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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 26 2013 11:30 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

The future of Ute football is bright! 2 coaches that each have top 2 final national rankings. Improving recruiting classes since joining the Pac 12.

As we saw with USC crumbling last year, you have to have both the talent and the coaching to win championships. We're getting the talent little by little. The coaching is already here.

This year any team in the South can win the division, except for Colorado probably. Its an open race and we'll be right there.

midvale, UT

This kid looks like he has the potential to be very good for us. He appears to be 1 of those guys that commits before a lot of other schools have gotten on him. A potential diamond in the rough. When I see that size, frame, and athletic build along with those long arms he has OT written all over him. Also the build to add on another 30 pounds of muscle without sacrificing speed and quickness.

Good get UTES!

Anaheim, CA

Kenyon Frison = 0 stars

Oh wait, that only matters when we're talking about BYU commits.

Carry on.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA

chris b

"The coaching is already here."

Then how do you explain Utah losing to UNLV(2-10) and Colorado(3-10)?

Orem, UT

Looks like Frison's high school coach recruited him to Utah.

I wonder why Whittingham didn't wait until the stars were placed next to Kenyon's name before offering him? ;-)

Frisco, TX

Commenting on a lower star rated player who committed to BYU.

Chris B - "Its just not the approach Nick Saban, Les Miles, Mack Brown, Chris Peterson, Kyle Whittingham, and other coaches with BCS bowl wins take."

And now with a zero star player committing to Utah, U have have the talent to win the Championship?

I just don't get it.

Chris B - "This year any team in the South can win the division, except for Colorado probably. Its an open race and we'll be right there."

This is in the same thought process as BYU fans who think we'll win a NC next year. Too many loses on the D Line, inexperienced QB, new RB; and quite frankly an up and coming Arizona and UCLA team. Besides USC has a better reruiting class, so that means they win, right?

Christine B. Hedgefog
Meridian, ID

"This year any team in the South can win the division, except for Colorado probably. Its an open race and we'll be right there."

Good to see you start the season with your sights set on the Rose Bowl Chris, just like last year. Let us know how you feel after the the Stanford and Oregon games.

"The coaching is already here."

Would that be the same "coaching" that put all their eggs in the Jordan Wynn basket 2 consecutive years with no thought of a backup plan and no viable provisions for depth at the most important position on the team?

This will surely be a year you'll want to win your September bowl game. I presume that's the only "bowl" you'll participate in again this year.

Las Vegas, NV

7 comments before this and 5 are from southy trollers obsessed with big brother. Figures!

"You can't coach height" - Frank Layden

Go Utes!!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Attention clueless byu fans

I am fine with any coach finding a few players who flew under the radar and weren't heavily recruited.

The differnece is that byu can essentially only get 2 star nobodies.

A team with an average high star ranking and a few 0 star "under the radar guys" is



than a team with a low star ranking average and a few 3 stars


You BYU fans are going to start claiming to have equal talent to Alabama if Nick Saban finds an under the radar 0 star guy and offers him!


Las Vegas, NV

For those of you who don't know any better - Rivals has very few people rated right now. Only the top 250 (Jackson Barton #62). Everyone after that has no star - yet. All this talk coming from Utah-obsessed fans whose own team had 7 commits with NO ranking at all by ESPN on signing day, and 8 two stars (half the signing class!). I would hope that you would take your - way too early - star smack and point it at your own coaches who seem to aim for the bottom of the barrel lately.

BTW - 24/7, who have a lot more players ranked, shows Utah with 2 4 stars already and 1 3 star. The whY - 1 3 star, 1 2 star and 2 not ranked. Tsk Tsk

These Utah stories are like a big bowl of warm milk - it attracts all the little kitties!!

Go Utes!!

Salt Lake City, Utah

#12 UCLA - zero 5-star, SEVENTEEN 4-star recruits
#14 USC - FIVE 5-star, SEVEN 4-star recruits
#19 Washington
#26 Oregon
#30 California
#39 Arizona
#40 Stanford
Not ranked in the Top 40 Utah - ZERO 5-star, ONE 4-star recruit

Yet, delusional christy claims that any team in the South can win the division. Its an open race and the Utes will be right there.

LOL at the total disconnect Utah fans have with recruiting.

A slight edge for Utah over BYU in recruiting, and Utah fans boast about having a monumental edge on the field.

A monumental edge by most of the PAC 10.2 over Utah, and our delusional friends on the hill think that the Utes are going to be "right there" with the rest of the big boys.

Gotta laugh at the delusional inconsistency.

Provo, UT

This zero-star recruit will not be nearly as good as our 7 zero-star recruits.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


We OWN you on the field.


Kinda hard for a kid who just recently started playing high school football to be rated by recruiting services before his junior year is even done. With his size and athleticism, there's a lot of upside, and the fact that he didn't spend 5 or 6 years already beating his body up on the football field could end up being a positive for him. Most likely very raw talent, so let's hope he spends the offseason and coming year developing his game. Congratulations, Kenyon, best of luck.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

If he went to byu he would probably have 50 stars by now.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Vegas Ute

"or those of you who don't know any better - Rivals has very few people rated right now. Only the top 250 (Jackson Barton #62). Everyone after that has no star - yet."

So how did Whittingham know Frison was any good if doesn't have any stars yet?

Park City, UT

Chris B

U own nothing!

Once a little brother, always a little brother.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

"A team with an average high star ranking..."

I see that another Utah blog has turned into spin city.

5- and 4-stars are HIGH star rankings, 3-stars is not; so you must be talking about UCLA and USC, because the Utes don't come close to having an average HIGH star ranking.

While the Utes are busy beating their chests about Utah's slightly better-than-BYU recruits, the rest of the PAC 10.2 is chuckling to themselves wondering just how clueless these new comers from the hill really are.

The Moose
Southern, UT

I get a kick out of fans on both sides arguing about "stars." All that matters is what happens when they get there. Many 5-star athletes are nothings. Many 0-star athletes become famous.

JoCo Ute
Grants Pass, OR

RE @ Troytown. . . VegasUte at least understands the system. Stars have not been awarded to players yet. 247Sports is the only site w/ an early attempt to award starts. (two 4 stars and 1 three so far)

Wait until December and then check out which players have how many stars, both for BYU and Utah, and you'll be in a better position to make comments. Remember a closed mouth gathers no foot.

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