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Published: Thursday, Feb. 21 2013 4:00 p.m. MST

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West Jordan, Utah

What's with the TCU shot. Look, I am no fan of TCU, but that was a cheap shot. I mean to have that opinion in some form (toned down) from within is a slippery slope. But to blantently throw it out there in an offensive fashion does not make many BYU fans who don't want to look like prima-donna very happy.



Maybe I should have been more clear. I should have said, "Don't lose sight of the fact that article is about people disliking BYU, not people disliking Utah."

Having the Deseret News carry an article entitled "Some people just don't like BYU" is significant.

It's interesting to note that the author of the article, Ryan Teeples, attended BYU and lists the Cougars as one of his favorite teams. And yet, he says "BYU is seen as a prima-donna. In some cases that reputation may be deserved."

He that hath ears, let him hear...

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"I find it laughable that you simply make stuff up. I've never seen a single serious comment from any BYU fan claiming that BYU wasn't wanted by a power conference because BYU might be too good."

I have. Y fans have been saying that since Utah was "Fully Invited" while you were "Fully Rejected" by every relevant expanding conference. Y fans also like to claim the only reason why Utah was invited to the Pac-12 was because those other Pac-10 schools needed an easy win. Even this article stated, "don’t discount the fact that some schools perceive BYU as a threat in the pecking order in the conference."

New Mexico wouldn't "upset the pecking order". Neither would Colorado St, La. Tech, or Southern Miss. Or the Y. TCU might though. West Virginia was projected to prior to the 2012 season. Louisville dominated Florida in the Sugar Bowl, and finished ranked 13th in the nation. If the Big 12 was so worried about upsetting the pecking order, why were the only schools they seriously considered for expansion were the Frogs, Mountaineers, and the Cardinals?

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Why the animosity toward a church run program since you are a member of that church?"

Seriously? Again? How many times do you Indy-WACers have to hear the answer to that question before it finally sinks in? That question had been asked and answered ad nauseum. I think the REAL question is why do people like you think that just because we're LDS, we have to like the Y?

Res Novae
Ashburn, VA


I've known plenty of U students and grads. I've known BYU students who, like you, have left for various reasons to enroll at the U. I've known many U fans who are passionate about their team. But not many forty-somethings who expend so much time and energy on multiple message boards hurling vitriol at rival fans with schoolyard taunts like "Indy-WACers" and "Bronkkko Mendenhall". It doesn't stop at the rivalry or even sports. In your long posting history, there's no BYU player you won't criticize, no BYU athletic achievement you won't tear down, no BYU standard you won't mock, no BYU academic ranking or achievement you won't demean, and no BYU student you won't throw sweeping, unfair stereotypes at.

No one expects all Mormons to be BYU fans, you're deliberately misreading kaysvillecougar's question. But I believe behind the question is puzzlement that the passions of college athletics cannot recede to where they belong among members of a shared faith, regardless of where we went to school. It's unhealthy.

Fashion Police
Olympus Cove, Utah


Since when does the opinion of one former BYU student carry any more weight than the opinions of every other former BYU student? He wrote an opinion piece, with no attributions or sources other than a couple of tweets from Tom Holmoe to give the articles a semblance of legitimacy.

For all we know he could be Naval Vet's little brother.

The truth is, he doesn't have the foggiest idea the details of what Tom Holmoe has actually discussed with Big 12, nor if any of them felt that BYU was acting like a prima donna during their discussions.

As for fans, conference expansion is all about money and television markets. The AD and Presidents involved in deciding whether or not to invite a particular team to their conference couldn't care less if every single one of their fans was a prima donna.

Mt Rushmore
Arlington, VA

Res Novae

Couldn't agree more.


Naval Vet

Seriously, "Indy-WACers"?

Why don't you grow up and stop with the juvenile name calling?

Which school LOST to the last two WAC teams they will ever play?

If U had beaten the only WAC team U played in 2012, U wouldn't have had to play in the couch potato bowl.

Santa Monica, CA

Wow---an article written by a "full time sports fan" and the head of his own marketing org. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Utah sports journalism!

Hightstown, NJ

One thing I like about independence is that it signals BYU isn't going to play the rules of someone else's game. While other programs may perceive a benefit in shacking up with the power conferences, BYU is thinking outside the box. It seems to be an institution that knows to reorient itself when other schools are just joining the rate race.

Provo, UT

@NavalVet "I think the REAL question is why do people like you think that just because we're LDS, we have to like the Y?"

U don't, and nobody's saying that U should. However, Res Novae hit it right on the head. U don't have to like BYU, but Y spend so much time trying to tear it down as an institution?

BYU's not perfect, but it is the flagship university for the church and, as such, it strives to uphold the same standards and principles that the Church teaches. So if you're a member of the LDS church, Y would U spend so much time and effort mocking and railing against that same university that strives to uphold those standards?

