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Published: Thursday, Feb. 21 2013 4:00 p.m. MST

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Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"BYU had taken 3 of 4 from Utah."

Yes, and as I recall, all 3 of those games were won in completely fluke fashion.

Big brother wins the majority of the games. Little brother counts comments in a desperate attempt to find SOMETHING...ANYTHING...to attempt to hold over the head of the one who OWNs their WAC-ish and mid-majorey program on the field.

P.S.: Boston College does not have a generation gap in the all-time series vs. Notre Dame. But Utah does over the Y. Fail.

Provo, UT

@NavalVet "Yes, and as I recall, all 3 of those games were won in completely fluke fashion."

Please explain to me how Beck to Harline, 4th and 18, and the pass to Andrew George were "flukes". When I'm talking about flukes, I'm talking about the muffed hand-off between Heaps and Juice (miscommunication between the two). I'm talking about a horrible Ute punt that randomly goes off of one of our gunners that the Utes recover. I'm talking about Brandon Bradley's knee being down and the refs botching the call. I'm talking about Brian Logan playing great coverage and tipping a pass that falls into the Ute receiver's lap.

Those all happened in one 2010 game that allowed U to pull off a squeaker over a 7-6 BYU team.

Then there's last year, where BYU actually outscores the Utes 21-17 and only loses because Riley Nelson and Tushaus have a horrible miscommunication and Mike Alisa can't pick up a fumble.

The mere fact that U use beating your "little brother" BYU as your only metric of success tells me all I need to know about U.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"The mere fact that U use beating your 'little brother' BYU as your only metric of success tells me all I need to know about U."

You're obsessed enough with me to have known that I've gone on record as saying "good riddance" to you guys, and likewise had you seen my full support of replacing you with Michigan and/or Fresno St. If my only metric of success is beating our WAC-ish and mid-majorey little brother, then I would have pressed the need to continue the rivalry. The mere fact that you feel compelled to spin the obviously one-sided domination we've had over you tells me all I need to know about the depth of anguished insecurity that's been weighing you down over the years, and exasperated by our being "Fully Invited" to your 1st choice of conferences, while you'd been rejected by every relevant expanding conference. Poor you.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

truelittlebrother1 (cont.):

Muffed snaps, handoffs, kickoffs, and punts are not anomolous to the Y. Heaps was a bad QB. You lost! And the losing percentage of your team vs. ours suggests our victories are the norm. The last second/final play "miracles" suggests YOURS are flukish. Similarly, your 4th-&-very long conversion rates are so extremely low, that any successful conversions can be described as "flukish".

St Louis, MO

To sum up, if you don't like School X for whatever reason -- traditional rivalry with your school, personal associations, upbringing -- you also are likely to believe that School X's fans are arrogant snobs. No matter who you support, no matter which school you attended, you make nonsensical generalized assumptions about thousands of other people you don't know. "BYU fans are arrogant and believe they are better than everyone else" is as true as "Utah fans are amoral drunks." It's occasionally true, but usually complete fiction.

Of course, the stereotypes that hover over our rival school exist because they're true, but the stereotypes that hover over our own school are completely unjustifiable.

The word that leaps to mind is "petty." Can we all just nod in agreement that the quality of graduates and/or fans of both the U and the Y (or Wyoming, or STLCC, etc) varies wildly?

Provo, UT

@NavalVet "You're obsessed enough with me to have known that I've gone on record as saying "good riddance" to you guys"

And yet here you are. U just can't keep well enough alone, can U? When BYU had taken 3 of 4 from Utah, I didn't feel compelled to go over to the Ute boards to proclaim dominance over Utah. I don't feel compelled now to go over to Utah boards and mock them for their losing season, couch potato bowl, trailer park football facilities, drug-ridden athletes, and overall downward trend. I save that for the trolls like U who come to these boards stomping their feet and trying to make us BYU fans think that U are somehow relevant because U have had 3 wins in a row over your "good riddance, no-longer" rival

BYU has already proven they're the top dog in the state. BYU has a national following and national relevance. U have CU and WSU to compete with for worst team in the PAC 12.

