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Published: Thursday, Feb. 21 2013 4:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

"The most successful teams in sports are also the most hated teams"

BYU won a national title before I was born so I really can't say I care about any "success" they have when I've only paid attention to college football for a bit under 10 years. They seem to be great at volleyball but... that matters as much to me as the Utes gymnastics success probably means to you. As a Ute though, do you know what's nice about Utah State? When they beat us in football they don't immediately declare it a result of alleged moral superiority. Collie and Hall couldn't bother to not show the side of BYU fans that other teams hate... the self-righteousness. Are all or most BYU students/fans self-righteous? Of course not. The ones that are though... make it very hard to like BYU.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Did Utah fans even once give a thought about anybody but themselves?"

I wanted BYU to be taken instead of Colorado (though opening the Denver market and the PAC-12 insistance on tier 1 research universities made that unrealistic).

"Were the Pac-12 to entertain renewed interest in expansion, is it at all possible that BYU might be invited?"

They want Texas-Texas Tech-Oklahoma-Oklahoma State. That is their desired path to 16 though it doesn't look feasible. They claim a tier 1 research program is necessary, something BYU doesn't have (even though they have other great academic programs). Getting the current PAC-12 setup/tv deal forced USC to drop its consideration of a Longhorn network equivalent so BYU would have to give up the right to rebroadcast games. I'm not entirely sure where the PAC-12 would go if they don't get their top set of teams if they want to expand. Maybe something with UNLV, Colorado State and New Mexico. Academically and basketball-wise this makes sense. For everything else not so much. They may just hold at 12, why bother splitting a pie up even more?


I'm always amazed, and uncomfortable with how easily some people label others bigots. Particularly when those speaking/writing are LDS.

If the PAC 10 schools dislike Mormons so much, then why did they offer membership to Utah? Coach Whitt is LDS, as was the University President at the time - who has since moved on to be the President at the University of Washington, a high-profile PAC 12 institution.

Which is more likely, the presidents and chancellors of the major universities to the west and east of BYU are bigots, or BYU doesn't fit in their conferences' template (Sunday play, TV rights, school philosophy)?

Sandy, UT


First of all... BCS Conferences, are about to be rendered obsolete.
2nd...BSU is still in the MWC.

South Jordan, UT

As a side note, I would advise anyone who thinks of bashing BYU on any issue to take a tour of the new BYUtv building/facility across from the Marriott Center. My whole perspective was completely enlightened after having done so. As a former student/alum of BYU, I am simply amazed at the vision of insightful people who put their money where their mouth is, and completely paid for this outstanding facility largely because of its great mission statement. The far reaching results are far beyond anyone's rhetoric about football and basketball.

I join the chorus of people who dispair over the constant negative comments about BYU in this newspaper and elsewhere. Over the years I have enjoyed sports events, educational conferences, and dance programs at the Y. I have met some of the nicest people from around the country who are visitors to that campus. They tell me that they like what they see there. Let the hate stop. We need to get along in this world.

Sandy, UT


BYU could win a bcs game in what will be the last year for BCS bowls, and it still won't make any difference.

BYU is Independent in Football, as far as the eye can see.
It's where they want to be now and what they contingently planned for, for over a decade.

BYU is unique.
They like the freedom of having their own network and their associations in the WCC for Olympic sports. And they love their deal with ESPN.

And they aren't willing to drop all of those advantages, right now.

Outside of a Bowl game, their is no reason for BYU to give all that up.
As they now have access to the 4 team playoff, just like another school has.

The issues have nothing to do with a school winning a particular game.
Nor in the case of Utah, did it have anything to do with athletic tradition or academics.
As BYU trumps Utah and Colorado in both categories.

The Pac-12 is a "Secular", liberal minded group and has absolutely no interest in any Faith Based Institution.


Salt Lake City, UT

Respect is a two way thing. Those who want to receive it should begin by giving it.

West Jordan, UT

@ Canyontreker and Cowboy Dude

You are both making assumptions that all the facts do not support. Colorado's recent football prowess did not net them an invite to the new PAC 12. San Diego State's long football tradition did not ease their way into the Big East. Most of the remaining teams in the Big East were your so-called "Mid-Majors" not too long ago. As you know, Boise State and SDSU have seen the light and declined to go east.

Good for Utah making it into the PAC 12, but to think that their overall athletic program, even with recent BCS success made them a more attractive candidate...i.e. West Coast fan base and TV sets...than BYU is simply not true. They were literally the sixth-choice...behind the four Big 12 schools who declined...and Colorado. It is NOT the quality of the athletic program that got Utah in or left BYU out.

Religious bigotry is the biggest elephant in the room, among other things...and you know it.

pocatello, ID

Cowboy Dude
How did Utah, BSU, and TCU break into BCS conferences? They busted into BCS bowls and won.

Why didn't Hawaii get invited to a BCS conference? They busted into a BCS bowl and lost.

Why isn't BYU getting invited into a BCS conference? Because everyone else is prejudice.


