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Published: Sunday, March 3 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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I have to admit it was great fun watching them play and I can't wait to have more fun watching them play for BYU in a few years!

It will be interesting to see if Lone Peak can continue to do as well.

South Jordan, UT

We watched the final two two games. Spectacular is the word! Better yet is the tribute all of these young men are in their character, values, and morals. What a proud statement and role model they are for young men all over this country. Congratulations to them, their coach, and their parents for living such exemplary lives and taking basketball in high school to the next level.You will undoubtedly take all this experience and succeed in whatever you pursue!

We can't wait to see some of you in Brigham Young University uniforms. Good luck on the basketball floor and in the mission field!

Go Cougars!

Provo, UT

Congrats to Lone Peak and all the love and attention is deserved. But let's end the small town talk. Highland, Alpine and Cedar Hills are suburbia locked to a large urban core (The Wasatch Front)--this isn't like Delta, Utah. Decades ago you could call these places small towns or even non-existent. But the school itself is well over 2000 students and has the best collection of athletes across the board for its sports programs from affluent backgrounds that bring huge advantages (like for instance to raise money to go on all these out-of-state events). As one might see many of their players are sons of (relatively) famous athletes and names like Toolson and Haws should ring bells for many a casual fan. I write this not to detract from their accomplishments which are truly remarkable but this is not Hoosiers. Lone Peak has been the dominant basketball program in the state for the last decade. It is because it is the right combination of great athletes with a great coach. This juggernaut should continue for years as long as Lewis wants to stay. Again, great job Knights and Coach Lewis!

Gilbert, AZ

I live in Arizona. I've never seen these boys play and I don't know any of them personally. But gee wiz I am so proud of this team! The way they go about their business has brought such honor to themselves, their school, community, state, and, by natural extension, the Mormon Church. In June, 2011, the feature article in Newsweek magazine declared that year as the Mormon Moment, but it has been anything BUT a simple moment in time. For better or for worse, the Mormon Moment has continued its march in the public eye with the likes Jon Huntsman, Mitt Romney, Harry Reid, Glen Beck, Jimmer, Jabari, Teo and now the golden boys of Lone Peak sweeping the imagination, and admiration, of the country, and even the world. Wow! It really is quite something to behold.

Mesa, AZ

I had Coach Lewis' dad Tim as my English Lit. teacher at Provo HS. He was, of course, the asst. to the late, great Jim Spencer at Provo for a number of years. I wonder how much of Jim Spencer's coaching philosophy has filtered down to Lone Peak's current program success.

Orem, UT


I would imagine the answer to your question is a lot. I played my sophomore year for Jim Spencer at Provo High, and then two years at Timpview for Coach Tim Lewis. They were without question, incredibly talented coaches. Probably two of the best coaches in the country at the prep level. Quincy was a little kid at the time and would come hang out in the gym during practice. He's been around basketball his entire life, and knows the Spencer/Lewiss philosophies inside and out. When I watch Lone Peak--particularly at the defensive side--I see Jim Spencer and Tim Lewis basketball. In fact, if there was another dynasty that could compare to this one, it would have to be Provo High in the 70's. I remember at one point they had some ridiculous record like 84-2 extending over multiple seasons. But back then, they had nowhere near as difficult a schedule as Lone Peak does now, with all of the interstate competition. These guys are just plain fantastic.

provo, utah

Best team ever in the state of Utah! No discussion or debate needed...

Colorado Reader
Littleton, CO

How can he leave on a mission May 1 if he is still in High School and they don't graduate until the end of May at the earliest??? Just curious…

Draper, UT

This is one of the best sports stories I've seen. Reporters usually build their articles around a central figure. Robinson successfully (and entertainingly) built his around a whole team. I've never seen the team play but after reading the piece feel like I know them. Thanks to the D News and Doug Eobinson.

orem, ut

Congrats to the Knights & Quincy Lewis on a great season ! @ Zed-Agreed Jim Spencer & Tim were very good coaches and I am sure have a great influence on Quincy. I am also sure that his mother Cheryl is a great influence in his life as she was to hundreds of students at Orem High in the Unified Studies program. Just a great teaching family !

Plano, TX

This would not have happened without a world class COACH. The guy is a treasure.

Congrats to all of them, enjoy your moment then start on the rest of your lives...

Highland, UT

To Colorado Reader:

Some athletes will take classes on-line to get ahead of the graduation date by one semester. This allows them to finish school early and enroll in college or in this case leave for a mission. There are other ways as well to get the necessary credits you need to graduate. Typically during kids senior years there are mostly only elective course credits left.

Beaverton, OR

Just goes to show...white boys have game! Congrats to Lone Peak on their fantastic winning streak!

Keep it clean! Keep it gutsy! And keep it humble. Congrats!

Speak English - USA
West Jordan, UT

You can't be a great coach without having the best players. Lone Peak has been loaded with D-1 talent over the years. Being a great coach is more than winning state titles, it is about taking what you are dealt and making the most of that talent. While I realize that Coach Lewis is one of the best, there are others out there that are also excellent coaches that do not get the same talent but are still successful in building programs the right way. Sports are about life lessons as much as winning a basketball game. That being said, congrats to Lone Peak on a great season.

Alpine, UT


He is graduating early.

Wasatch Front, UT

I nominate Lone Peak basketball as sports story of the year. Exciting, best-in-class, and all good kids. It doesn't get much better than this story.

Park City, UT

Colorado reader- as mentioned, lots of kids are done with credits by the second semester of their senior year. My daughter, had no need to complete her senior year, so she went to college instead. She still went back and walked with her class, but that was just for family sake. I'm sure this young man would happily trade the grad. ceremony for the mission any day.

Provo, UT

I have been around high school athletics for four decades. Quincy Lewis CAN coach and would be successful anywhere he wanted to be. Other schools have talent and resources somewhat similar to Lone Peak in numbers of students and even affluence. But Lewis has taken his program to the next level and dominant level. My previous post was not in any way to demean his accomplishment but even Lewis might be embarrassed about the "small town" aspect of his program. This is a bit exaggerated.

Uncle Sam
West Jordan, UT

"Other schools have talent and resources somewhat similar to Lone Peak"

I challenge you to name one high school that has had anywhere close to the amount of D-1 players in basketball in the last 10 years that Lone Peak has had.

Good luck!

Prep Fan 89
Draper, UT

Congrats to Lone Peak, they certainly had a magical season and no question they are loaded with talent to go along with great coaching under Coach Lewis.

Here is a trivia question I would be curious to know the answer to.

Which high school basketball coach has had the highest winning percentage that has NOT coached a single Division 1 basketball player while at that school?

Does anyone have any idea who that would be, and would that coach even be above .500?

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