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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 26 2013 9:30 a.m. MST

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Kent, WA

So Utah State stole navy from a school located 1,000's of miles away in the 1920's. Brilliant reporting inspector.

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID

I Love the Royal Blue! The Uniforms they wore in the bowl game vs Oregon State a few years back looked awesome.

IRS Agent

Shout out to GoUtes, Naval Vet and Ernest T-Bone. I know you guys are watching all things BYU.

IRS Agent

Go Utes, give my best to Cris B. If it says BYU in the title of the article, I know you guys are reading it.

Farmington, UT

@ WA-Aggie

No one "stole" any color from anyone. A school doesn't "own" the colors. Simple fact.

Worland, WY

Comparing BYU changing to Utah St colors and Utah St to penn st makes no sense whatsoever. Many teams have the same colors, but we are talking proximity and rivalries. They should have just added a black accent color and the business aspect would have taken care of itself.

Denver, CO

If you're going to be an investigative reporter (or at least pretend to be on) shouldn't you at least put facts in your article? What is this bleacher report? How much have sales increased? How much of that increase (or decrease) is attributable to the change in color or the change in the Y? How do you know that USU stole the color from Penn State back in the 1920s?

This is basically a work of fiction until you actually provide some foundation of facts. Until then keep this dribble on bleacher report where there is no journalistic integrity. Unless that's the direction the Des News is going.

Iowa City, IA

Love the Navy blue, glad BYU returned to its original color. Love the BYU blue for special games.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

@too smart for you:

"stole" is a relative term, you are correct, no one owns a color.
COPIED is more like it.

BYU fans would freak out if Utah changed their colors to blue.

Why should USU be any different because BYU copied them?

It is poor taste to copy an another in state schools colors... just plain weak!

As for the increase in sales, did it occur to anyone that sales will increase with ANY color change, not just because the change is to navy (Aggie) blue?

Provo, UT

@Ifel of a-sofa

I'm currently enrolled at BYU and a lifetime Y fan, but I agree with you 99% The only difference I have with your statement is that it wouldn't be like Utah changing to blue -- at least from my perspective, BYU/USU has never been the rivalry BYU/Utah has and so I think that would be a bigger deal. That being said, USU has every right to think of BYU or Utah as its biggest rivals and should be mad at BYU for copying them.

And absolutely any color or logo change will result in more sales. I'm pretty sure BYU sold plenty with the white and black shirts they sold for special games this year.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

I'm deciding that any article written by Teeples needs to be avoided. But, reading on his business website, at least he's consistent in his business and sports related content, all over-hyped.

Farmington, UT

@ Ifel

There is no eveidence that BYU copied USU. A better analysis is that the color change happened to coincide with USU. Why do you think there was something sinister to it? And why do you think that because USU is in relative close proximity that that should somehow prevent BYU from picking a different shade of blue? It was a marketing decision. USU should feel complimented, not compromised.

Your postulation that BYU would be upset if Utah changed to blue is laughable. They would never do that (their old mascot was the Redskins, prior to political correctness, not the Blueskins) as their fan base wouldn't tolerate it. And I'm just fine with Utah changing from "red" to "crimson" as it's a different shade of the same basic color. Should SUU go bananas over that?

USU fans just need to grow up and move on. Now that they have a decent football team filling their stadium for home games would be a nice thing for their "fans" to do, too.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Gotta say, Utah can change their color to Navy blue, I don't care. Would be foolish though. A stadium with a lot of Navy looks dark, but it's better than the skittle look. But Utah's stadium is no-doubt-about-it crimson. I'm not envious, but I can admit that is cool.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ toosmartforyou

"There is no eveidence that BYU copied USU."

Well beside the fact that BYU and USU used to have different colors, and then BYU changed its color to one that looks incredibly similar to USU, no there is absolutely no evidence.

In the games I've seen in LES over the past few seasons, BYU fans are definitely getting better at wearing the school colors. However, there is still a 'skittle' effect going on in the stands. A fairly big piece of their fan base still needs to buy in and participate.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

At the time BYU went to the dark blue Utah State wasn't doing anything with it anyway. So, why all the angst from those in the pasture?

Remember, BYU's color is not navy blue, just close to it. At the time the change was made BYU reported the color was "the darkest shade of royal blue". Whatever. For uniforms I prefer the blue Kansas or Boise State wears. Those stand out on TV and the field, except in Boise. They seem to be a little different shade than the royal blue BYU used.

St. George, Utah

BYU copied the navy blue from Utah State. We weren't doing anything with it? Good laws, it's no wonder the entire MWC dislikes BYU.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Blue is a neat color.

Layton, UT

we need a series on Utah's "Blackout" and twitter responses on their "camo uniforms".

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Yes banker, the herd wasn't doing anything with that color. Specifically, not winning. And try to pay attention one more time. BYU did not copy any color from USU! USU's color is navy blue. The blue BYU uses is not navy blue. Glad you're not my banker with that display of mental acuity.


So with all of the lame comments that completely miss the point and whether it was USU first or Penn St or whatever, this was a good marketing/money making venture for BYU. Why do you think the University of Oregon changes their uniforms almost every game? Why do you think teams are having "blackout" or "camo" games? So fans, like sheeple, will buy new gear. Collegiate football, like the NFL, is a multi-billion dollar business.

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