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Published: Thursday, Feb. 21 2013 4:00 p.m. MST

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It is easy and common to hate the leader or better player, just look at Chris B, an embarrassment to Utah because of his obsessive hate for BYU. How many posts from Utah fans have we seen calling out Chris B for his obnoxious hate?

Certainly there are people who will hate on BYU because BYU was the big dog in a former conference or because of the LDS Church affiliation or the way the LDS faith is held up as more important than sports, or BYU has a bigger sports budget or BYU might be too much of a challenge or whatever reason.

I think BYU is in a good position right now as a football independent. In the other sports I'm not quite as confident that their affiliations are the best for BYU, but when change occurs we all need to do the best we can with what options we have and I do believe that is what BYU has done.

I think there will be a lot of changes in college sports in the next couple of years and it will be interesting to see what happens!

Hyde Park, UT

People don't like BYU because of their arrogant and condescending fans. Believe it or not.... Everyone who goes to BYU is not smarter than everyone who doesn't.

Many Mormons actually choose to go to other Universities, even though they could have chosen to go to BYU had they been so inclined.


A couple of interesting quotes from this article:

"Whether fans and BYU brass like it or not, BYU is seen as a prima-donna. In some cases that reputation may be deserved."

"Clearly, BYU isn’t a little, religious school that will meekly do whatever it’s told. That’s TCU’s job."

Just another example of a BYU fan that "deserves" the reputation of "prima-donna."

Cardston, Alberta

Let me see if I have got this straight: There are no arrogant, condescending prima-donna fans at Utah or whatever school you may call your alma mater.


@cval, take it from a member of the church that went to both schools. The attitude and arrogance at the U was sickening. Their elitist attitude of having joined the PAC 10.2, believing they are so much better than the other schools in the state. Yet, not only are they the whipping boys of the PAC 10.2 in all sports, they have a difficult time even beating the local teams in the state...those schools that are either independent or in an "inferior" conference.

I, for one, don't even claim having gone to the U when talking to other people. I would have preferred to have gone to Utah State over the U. Many mormons stear clear of the U, because of how they are treated and the elitist attitude of its fans.

San Diego, CA

This 4-part series was informative. Nice to have some facts instead of rumors.

Blue Rampage
Salt Lake City, UT

Leave Tom Holmoe alone? I didn't know anybody was bashing him about conference alignment and I'm sorry to hear that may be the case.

Let's face it, an AD cannot barge his way into a top tier conference. Anybody who thinks BYU's lack of invitation into a conference is somehow related to Holmoe's job performance is a fool. Tom is doing a great job at BYU and may going down as the best AD in BYU history.

I would like to see BYU in the Big XII, but I don't view this as something we can put on Tom Holmoe's shoulders. As it stands, Holmoe is doing a great job of managing BYU Football as an independent. If and when the time comes, he will be up to the task. But for now, let's leave Tom out of this and let him do his day to day job rather than expecting him to pull off some kind of divine miracle.


cval: I don't understand your hate for BYU. I attended another college and then transfered to BYU. There are great people at every institution, but I'm amazed at the quality of students/people at BYU. Having gone on to graduate school elsewhere and seeing different institutions, I don't sense an aura of arogance at BYU. Sorry, I never got that impression. I can't remember students talking about other schools and comparing BYU to them. You have a strong mix of students from every state in the nation and many different countries who love being there and learing at a great institution - an instituion with problems and challenges like every other. I had professors I didn't particularly like and some of them had students they may not have liked(me?). It's sad there are some who hate BYU and wish them ill - especially sad from members of the church. That's like saying,"I hope the perpetual education, missionary or welfare program fails. Hope relief society tanks and the bishop storehouses go dry. It just doesn't make any sense. Why would you not want your church institution to do well?



Don't lose sight of the fact that article is about people disliking BYU, not Utah.

I'm sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the "attitude and arrogance at the U." As a lifelong Utah fan, I must admit that I am frustrated by the attitudes of some of my fellow Ute fans. But there is another side to the coin that you discussed.

Like you, I am LDS, and attended both universities. I graduated at BYU before attending medical school at the U. But my experiences attending athletic events on the two campuses was almost the exact opposite of what you experienced.

In short, the arrogance voiced my many BYU fans sometimes make it difficult for me to cheer for the Cougars.

One of my friends, a Wyoming native who graduated from Colorado, said: "I don't like BYU - not because they are so much better than the Cowboys are, but because their fans think they are better people than we are."

