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Published: Thursday, Feb. 28 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Burke, VA

There may actually be some merit to the claims made in this letter. A quick Google search only produced 2400+ responses for the egregious error of the president mispronouncing a word. But the relatively mild case of an assistant attorney general being accused of illegally helping someone buy political influence and taking a healthy fee for doing so in the process produced over 8 million responses. I mean, as the author points out, Mr. Swallow’s alleged infractions of the law is something that’s done every day by politicians everywhere. Surely we can forgive him.

But now mispronouncing a word – three times no less – is just unforgiveable. Off with his head! In case you’re wondering, this is meant as sarcasm.

And for the record, there over 38 million responses to the Benghazi attack and the president’s accountability, which seems hardly like a “minimization” of the issue. In the 8 years prior to the current administration over 60 Americans died in 16 separate attacks at embassies around the world. I wonder if Mr. Huck complained about the coverage of those, or even knew about them.

Far East USA, SC

Quite the rant.

Lets go one by one.

First, can you outline who is (or who is not) the Liberal media? That would give us a starting point.

As far as the "The massive news coverage of John Swallow's alleged improprieties" do you mean in Utah? I have seen zero national news coverage. It is certainly covered in the DN. Do you think the DN is liberal?

Ah, Benghazi. Do me a favor. Use your imagination and lay out what the big scandal is.
I can concur that mistakes were made and things could have been done differently, but I am unclear on what the big "smoking gun" is here. Serious question. Lay out the scandal for me.


"Obama's "corpse" men speech vs Marco Rubio's drink of water.

That's your evidence of "liberal media"? Maybe Rubio's quick drink just made for better TV. Regardless, both made me laugh and didn't change my opinion of either men. Both decent guys.

Lastly, How did you know that the New York Times gave "39 days of front page coverage to the Abu Ghraib prisoner humiliation "

Did you count, or did you rely on a biased news source?

South Jordan, UT

Yeah, the local media in Utah is sooooooo liberal...

Salt Lake City, UT

Hear that, DesNews? You hear that, all you Utah Republicans who think Swallow's corruption is an embarrassment to the state?

You're all just a bunch of gol'durned biased libruls!

"Swallow's activities are very mild in the spectrum of daily behind-the-scenes political dealings."

Um, no, they're actually pretty scandalous. Swallow has demonstrated that he sees no problem with selling the power of public office and public trust for personal gain.

Instead of railing against "liberals" maybe you could try recalibrating your ethical compass.

But thanks for the laugh, anyway.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

I wonder why the liberal medial all but ignored all the embassy attacks that resulted in dead Americans when Bush was president.

Salt Lake City, UT

Every time we get into this same trope about liberal and conservative media, I wonder if the writers are aware that those conversations are being made quaint by the blogosphere? Rubio's thirst was tweeted to the world before the first newscast mentioned it. Rubio himself tweeted it in a photo. I fear once again that those of us past a "certain" age are showing a lack of awareness of what constitutes "media" these days. The "media" now reports on the blogosphere as if it is news.

American Fork, UT

I'm tired of the coverage of this in the liberal DN.

Eagle Mountain, UT

So the letter writer wants to turn this into an us vs them issue?

That's what wrong here, we are more focused on what divides us than what really unites us.

Most every American wants the same things:
They want to be able to make enough to survive and provide for their family
They want to live their life as they see fit.

Where we disagree is how to best accomplish those, it's really a matter of degrees and not diametrically opposed views.

Now for the letter:
Mr. Swallow really doesn't have much to defend, nor produced a defense. The whole defense is "let the investigation finish" that really amounts to one article. However, the media is constantly finding out more about what allegedly happened, and each one of those turns into a news article.

Republican, or Democrat, Attorney General needs to have the utmost ethical integrity. Asking someone that they are positive there is no paper trail of something is the opposite of ethics (my ethical guideline generally has been, how would I feel if this made the front page of the paper). Turning it into an R vs D only makes the matter worse.