Why didn't BYU play in a BCS bowl the past 10+ years? Because they were not good enough and did not go undefeated.
They had the same opportunity as Utah, TCU & Hawaii.

Granstville, UT

I love the way many of the faithful try to play both sides of the argument. On one side when they lose, it's because we have a higher mission and sports aren't that important at buy. Then when they win, it's because our sports program is second to none and we've carried every conference we've ever had membership in. Conveniently spun, depending on the situation.

Springville, UT

"Clearly, BYU isn’t a little, religious school that will meekly do whatever it’s told. That’s TCU’s job."

LOL. Loved the humor in that comment. Thanks Coach Patterson for making that happen!

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah


The PAC 12 didn't want Baylor either, which is why Scott quickly invited Colorado before the PAC 10/Big 12 South merger was finalized, to shut Baylor out because at least a couple of PAC 12 schools objected to a private, religious-based school joining the PAC 10.

As far as academics, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech have the exact same High Research University standing as BYU, and BYU's undergraduate academics are superior to Utah's.

Springville, UT


"Ute fans are happy. That is a measure of success."

I think the deafening silence after two seasons of epic failure in conference play trumps your 'happy' thought.

This past season there has been a noticeable drop in Ute fan commentary in the positive about Ute football and basketball.

Though we would never be able to discern this from the continued barrage of comments by Ute fans on BYU stories, a simple tally of positive comments on Ute stories tells a stark and contrasting different kind of story.

In the end it's all about wins and losses in our conferences...

and losing fans are never very happy and lose interest after a while.

How long does a conference invite afterglow last? 1,2 or 3 seasons?

Springville, UT

WAC (USU) paddled my Utes

"Why didn't BYU play in a BCS bowl the past 10+ years? Because they were not good enough and did not go undefeated. They had the same opportunity as Utah, TCU & Hawaii."

For the first time that I can recall I agree completely with your statement. Facts are facts.

Bountiful, utah

BYU IS arrogant and a prima-donna... because they believe in tight honor codes and will not play sports on Sunday. Shows the moral decline in so many liberal-dominated American universities, including the bigots in the Big12 and PAC12.

BTW, I graduated from both BYU and Utah- both have good and bad fans, not exactly noted for their high levels of tolerance and Brotherly Love.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"If BYU went undefeated with next year's schedule we would be in a BCS Bowl."

Nope. The rule is you have to finish ranked #1 or #2 in the Final BCS Rankings to be guaranteed a BCS bowl. You're not in a conference, so you can't win a conference championship, and are therefore not eligible for the "Top-12/Top-16" metric expected of the MWC, C-USA, MAC, or Sun Belt teams.

"If BYU won, we would be invited to a BCS conference. We would not have to wait for years like Utah."

Utah didn't need to wait years. We needed to wait only a few months. Just because our first BCS bowl was won in 2004, while our invitation wasn't extended until 6 years later, that didn't mean we had to wait. Back in '04, conferences weren't expanding. When the BigTen initiated the conference carousel back in the Fall of 2009, it was only a matter of a few months before we were "Fully Invited". And we didn't even have to finish undefeated back in '09 either.

P.S.: You only have 1 undefeated team in cougar history. We have 7. Edge: Utah.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Big 12 isn't trying to talk BYU into playing on Sunday. Neither is anyone else. It might be a principle reason BYU is independant but that is OK with the other Conferences.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Naval Vet

"The rule is you have to finish ranked #1 or #2 in the Final BCS Rankings to be guaranteed a BCS bowl."

Key word there, which you "conveniently ignored, since you're a BYU hater, is "GUARANTEED".

Under the current rules, BYU wouldn't be GUARANTEED a BCS berth if the Cougars went 12-0 or 11-1 in 2013, but odds are very good that BYU would be invited to a BCS bowl.

btw, Utah is no closer to winning a National Championship now, than the Utes were as a member of the WAC or MWC. Regardless of your delusional spin to the contrary, U still have to finish #1 in the final polls to be declared the National Champion, something the Utes have never even come close to accomplishing. U were a DISTANT 2nd in ONE poll in your best season ever.

Fully invited, but fully lacking in any real accomplishments on a national scale.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Naval Vet

"You only have 1 undefeated team in cougar history. We have 7. Edge: Utah."

Go back and review the teams U beat in most of those "undefeated" seasons - it's laughable that you'd be beating your chest about any of them except 2008.

There's a very good reason the Utes didn't even come close to cracking the Top 25 in any of your "undefeated" season before 2004.

btw, how embarrassing was it to be SHUT OUT by a mediocre BYU team and tied by another in TWO of your "undefeated" seasons?

Bountiful, utah

I personally doubt BYU will ever be competitive in any major conference because it is so selective of its student athletes, which limits depth, and that is fine with me.

Utah will never be a leader in the PAC12 for similar reasons, because it lacks depth in key positions to withstand the rigors of a full season of powerful opponents, and will probably never have the funding or drawing power to load up the bench.

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