But hey, if beating BYU is what gets U through the day, have at it. I think your whining is adorable.

Go Cougars!

Phoenix, AZ

Interesting points of view in these articles and I liked that differenct facets discussed. All of these issues are valid to some degree.

No one has ever said that 'BYU will be too good.' The article did not say that nor has anyone who is not a troll said that. No one is 'scared' to play BYU. But, I can see why some Big 12 schools might be wary of BYU with their facilities and network. Texas almost caused the implosion of the Big 12. If there is any whiff that there might be a fraction of Texas-like difficulties with BYU, I could see some schools just wanting to pass.

Folks not wanting to deal with BYU's Sunday play issue is not bigotry, some people just may not want the hassle. They have enough to worry about, why compicate issues. I understand that. Until there is an outside issue that forces the Big 12 to expand, I can see them being happy with a 10 team league.

Independence is only temporary. I think everyone realistic knows that. Temporary might be 10 years, but it is temporary none-the-less.

Provo, UT

@Naval Vet "The mere fact that you feel compelled to spin the obviously one-sided domination"

Bro, if U want to use the 25 year span where Utah dominated what was essentially an intramural football squad from BYA to support your "dominance" claim, then go ahead. I will not argue the point that U dominated BYA back then.

If U want to use Utah's previous 3 wins as proof of your "dominance" over BYU, go right ahead. U are entitled to your opinion and me to mine. The only difference between us is that I'm secure enough in BYU and their dominance over Utah that I don't need to go over to Utah's boards, stomping feet and talking about how "dominant" a program we are.

I let trolls like U validate that for me.

Regarding the flukes, please show me how many times Harline and George caught TD's in their career and Austin Collie caught a pass. Then show me how many times BYU muffed a handoff, had a punt bounce off a player, intercepted a pass with a knee down that got reversed, and botched a snap that BYU couldn't recover.

Go Cougars!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Bro, if U want to use the 25 year span where Utah dominated what was essentially an intramural football squad from BYA to support your 'dominance' claim, then go ahead."

We were a small school back then as well. We'd won the majority of the games during the 1st 25-yr period of the rivalry, and we've won the majority of the games during the last 25-yr period as well. Essentially, the only time you had an edge over your big brother was during the 70s and 80s, and that was 30-40 yrs ago.

Utah = your big brother. Your tears are delicious.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Naval Vet

BYA beat the Utes 3-2 back in the 1890's when both schools were little more than high schools. (Don't bother trying to count that spring scrimmage as an actual game.)

Utah had been playing football 30 years before BYU played it's first game in 1922. 30 of the first 40 games in the series were played at Utah, because football was so lightly supported at BYU, that the Cougars didn't even have their own football field for most of the 1922 to 1961 time period.

And, let's not forget that Utah continued playing football from 1942 to 1945, while BYU's football program was suspended. Just as BYU was starting to catch up to Utah, BYU took a four-year break and then had to restart their program from scratch.

Then in 1962, BYU built a football stadium, joined with Utah to create the WAC, and got serious about football. The Utes won their first WAC title in 1964 and wouldn't win another title for 30 years. BYU beat Utah and won their first conference title ever in 1965. Seven years later, LaVell Edwards became BYU's head coach, and Utah became BYU's little brother.

St Louis, MO

Sweet Fanny Adams; now we're arguing over which school dominated the other back when games were broadcast by telegraph? OK; fine, I'm in! BYU's recruting class of 1949 was ranked higher than Utah's, according to an old "Gridiron Gazette" I found in my grandfather's garage. Rise and shout, consarn it!

Y's little brother
Sandy, UT

@navel vet

"Utah = your big brother."

Only in your dreams.

1 National Championship to none
1 Heisman Trophy to none
17 AP Top 25 Finishes to 5
15 National Individual Awards to none
6 National Hall of Fame Player to none

Says otherwise.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Y's little brother:

Only the WACistani's have any regard for that zeitgeist episode of your backing into the '84 NC* via one of the weakest SOS-es in the country. And just barely too. You had to scratch out narrow victories vs. 8-4 Air Force, 7-4 Hawai'i, 6-6 Wyoming, 6-6 Michigan, and 3-7-1 Pitt.