Clearly you and I, and the friend that I quoted, dislike it when people believe that they are better than others. There are fans of both schools who should be less "arrogant and elitist."

metamora, IL

Vladhagen: hohohohohohoo! That was a gut buster! Thanks for a good laugh.

metamora, IL

And you want to know about real arrogance? Having attended both Texas and BYU, I can tell you the attitude at UT is completely elitist. Of course, they have good sports programs, but they are also Texan.

Scott Farcus
Beaver, UT

The article is wrong. "Some people just don't like BYU" Reality is; A lot of people don't like BYU.

BYU needs to work more on image rather than getting into the BIG 12. Hire a Madison Ave Marketing Co and start cleaning up your image.

Have your FB players take a lock and stop the trash talk and classless comments.

Stand tall and upright like a true ambassador.

It has nothing to do with religious bias, its sanctimonious self-beliefs.

Make get slammed for this post but the truth hurts.

Layton, UT

"Whether fans and BYU brass like it or not, BYU is seen as a prima-donna."

And then the tone of the entire article reinforces why.

Henderson, NV


"People don't like BYU because of their arrogant and condescending fans. Believe it or not.... Everyone who goes to BYU is not smarter than everyone who doesn't."

Who thinks that everyone at BYU is smarter than everyone who doesn't? Are you sure you aren't projecting your own inner feelings and not basing your opinion on objective observation? Take a good look in your mirror and be honest. It'll be cathartic.

Palo Alto, CA

"People don't like BYU because of their arrogant and condescending fans."

Jealousy from opposing fans goes with the territory when you're successful.

The most successful teams in sports are also the most hated teams - Yankees, Lakers, Blue Devils, Long Horns. When you add religious bigotry to the mix it fuels those flames of hatred even higher.

Some of the BYU-obsessed haters posting on this very series of articles are prime of examples of fans that spend more time hating on BYU than they do cheering for their own team - I don't even need to mention screen names here because you know who you are, and so does everyone else.

There's nothing BYU can do to mitigate that hatred, so all they can do is have broad shoulders and ignore the vitriol.

Danbury, CT

I think for the most part, BYU grads and fans are unassuming sorts who just cheer for their team, which they have a right to do. I just think everyone needs to mind their own business (e.g. cheer for whomever they want) and stop worrying about what fans of other institutions are doing. In the end, sports is just sports and at best a diversion from much more important things. I get tired of the hate and vitriol over something that doesn't amount to a hill of beans.

There's a lot of work to be done to improve society. Rather than taking the time to make a clever post about someone else's team, channel that energy into something productive.

In the meantime, I think we could all do more to befriend people outside our circles. Start by finding the positive and what we have in common and stop trashing everyone who doesn't think like you.

Danbury, CT

I would caution the BYU-hating Utes here that the prejudice being discussed is directed towards ALL Mormons and not just BYU fans and grads. In that sense, we are all in this together...

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


No, it's directed at Y students. I'm a Mormon who was never hated for my religion. Not before college, not during college, and not afterward.

I find it laughable whenever Y fans arrogantly assume they're not wanted because they might be too good. You have a losing record vs. BCS schools in the BCS era. You're not that good. Furthermore, if weak teams outside of the Big 12's footprint were what the Big 12 coveted the most, they'd be falling all over themselves to grab New Mexico, Colorado St, La. Tech, or Southern Mississippi. But they weren't. They were poking around TCU, West Virginia, and Louisville for membership instead.

Elk Grove/U.S.A., 00

There are definitely benefits to belonging to a good conference from a scheduling and financial perspective. However, independence is not a bad gig. Being part of a conference is like belonging to a welfare state. Everyone gets an equal piece of the pie whether they produce or not. Considering that BYU is affiliated with the LDS Church independence works well in two areas. First, it's an example of self reliance, which the LDS Church preaches. Second, it gives BYU and the LDS Church the national exposure it wants for proselytizing reasons. BYU has a different mission from other universities and I support it.

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU fans think that the Big 12 would be perfect for them because
A) They didn't get picked by the PAC 12
B) The Big 12 is the next nearest BCS conference.

The failing of BYU fans is they think only about themselves. They never consider the question "Is BYU perfect for the Big 12" with rational thought. When the Big 12 finds better candidates (such as TCU), the faithful immediately play the "they hate us" card, just as part 4 of this series sadly did.

The perfect conference for BYU is the MWC. The perfect BCS conference for BYU is the PAC 12. Tom Holmoe and fans would be better served making themselves attractive to the PAC 12, and forget the Big 12. "But they hate us", they'll say. No. The common thread in rejection by the PAC 12, Big 12, and Big East is television rights. You can hide behind the mask of Sunday play, but its the almighty television dollar that drives you.

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