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Published: Thursday, Feb. 21 2013 4:00 p.m. MST

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Lincoln Park, IL


"The failing of BYU fans is they think only about themselves."

LOL at the utter hypocrisy of that statement especially when every single BYU article is inundated with comments from jealous trolls who have been beating their arrogant chests because the team that Utah had been partners with in starting two conferences was left behind when Utah was invited to the PAC 12.

Did Utah fans even once give a thought about anybody but themselves?

Quite the contrary.

Our little friends from the hill acted, and continue to act, like little kindergartners who were given a lollipop and are now sticking out their tongues at the other kiddies on the playground who didn't get one.

Barb Wire

There are alot of arrogant, big heads up in Provo. I'm LDS and I can't stand BYU for this very reason. "Everyone who goes to BYU is not smarter than everyone who doesn't" is a right on statement and BYU people need to study that every night until it sinks in. Arrogance!

Payson, UT

RE: cval
Hyde Park, UT

" Many Mormons actually choose to go to other Universities, even though they could have chosen to go to BYU had they been so inclined." You have a flaw in this statement unless you are saying many Mormons who could get in to BYU never apply. Because if they apply and get in nearly all will go. www.deseretnews.com/article/700218887

Gary Kinney
Huntington Beach, CA

@ eastcoastcoug
Spot on with your comments. We need to cheer for our school don't get caught up in the hate and realize it is just sports. Great comment and opinions. Thank you.

Charlotte, NC

@ ekute and Utah '95

I am a BYU grad and generally a fan and supporter of the university but you two hit it out of the park. The snootiness of some BYU fans is an embarrassment. I do like to believe (and I hope I am right) that these people are a small but loud minority. Most of the people I knew at BYU were great.

Salt Lake City, Utah



Don't lose sight of the fact that article is about people disliking BYU, not Utah."

So it's about Utah fans!

Salt Lake City, Utah


"BYU fans think that the Big 12 would be perfect for them because
A) They didn't get picked by the PAC 12
B) The Big 12 is the next nearest BCS conference."

It's laughable that U whine about other bloggers "putting words into your mouth", and then you have the arrogance to tell us what every BYU fan "thinks".

Salt Lake City, UT

TCU’s Gary Patterson has said plenty. Oklahoma State mega-booster T. Boone Pickens bashed BYU in the media. Remember, it only takes three schools to say "Nah..." to BYU as an option for expansion.

In part 3 of the series, author Ryan Teeples refers to "people in backwoods Big 12 outposts like Morgantown".

Way to pick up your third strike. Play the "you bunch of dumb hillbillys" card. Brilliant.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

go c go

How exactly has BYU's Independence been a miserable failure?

Independence, by definition is NOT being associated with a conference.

Also, by definition, BYU has been much more successful in its first two seasons as an Independent, than that puffed up, egocentric program on the hill:

2011 #25/#26/#34 BYU(10-3) > unranked/#39 Utah(8-5)
2012 unranked/#26 BYU(8-5) bowl winner > unranked/#61 Utah(5-7) losing season couch potato bowl

Orem, UT


What makes you think the author represents BYU?

Except for a couple quotes, almost EVERYTHING in his entire 4-part series is based entirely on the author's own personal opinions.

Res Novae
Ashburn, VA

When I was at BYU, I never encountered a pervasive attitude that students there were somehow better, more righteous, or smarter than those at other schools. Certainly nothing like the arrogance I encountered in grad school on the East Coast. But the juvenile inferiority complex on display by some folks who have to comment negatively on every single BYU-related article sure does tempt one to be least a little smug.

Being proud of your alma mater doesn't have to involve tearing someone else's down.

Salt Lake City, UT

Truth Machine wonders "How exactly has BYU's Independence been a miserable failure?"
Failure as measured by the fan base. If it is a success, why is Tom Holmoe constantly having to answer the "why arent we in the Big 12" question. Why is there a 4 part series on this "issue"? If independence is such a success, why are so many Cougar fans clamoring to be done with it?

