orem, UT

I'm a Cougar with much respect for Utah and Dr. Hill. I'm gonna wait til I have more facts before I drool on my tie as some of my fellow Cougs have already done.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

Many years ago(early 1980) dr hill was a co-author of a white paper investigation into the performance of staff at the Utah State Training School (now known as The Utah State Developmental Center).

As an administrator who favors transparency, dr hill would be the first person to agree that he needs to receive the same rigorus treatment he urged investigators to give to the staff working at the USTS.

Olympus Cove, Utah

gored / motorbike

Instead of buying into Hill's embarrassing cover up, read Brad Rock's column and the associated Yahoo article detailing the abuse that has gone on for years within the Utah swimming program.

Get back to us when you're more enlightened.

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