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Published: Thursday, March 7 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Sanpete, UT

Could someone educate me?

What exactly does it mean sanctions? Mitt Romney and Barack Obama always talk about sanctions, but what does it mean to put sanctions on someone? I haven't really understood that.

Bountiful, UT

Lots of big talk on both sides. North Korea won't follow through, due to a lack of capability, not a lack of desire. Will the UN follow through?


"North Korea vows to nuke US." Good luck with that Skippy. Let me know how that works out for ya. I'll be sitting here with my coffee.

@TOO - North Korea is not completely self-sufficient. It depends on trade with other countries to obtain food, gasoline (of which the US is the top exporter in the world), oil, medicine, and other such necessities for its people. Imposing sanctions means that those trade deals are either severely limited or completely cut off. Your hospitals run out of pharmaceuticals. Your stores run out of food. Your power grid begins to decay.

Hayden, ID

Send Dennis Rodman back!

Sanpete, UT


Thanks. That makes way more sense. I appreciate it.

one old man
Ogden, UT

How about letting Dennis Rodman arrange a visit for Kim Jong Un to come watch some basketball. As nutty as that may sound, wouldn't it be worth a try. Who knows, we might be missing an opportunity to turn the kid into an ally.

Sioux City, IA

Unfortunately, if they launched a nuclear warhead on a missile and we intercepted it, this could have a tragic outcome.
If the warhead were to detonate several miles in the atmosphere the radiation fallout could spread for thousands of miles as the winds carried it across oceans or continents.
Part of this problem could be due to the fact that after WWII we refused to go to war. Instead we engaged in a series of policing actions that left the issues unresolved and festering.
Maybe Patton was right when he said we needed to continue through Asia and loop back around to Africa at the end of the war.

Layton, UT

China needs to put their thumb down. Everyone knows China allows North Korea to exist.

Pleasant Grove, UT

North Korea reminds me of the black knight in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" who, after having both his arms and legs lopped off in a sword fight, continues with the bluster and threats against his opponent. North Korea's military is mostly equipped with outdated aircraft and can't even afford to fly them regularly for training or to properly maintain them. Use Google Earth to look at the many military airfields in NK. You'll see a lack of black tire marks at either end of them, something normally present when landing strips receive even moderate use, along with outdated aircraft parked in rows near the airstrips. The only thing they could mount with any effect is an artillery barrage, and there are questions about how long they could sustain such an effort. The reality is that they would fall as fast as Iraq did.

Hayden, ID

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor for the exact same reason (economic sanctions) and then we nuked Japan after FDR put Japanese Americans in interment camps!

Ephraim, UT

North Korea just threatened to drop a nuclear bomb on your children.....what will your President do?

Kearns, UT

I think that they would have a better chance if they threw the Hold Hand Grenade of Antioch. Sorry, when Eliyahu made his Monty Python reference, I just couldn't resist.

So Mountanman, what is your point?

Murray, UT

Do the soldiers in the photo have light sabers? Cool..

Pleasant Grove, UT

Ephraim, UT

"North Korea just threatened to drop a nuclear bomb on your children.....what will your President do?"

If we reacted every time the North Koreans made a threat, we would have been in a state of active war with them since 1953. In this case, it's an empty threat since they lack the means to deliver any sort of attack against us, "Red Dawn" notwithstanding. And they didn't threaten to attack our "children". They threatened to attack all of us. Making a more emotional appeal by the use of "children" doesn't make a military response any more necessary than by looking at the facts. If a homeless old guy on the street announced that he was ready to bring the US to its knees, would you feel the need to shoot him, or would you just walk away shaking your head?

In any case, Obama will do the same thing that Romney would have done had he been elected. He'll continue to maintain our military presence in Korea and support continued sanctions against the north.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

This guy makes Saddam look like a ally. Why did we go to the Sunni-shite fight and not here? If war is declared everyone should pay cost in increased taxes to balance budget (unlike iraq fiasco).

m.g. scott

Maybe North Korea is trying to get into a war so that when it is over and the U.S. has won, we will rebuild their country. Kind of a Marshall Plan for Korea. Wasn't there some movie about some small country trying just that? Kim Jong Un might be watching too many Hollywood movies.

Salt Lake City, UT

Nebsy: "North Korea just threatened to drop a nuclear bomb on your children.....what will your President do?"

Probably think rationally, stay calm, look at the evidence, understand the political, military and economic forces at work, and have the State Department communicate with the Chinese about them getting a better grip on Kim Jong Un. Also, some careful communications with South Korea about their position and how we can help each other. Probably also have DoD, CIA and NSA ratchet up their intel and planning in the event that North Korea makes moves that look like they might try to do something stupid.

And as opposed to... what? A knee-jerk, emotion-driven escalation of childish sabre-rattling until someone actually _does_ do something stupid and a lot of innocent people die and the world re-enters the Stone Age?

Mcallen, TX

These countries are small! They're no threat to us----Barrack Obama

When a country has the ability, and threatens nukes, it's time to take out facilities.

Orem, UT

If I threatened to send a missle at the white house I would go to jail. Does Ohama have the guts to send N Korea to jail?

Murray, UT

It is no big deal if North Korea wants to nuke us. Iran wants to also, and they want to nuke Israel too. No one in office worries about them. I am sure our defense secretary will be able to contain them both. He said he will.

We also have the secret weapons of the United Nations (which has done such a good job with Iran's threats) and Dennis Rodman. We should send Rodman back to North Korea long term, until he makes the North Koreans love us like he loves Kim jong un, or ... whatever happens happens.

Maybe we should let them be the host of the United Nations. That should make them nicer.

No need to keep a strong military though, and we should dismantle all our nukes. They are too expensive to maintain and set a bad example. We can balance our budget on military cuts, and send any money we have to spare to the North Koreans for humanitarian aid.

Kittens and roses all around.

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