U are a Naval Vet (thank U for your service) and yet I highly doubt U spend time on Naval Academy boards bashing the Cadets, even though I'm sure there were some things the Navy did that U didn't necessarily agree with.

So Y the hate towards BYU?

My point is, U don't have to like BYU, but Y spend so much time trying to tear them down?

Go Cougars!

Iowa City, IA

"Some people just don't like BYU". Nothing like being negative. Couldn't that be said for all schools? I don't understand the journalistic jab.

We know why BYU wassn't invited to the PAC...Bigotry, I might add, unashamed bigotry. I'm surprised to see that in the BIG 12.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

BYU subsidized the WAC/MWC for decades?

Utah brought more money to the WAC/MWC with two BCS games than BYU ever brought to the WAC/MWC in total.

Springville, UT

Can we move on from this ridiculous conversation (always brought up by DesNews and a few fans who obviously aren't paying much attention) about BYU joining the Big12? It is not going to happen...ever!

BYU proved itself too difficult to work with before and, yes, is a prima donna. No major conference will consider them (the Big East is NOT a major conference and doesn't make any sense for BYU).

DesNews and those few fans need to be content with BYU's inclusion in the WCC for all other sports (and I think this is a great fit), and independence for football. At some point in time, BYU might find itself back in the MWC or some other mid-major conference, but that's as good as it's going to get.

Move on.

Gilbert, AZ

Howard S.

"Utah brought more money to the WAC/MWC with two BCS games than BYU ever brought to the WAC/MWC in total."

The cut that BYU got from Utah's BCS games was negligible by the time it was divided between all of the non-AQ conference teams.

Gilbert, AZ


"BYU proved itself too difficult to work with before and, yes, is a prima donna. No major conference will consider them"

You're welcome to your own biased opinion, but you have no evidence whatsoever of the actual talks BYU had with the Big 12 or their decision not to invite BYU to join their conference.

As for the PAC 12, we all know that religious bigotry and no Sunday play were the main reasons BYU wasn't invited to that conference.

Since those are the only two power conference within reasonable traveling distance for BYU, saying that NO major conference would consider BYU is like saying that the B1G, SEC, and ACC wouldn't even consider Utah.

Utah was simply in the right place at the right time with the right cultural fit for the PAC; other than having a D-1 football program, Utah's mediocre athletic program had nothing to do with Utah's invitation.

Chicago, IL

As a Pac-12 and to a lesser degree a MWC fan, personally I would not like the Big-12 to expand so far west, hopping all the way over Colorado and into Utah. Were that to happen, would current Big-12 teams likely have increased success recruiting in Utah? Were the Pac-12 to entertain renewed interest in expansion, is it at all possible that BYU might be invited? Did someone here say that a block of 3 Pac-12 presidents could block BYU to the Pac-12? Issues of relgion / politics aside, BYU was one of the earliest adoptees of what generally has become known as the West Coast Offense and in that way a personality fit for the Pac, at least re football. Further, on whatever religion / politics questions involved, seems to me the cities and regions of the Pac teams would or should be likelier to value or embrace a more inclusive and diverse membership than the Big-12.


If BYU went undefeated with next year's schedule we would be in a BCS Bowl. If BYU won, we would be invited to a BCS conference. We would not have to wait for years like Utah.

Stop making other excuses. It doesn't make the elephant in the room look prettier.

Cowboy Dude

How did Utah, BSU, and TCU break into BCS conferences? They busted into BCS bowls and won.

Why didn't Hawaii get invited to a BCS conference? They busted into a BCS bowl and lost.

Why isn't BYU getting invited into a BCS conference? Because everyone else is prejudice.

Lincoln City, OR

"Leave Holmoe alone... Because it's a tough job...???" Pullleeeze...

Recruiting champonship caliber players is a tough too, should we leave coaches who fail to win alone? Running a company profitably against tough competition can be tough, should we as shareholders accept losses and falling stock prices because it's hard? Most all jobs are tough but people are expected to perform or they are removed.

Being the AD at a university the size of BYU with the fan following, the facilities, and the traditions that this school has is going to be a tough job...

Lincoln City, OR

Yes, having to deal with the Bigotry and dislikes that BYU faces is tough... Dealing with the internal Politics from the Brethern in SLC and from School Administration is also tough (something that you didn't deal with in your series)... It is possibly one of the toughest AD jobs in America and there are probably very few that could manage it successfully and pull off an invite to a BCS Conference that protect our Sunday "no play" requirement... Tom Holmoe however, is NOT one of those people. We need a guy who has clout with other ADs and Conference Commissioners, and can command respect on both sides of the table... Perhaps Danny Ainge? or Steve Young? or maybe even Gifford Nielson? But it will never happen with Holmoe.

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