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Published: Saturday, March 2 2013 1:30 p.m. MST

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Wasatch Front, UT

Why is your streaming video of the state 5A basketball tournament SO HORRIBLE?!?!

I get 20 seconds of buffering, then 5 seconds of video, then 15 seconds of buffering, then 3 seconds of video, etc. etc. PLUS, for the few seconds that I get video, it seems to jump/skip ahead, missing parts.

What is wrong??! Thx.

American Fork, UT

Hey D News, this streaming is bad!!! Don't think it's on my end. It started at halftime>

American Fork, UT

Amen InspectorC
The streaming is really not good. It's not even worth to watch the games when they are cutting off half of the time. Really can you guys get this working better so we can all enjoy watching the games more. That would be great.

Riverton, UT

The stream worked great for me. Thank you for providing it.

South Jordan, UT

Worked great for alot of people!
But the few who it doesnt work for, have to leave comments!

Go watch lone peak everyone!

This team has a chance to be national champs this year!

Watch friday night when they play #2 in 5A Brighton, and will win by 40 points.

Wasatch Front, UT

I've been communicating via email with the key guys at Deseret Digital Media these past couple days to figure out this problem. I experienced these same streaming problems back in the Fall for the State football playoffs.

Anyway.... the crew at Deseret Digital were great to work with, and they got the problems corrected last night (Tuesday). My streaming video worked PERFECTLY today-- not a single glitch or "buffering" headache.

Major props to Kyle and his crew, there at Deseret Digital Media, for the great work they've done this week. Thanks guys!!!

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah

What an absolute farce of a game Brighton is playing!

The entire school should be embarrassed for playing such a cowardly strategy!

lloyd braun
ogden, utah

Oh really Riddles? It would be way better to be down 35 at the half. Isn't the goal to win the game? Do what you can to win. I applaud the coach for trying to win the game. For those of you complaining about the streaming, maybe get a new computer, because it's worked great for me every day. Or, better yet, why don't you go to the game if you're so frustrated. Either way, quit whining!! Thanks D news for the effort.

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT

Lloyd Braun, that's fine as long as you aren't one of those people that talks about high school sports building teamwork and character and teaching responsibility and building leaders and that garbage. It makes me sick. You can't claim that second quarter built character or teamwork or that crazy talk.

I can argue that getting pummeled by 40 would have taught them more about adversity and all those pretty catchphrases than being wimps and hiding in the corner all quarter long. You think those kids are now morally stronger and much better people for having run away and hid?

Sorry. Cant have it both ways.

River Falls, WI

Are the fans that drove long distances going to get 25% of the money they paid for their tickets back? Seems only fair since they were only able to watch three of the four quarters.

lloyd braun
ogden, utah

How come Lone Peak didn't come out and defend Brighton? They let the clock run also. If they come out and play man, Brighton doesn't hold the ball. Having built a lot of character and teamwork last year in the championship and getting killed, these same players and coach maybe wanted to try and win against a more talented team. Seems like the only option. I didn't know the teams are out there playing just for the fans who drove to watch it. I thought they maybe were trying to win a state championship.

Hurricane, 00

lone peak didn't defend because brighton was giving up. they were handing the win to lone peak. why would lone peak go after a team that is willingly going to let them win. brighton flat out quit and showed that they had no drive to compete. the actions at that game were very disrespectful and showed huge amounts of unsportsmanship

Park City, UT

lloyd braun

"Isn't the goal to win the game?"

Absolutely! So how is that supposed happen if you're down by 7 and decide not to even try scoring.

"How come Lone Peak didn't come out and defend Brighton?"

Why should they?

It's the responsibility of the team with the ball to initiate the offense.

With a 7-point lead, Lone Peak already had enough points to win if Brighton was going to hold the ball for the rest of the "game".

lloyd braun
ogden, utah

You're missing the point. Do you think Brighton was going to hold the ball until the final buzzer, willing to lose by 7. They knew that holding the ball would possibly be their only chance of winning the game. At some point, they would have initiated the offense and tried to score. I'm not sure how being down 35 in the 2nd quarter is more manly than maybe having a chance to make a few shots and be in the game at the end. It's not entertaining basketball, I admit, but the coach did what he thought was the only thing he could do to have a "chance" of winning. You'd prefer go out and just play the game and be down 35 in the 2nd quarter and have no chance of winning. You're right, that would have been a lot more fun for Brighton. Oh wait, they tried that last year. I watched that game also, and I remember them being mocked for their poor play. That was more respectable.

Eastvale, CA

Does anybody know if the stream ca be viewed on an iPhone ?

Farmington, UT

Anybody else getting an error message that says "Live Stream is Off Air"?

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