Orem, UT

Political corruption is a serious offense and should be investigated and exposed whether it is practiced by a Democrat or a Republican, conservative or liberal.

Unfortunately, there is a huge double standard by a ton of political hacks out there. I see it every day on these forumns. Nowhere is it more obvious than in the press which is overwhelmingly liberal.

"Your guy did something wrong - lets all shout it from the rooftops, our guy did something wrong - nothing to see here" is written into every story (or implied when a story is ignored).

I am conservative and it pains me when a prominent Republican does something wrong, but if he/she lies, cheats on their taxes, sleeps with a teenager, or gets caught with a DUI then hang them out to dry, conservative or not!

I almost never hear such things from liberals about bad Democrats. Instead it is "circle the wagons", endless excuses, and blame the GOP somehow for the bad behaviour.

Bronx, NY

I used to love conspiracy theories when I was a teenager.

salt lake, UT

it must be hard being the constant victim of the media and all us nasty liberals trying to take everything when your just such good honest upstanding people.

Far East USA, SC


I dont consider myself a liberal, but many paint me that way because I dont lean far right.

That said, I agree with you that we should have NO double standards when it comes to our politicians.

Right or Left, Republican or Democrat, Go after them with the same zeal when the do wrong.
And keep the same standard for either side.

I consider myself an independent (fiscal conservative and social moderate) and have no problem going after either side.

Can I ask? Which "press" is not "overwhelmingly liberal" ?

Lew Scannon
Provo, UT

Um, I'm speechless.

Tooele, UT

Re: ". . . we are more focused on what divides us than what really unites us."

You're talking about liberals, of course.

Liberals have a long, LONG history of not being able to take "yes" for an answer. They loudly demand "compromise," then, when given, it's never enough, and their "compromise" partners become the objects of disingenuous liberal criticism, even derision, for whatever "crisis" they dream up as resulting from the compromise they demanded. When things go wrong, liberals revert quickly to the blame game, asserting that only their compromise "partners" are to blame, accepting none, themselves.

North Carolina liberals recently publicly admitted the true aim of all liberals -- eviscerate any opposition, control every decision, win by increasing individual dependency on politics, and dodge blame for any mistake.

It's all kinda juvenile, of course, but it's been the left's primary strategy since they abandoned all pretense of fealty to the truth, back in the '30s.

The primary issue now dividing us and preventing unity is well-placed mistrust of disingenuous liberals.

salt lake, UT


"Re: ' . . we are more focused on what divides us than what really unites us."

"You're talking about liberals, of course."

your comments aren't divisive at all, right?

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

Utah is 80% Republican.
This is a LOCAL story.
Only the LOCAL media is reporting it.

Deseret News - Liberal madia?
KSL - Liberal media?

Holy Cow!

Another conspiracy theory -- and only the Blaze and FauxNews can be trusted.



"Liberals" in the media are far more critical of liberals than conservatives are of their own. How many conservative media types have lost their jobs? Conservative guests on programs often exceed liberal guests.

What is the No. 1 newspaper in America by circulation? Why, that would be The Wall Street Journal, a bastion of conservative values on its editorial pages.

What about radio? Conservative proframs dominate. In cable television, Fox News continues to top the competition.

Kearns, UT

I'm most likely more conservative than Huck and I think Swallow needs to go. Media bias or not.

Orem, UT

JoeBlow: "Can I ask? Which "press" is not "overwhelmingly liberal" ?"

Naturally, there are individuals, news organizations, and forms of media that are not liberal. There are also a fair number of "far-right" organizations out there.

But in poll after poll the results are always the same. The vast majority of people in the news business (journalists, editors, publishers, etc.) self identify themselves as liberal, vote Democratic, and financially support liberal causes. In many polls, the ratio was more than 4 to 1 (liberals to conservatives).

The slant left in that industry is almost as bad as it is in Hollywood (and that is saying a lot).

Sandy, UT

Ouch, you told us.

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