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Published: Saturday, March 9 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Mcallen, TX

Ending gridlock means doing it my way--Barack Obama 2008 USA newspaper

Ogden, UT

@ worf 11:09 p.m. March 9, 2013

Ending gridlock means doing it my way--Barack Obama 2008 USA newspaper


Actually that's the far right Republicans you're "quoting" -- the president has been trying to work with them all along, but they would not (and harming the country in the process). Fortunately for all but the most affluent and entitled in the country, our President didn't cave to the far right Republicans.

The economy and employment have been steadiy improving with the president in office. Hopefully the far right won't harm that improvement too badly, even though that's what they are trying to do for what appears to be purely political reasons.

Mcallen, TX

@Furry1993--Interesting comment. Did the Republicans:

* send (give) F-16 fighter jets, and two hundred new tanks to Egypt?
* put out an executive order to halt investigations into fast & furious?
* send billions of dollars to Pakistan, Egypt, etc?
* downgrade our space exploration?
* spend a billion dollars for just one vacation to India?

Wow! Did someone fool you.

Colorado Springs, CO

So, Worf, do you want him to reach out or not?

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