You want to slam the Utes as failing in the PAC 12? Where are the hundreds of Utah fans pleading with Chris Hill to return to the MWC? Ute fans are happy. That is a measure of success.

Res Novae
Ashburn, VA

Clearly SoonerUte has never been to Morgantown, WV....

Orem, UT


Why is there a 4 part series on this "issue"?

Because a D-News "contributor" decided to do an expose on the subject and the D-News knew it would attrack a lot of interest, including from the jealous trolls.

If independence is such a success, why are so many Cougar fans clamoring to be done with it?

Some fans don't see the big picture that simply being a member of any conference isn't preferable to Independence. Those fans will change their opinions in a heartbeat as soon as BYU starts having success against a schedule like the Cougars will have in 2013.

You want to slam the Utes as failing in the PAC 12?

No slamming necessary. It's quite obvious that the Utes haven't done ANYTHING noteworthy in ANY sport since being admitted to the PAC 12.

Ute fans are only happy because of the newness of being in a big boy conference. Let them experience a few years of losing seasons and no bowls while BYU is having success as an Independent and you'll see plenty of grumbling from Utah fans.


Why are so many Utah fans obsessed with BYU's conference affiliation or lack thereof?

Orem, UT

Naval Vet

"I find it laughable whenever Y fans arrogantly assume they're not wanted because they might be too good."

I find it laughable that you simply make stuff up. I've never seen a single serious comment from any BYU fan claiming that BYU wasn't wanted by a power conference because BYU might be too good.

On the other hand, Kyle has a losing record against 10-loss teams AND a losing record in his new conference, 7-11. Quite obviously, you're not nearly as good as U think U are.


@Naval vet:
Just curious about why as a member of the LDS church you wish BYU(a church school) ill will. Please read and respond to my earlier post. Why the animosity toward a church run program since you are a member of that church? I've read many of your previous comments and it's surprising how vitriolic some of your posts have been. What has BYU done to hurt you? It's fair to say that characterizing 30,000 students as arogant is a little cheap.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I suspect what is really at work here is the old adage of "once burned - twice shy." BYU went into a contract with the Mountain West Conference thinking they would have the right to rebroadcast their home games just as they had for decades. That went up in smoke and everyone blamed BYU's lawyers for being asleep at the switch. Such rebroadcast rights are not a small thing when 70% of your fan base lives outside your supposed "market region" (basically Northern Utah).

Its not surprising that people complain about about BYU being difficult to work with. When they were easy to work with - they got shafted. Meanwhile, the power conferences just can't understand their attitude.

Perhaps with time a better relationship can be worked out and BYU can be in a power conference. In the meantime I suspect that both sides are going to be too wary of each other to make a deal.

Hightstown, NJ

@Uteanymous, I, as a BYU fan, think that SoonerUte has it exactly right. I like the Big 12, but have to admit that I would prefer the Pac 12, since BYU has recent history with every Pac 12 team except Colorado. Of course, neither is really an option, so I'm happy with independence.

Park City, UT

Barb Wire

"Everyone who goes to BYU is not smarter than everyone who doesn't"

True, but everyone who goes to BYU does have to meet rigorous academic standards in order to qualify for admission.

Those standards sometimes engender jealousy from students who apply, but aren't accepted, and then label "everyone who goes to BYU as arrogant" because they were accepted.

There's nothing wrong with a student studying hard to maintain a high GPA through all four years of high school, working hard to prepare for the ACT and doing well on the test, and then being excited about achieving a long-time goal when they're finally admitted to BYU.

If you're qualified and choose not to attend BYU, you have no reason to feel "less smart".

If you didn't work to prepare yourself properly and weren't accepted, it's your own fault if you feel "less smart" because of your own lack of preparation.

Park City, UT

Of course, some students simply aren't smart enough.

Rather than whining about how arrogant BYU students are, they should be working to develop your own unique talents and taking pride in them.

Everyone isn't cut out to be a nuclear physicist.

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