Only WACistani's believe winning a Heisman a generation ago means you're still relevant now.

Individual awards are a reflection of a good player. Not necessarily a good team. A good team wins BCS bowls. All your team was capable of doing was "quest"ing for one, and throwing Tostitos Tortillas onto the field in your season opener in another.

"Little brother" is the one with the losing record vs. "big brother". And looking at this last quarter century, "big brother" is just getting bigger. See for yourself:

25-yrs: Utes 14, cougs 11 -- .560 winning pct.
20-yrs: Utes 13, cougs 7 -- .650 winning pct.
15-yrs: Utes 9, cougs 6 -- .600 winning pct.
10-yrs: Utes 7, cougs 3 -- .700 winning pct.
5-yrs: Utes 4, cougs 1 -- .800 winning pct.

...and a 3-game winning streak.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Snack WAC:

You sure seem to have an awful lot of excuses for losing in the early part of the series, but you've been losing in the latter quarter century too. There's just no way around this. Utah = your "big brother".

Orem, UT

Naval Vet

Nice try.

Now try posting the Top 25 rankings for each team decade by decade, starting with the 60's.

The only thing you've proven with your selective head-to-head stat is that BYU is, has been, and always will be the most important game on our little brother's schedule.

The success of your entire season is totally dependent on beating BYU.

You'd rather beat BYU than have a winning season, be ranked, or play in a bowl.

Nothing screams little brother like a fan base whose obsession is comparing everything they do to their big brother. That's why you're here and why you spam every BYU article.

Here's a challenge:

Cite just ONE thing that Utah accomplished on a national scale during Utah's 1922 to 1961 period "dominance," before both teams joined the WAC.

I can cite you dozens of BYU accomplishments on a national scale since then.

Y's little brother
Sandy, UT

@naval vet

"Individual awards are a reflection of a good player. Not necessarily a good team."

Only a clueless fan whose team has never won a national individual award, wouldn't understand the symbiotic relationship required for good players to be surrounded by good teams in order to earn national individual awards.

How many Heisman Trophy winners have played on bad teams?

Do you really think Ty Detmer
won the Heisman Trophy, by himself;
passed for over 15,000 yards, by himself;
beat #1-ranked Miami, by himself?

Y's little brother
Sandy, UT

Naval Vet

Top 25 Finishes
Bronco 5
Kyle 3

Top 15 Finishes
Bronco 3
Kyle 1

If the Utes are so great, how come they're hardly ever ranked in the Top 25?

Quite obviously, one win a season doesn't mean much on a national scale.

Provo, UT

@NavalVet "Utah = your "big brother"."

Lol, again, the mere fact that U are on these boards says otherwise. As the "big brother", I, as a BYU fan, don't have to go onto Utah's boards and proclaim it. It's just fact. The fact that U have won 3 in a row, two in fluke fashion, doesn't change anything.

Since the 70's, Utah's whole goal to have a successful season has been to beat BYU. That obviously hasn't changed, since in a terrible year for Utah, where U went 5-7, attended the Couch Potato Bowl, had to suspend your stud safety 3 games for multiple failed drug tests, had another player kicked off the team for almost beating his wife to death, and reshuffled the offensive staff for the fifth time in 5 years, the only thing that matters is that U beat BYU.

Like I've said before, using BYU as your metric of success tells me just how little brotherish U are.

That, and the trailer park football facilities,

So keep whining...it's really helping your "big brother" stance, and it's adorable.

Go Cougars!

Bluffdale, UT

Bluto said

@Cowboy "First of all... BCS Conferences, are about to be rendered obsolete."

Joke of the century. Didn't you get the memo? The BCS bowls are still tied up with the BCS conferences after they change the name.

Cowboy Dude

The elephant in the room has nothing to do with religion. As WACpaddingmyschedule disclosed...

"Why didn't BYU play in a BCS bowl the past 10+ years? Because they were not good enough and did not go undefeated.
They had the same opportunity as Utah, TCU & Hawaii." & BSU too.

Yet, some fans claim BYU would be in the BCS over these schools if it was fair. Unbelievable.

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