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Published: Sunday, March 3 2013 8:45 a.m. MST

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Romney can make all the excuses he wants. Face it, America saw him for the flip-flopping, out of touch, elitist that he is. Ann Romney was not an asset either.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Glad Mitt ran for president. Wish he won, but people want free stuf instead of the opportunity to do great things.I'm not giving the republican party another cent.

O-town, UT

Free Stuff? HA, I pay more taxes than Mitt Romney and GE combined! It is the GOP who wants the free stuff--oil subsidies, tax loopholes, offshore accounts, no taxes for the "job creators" while pilfering social security and medicare from working people, etc. When old Willard Mitt Romney pays a higher percentage than me (he himself is one of the 47% who are takers according to his own words), then we'll talk...free stuff, wow, they got you voting against your own interests.

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

Paul Ryan was the big mistake. He should have gone with the thirsty Rubio.

William Gronberg
Payson, UT

The "47 percent" comments by candidate Mr. Romney at Mr. Marc Leder's Florida mansion were an excellent example of “... mistakes in the campaign and flaws in his candidacy.”


Obama won the election not on principle, policy, or anything pertinent to the American people. Obama won because he spent millions upon millions of dollars to paint his opponent as a money mongering evil capitalist. Obviously, this strategy worked because there are so many idiots around this country (not to mention the comments above) that believe everything they see on the TV and Internet. We needed Romney bad because of his financial expertise and not necessarily because he was the greatest politician ever ( in fact I would much rather have a non-politician be President than a guy that has done everything in his life to become president).


The Free Stuff idea is also very pertinent to why Romney lost. I work in the Health Care field and can tell you from experience that people think Obama has made everything free. Sadly, many of these people dont understand that the money for their free stuff is taken from others that have worked hard for what they've got. One more thing, I am soo sick and tired of our nations people berating and disparaging people that are successful!!!! I'v heard stories of a time in this country when people took pride in the fact that some of the most wealthy and most knowledgable people came from the good old USA but now they look at them as evil money grubbers and not hardworking Americans!

salt lake city, UT

It amazes me that Mitt, Karl Rove, and all the talking heads at Fox thought he was going to win. It's the same type of "group think" that Bush surrounded himself with when he was in office. That "group think" drove us into a quamire in Iraq that could have easily been avoided with some prudence, hubris and contrary input. Nate Silver had the election nailed down the whole way and any objective pollster saw the same results. For Mitt to be suprised was another example of how out of touch the man is with reality.


So basically he was out of touch with reality right up until the end.

American Fork, UT

The president didn't promise to provide anything for free, nor has he done so. He's a lot more intuitive and thoughtful than that.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

@ o-town

o-town, do yourself a favor and go and review Obama's tactics to swing the boat. While your at it, please educate yourself on taxation of initial earnings, then paying taxes on the yearly dividends. Good grief.

Park City, UT

Ironic that the man who openly admitted that he would cut spending to help get us back on track, is the one not in office. But, the man who has continually not done what he has promised to do, is the one in office. Why can't Americans see his deceit? Barry spoke out against Mitt and his policies, yet he is now following them. Sure blame congress if you want, but the point is, Barry isn't near what he said or believes he is. Too bad too, America needs a real leader now, someone who understands money, fiscal responsibility, and how to make tough decisions to make a business (government) profitable. But hey, Community Organizers learned that stuff in college didn't they? Too funny...

Barry and his ilk remind me of some guys I used to golf with. When they played well, it was because "they" hit the ball great. But when they shanked a ball or missed a putt, it was the "clubs" fault. They would curse, yell, and occasionally break a club over their knee. When libs get it right, it's they who did it, when they can't, it's the "clubs"

Orem, UT

Here is the difference between Head and Heart. Hearts can lead us in favor of preferences, as personal as those may be. But the GOP has a hard time with the Head. They refuse to look at some data because it doesn't feel right. Capitalism can be great. Abortion is wrong. How we are trying to promote or dissuade these kinds actions could be more effective, but we have to be willing to analyze the data. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms for example has been severely limited in even analyzing data on gun violence. Go ahead. Own a gun, but look at the data and be smarter than keeping it loaded where unsupervised kids can find it.

I like Mitt. I think he could have been a good leader, if left to his own values. He tried to turn himself into a GOP candidate because his heart wanted him as the next President. His head forgot to analyze that he might have left some of his character behind in order to win the nomination. His head definitely forgot to ask if his heart needed to do more analysis of the polls. He truly could not imagine losing.

Orem, UT

TJ, you are absolutely right. Obama should have never instituted the Postal Service. A failed idea from the beginning. We need to leave business to the true business men. That way everything will be profitable, and all of the products and services will be good. Maybe we just need a few more bankers in this country. They seem to know how to stay out of trouble... (as long as the Federal Government can be fooled into bailing them out).

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about: both government and private sectors make good AND bad decisions. I wouldn't want to restrict either group with a blanket statement. The federal highways are examples of success - based on the goal at least (and not the only example). The banking industry, and the various financial bubbles are examples of failure. Hard right or hard left is just being silly.

South Jordan, UT

For those who have such harsh words for Mitt, I just you would have contacted him during the campaign so you could have straightened him out. He would have done so much better with your vast knowledge and awareness of all the issues.

Bountiful, UT

One place where Romney went wrong was his estimate of the percentage of America's voters hopelessly lost to their lust for "stuff." He told a room full of his "friends" that forty-seven percent were addicted to Nanny Government's dole, but he underestimated the number. His statement was very insightful, but America was deeper in the ditch than he thought.

Need a free cell-phone anyone?

Far East USA, SC

Romney is a good guy, whether you agree with every aspect of his politics or not.

Bottom line.

Romney lost because he had to pander to the far right of the party. He said things that he probably did not believe and he took positions that he probably did not support.

You cant force a candidate to go far right to win the primary and then wonder why the moderates don't fully support them in the general.

The country is NOT far right. There are reasonable people on both sides of the middle that are needed to win the election.

If the GOP thinks that Romney lost because he was not conservative enough, they are in for a long losing streak.

You may not like it, but that's the way it is.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

I want free government handouts so I'll become a corporation (since they're people too). Repubs are in favor of more handouts than dems, it's just that their handouts are to enormous companies who don't need it.

O-town, UT

@Thomas Jefferson

Congress imposed laws on the Postal Service to pre-fund retirement accounts several years out--something no business on the outside has to do. Why did Congress do this? Because the private industry wants to make the Postal Service fail so they can take over the whole mail delivery system. Good to see you have latched on to that talking point as well. By the way, I have had more troubles with UPS than the Postal Service, so even with the imposed laws, I think the Postal Service is doing well.

@Uncle Rico

If you can't see the unfairness in giant corporations and aristocrats that have the lawyers, accountants, and means not to not pay taxes while working people like myself are further crunched with cuts to programs they have paid in all their life (social security, medicare, unemployment insurance) while paying a higher tax rate than these institutions and aristocrats, you are beyond education.

Read in the New Testament about the Savior's views on the rich who have their heart set on riches--I guess He hated "successful" people to.

Idaho Falls, ID

Blame Romney, but the real blame goes to the Republican Party. The Republican Party is a minority party that keeps throwing people out of the party, how can that win nationally? Nationally the Republcians are doomed unless they begin to broaden their political coalition. With the attitude of the Tea Party, broadening the coalition just isn't going to happen, more fracturing seems to be the future.

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