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Published: Thursday, Feb. 21 2013 11:55 a.m. MST

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Danbury, CT

@Chris B.

Read my post. There was no "Sports on Sunday" in Moses' day, or Jesus' day for that matter. We take "day of rest" to mean we don't do the same things on Sunday that we do the other 6 days. I hope you will allow us to practice our religion this way and hope others will respect you for how you do it. I have many good friends who are Catholic.

Not too long ago, most people of faith in the US and Europe didn't play sports on Sunday. People spent their time with their families and went to church. Europeans still keep their shops (mostly) closed on Sunday.

Most sports are a business and as all businesses have done, they've extended their business hours over a day (Sunday) that used to be "family time". Sunday has become like all other days mainly for money. Sure we can take our kids to a ball game or movie, but I think that quality time is found doing things with more interaction like visiting 1:1, playing board games or cards, taking a walk together, etc. And...I personally need a break from the week.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Very poor reasoning. God doesn't say it's ok to eat on sabbath. He doesn't say it's ok to breathe on the sabbath. He doesn't say it's ok to talk on the sabbath. We all agree god doesn't have to say its ok to eat breathe or talk on the sabbath for those to be ok. You guys are the ones claiming sports aren't ok. You are the one who drew the line making talking and breathing ok but sports not ok.

Again, why do you get to draw the line? Or if its god drawing the line, where does he say sports are bad but eating and breathing are ok? Please let's have a logical conversation here.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

East coast,

Forgive me for pointing out your inconsistencies. You say you take day of rest to mean you don't do things on Sunday you do other days but that's not true. You eat Sundays? You walk Sundays? You talk on the phone? But you do those thing other days? I am simply asking why you byu fans can tell me I am wrong in saying sports are ok?

It is you byu fans who jumped on me saying I was wrong that god is ok with Sunday sports.

I never said I command you to watch sports Sundays. So please stop with the "please let us practice out religion". You guys are the ones attempting to change my behavior. Never once in my posts have I told you you have to watch sports.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I am fine if you people disagree, but is it too much to ask for logical responses?

Who gets to say what is ok and what is not ok?

AND(This is the part you guys aren't being logical with)

Where does it say that eating, walking, breathing, talking on phone, board games, checking email, sleeping, watching tv, combing your hair, driving your car, using electricity, are ok but watching sports isn't?

It's you guys telling me its wrong. Never have I said you have to do it, so drop the victim card like I am not allowing you to follow your religion.

Wellsville, UT

@ Chris B

A BYU article and you have commented 10 times so far. Do you have a need to be the center of attention. I believe many others like me would like to read comments from others instead of you. After the first couple of posts you have provided nothing new.

very concerned
Sandy, UT

Why does it matter to it's detractors what BYU does or doesn't do? For one, though BYU isn't perfect, it does have somewhat different priorities than a lot of schools. I personally believe the church leaders would shut down any of its programs if they felt they were forced into a situation against those priorities. BYU is OWNED by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. When it comes to asking who says it's wrong to play on Sunday, it comes down to believing in a Prophet who speaks for God. You may not believe that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet. But please accept that he is the head of the church that owns the school. He and the others on the board of directors have the prerogative to determine policy for BYU. So far it has worked out for BYU to follow its board of directors. What's to criticize? I believe it's trying to follow its conscience, trying not to hurt anyone. Other schools are free to participate as they wish. I believe BYU will succeed in its teaching mission to the degree it follows it's board.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Forgive me for sticking up for myself after everyone attacks me for my beliefs. It is my belief god is fine with Sunday sports. If you say I am wrong, please be willing to have a logical discussion of why I am wrong

Blackshear, GA

As much as I hate to admit it, Sunday has to mean a huge viewing audience and advertising dollar day for the networks. I expect they would exert all the pressure and influence they can to keep Sunday play in the works, and non-Sunday playing teams out. Also, judging from BYU's past few seasons, the viewing audience for their games is likely to be slim, until they have better stats, and that's not a draw for the other teams to want them in the mix. I think they would see it as a loss of revenue from any standpoint.

We just have to do better as a team to have clout in negotiating inclusion. We have to represent an increase in revenue to other Big 12 teams as well as to the networks.

Idaho Falls, ID

Who cares. I've grown ambivalent about BYU and the Big-12-2.

Lindon, UT

@Lone Star, I like your explanation. Here's my 2 cents: BYU doesn't seem to care about recruiting, exposure, etc, etc. They are simply not going to consider things like every other schools chooses to consider them. And if it works for them, then good for them. Why everyone needs to speculate or have an opinion about all of this "independent vs conference" debate is beyond me. In the final analysis, it's just a game, and each school is capable of making their own decisions about it.

Funny though, how so many of the discussion head straight back to religion. The article simply states that BYU will never play Sunday games. Pretty simple really, and again, their choice...

Lincoln City, OR


I believe the school thinks exactly like you do on this topic and that is why BYU will never play on the big stage... And because we never will play on the big stage we will continue to see a deterioration of our Recruiting Capability, and the fans will continue to see teams like Idaho, New Mexico State, Eastern Washington, Weber State and Idaho State as their only home games in November...

That's why players won't be able to play for Conference Championships or all conference selection... In short, that is why BYU will never be able to ling to its glory days in Sports... BYU needs an AD that can push BYU, that has National Credibility with other Universities... But most of all, BYU needs an AD that has the ability to persuade the minds of the Brethern who sit on the Board of Trustees... BYU needs to understand that there is really only one sacred cow in Negotiations and that is "No Sunday Play"... Everything else can be negotiated and adjusted to gain Super Conference Membership.

Crestucky, FL

One very powerful precedent for the Big 12 to recognize more fully is how very well BYU's non-Sunday play fits perfectly well with repeated participation in the NCAA basketball, March madness! It's a non-issue. Plus they see from sports TV leaders, ESPN that BYU brings a huge attraction and appeal to national sports television and revenue! The Big 12 with BYU would be the most successful conference acquisition to date nationally. Only ND would create a bigger media explosion. Undoubtedly, a win-win when - not if-the Big-12 and BYU finally partner up. I'm truly looking forward to it and the Big-12's national prominence!


Football is not an issue. Even when New Years was on Sunday there were no college games.

Other sports is not an issue with some conferences like the MWC and PCC with no Sunday play.

The NBA makes exceptions for Sunday home games for Utah, Dallas, and Charlotte.

Any college conference can make conditions for a religious school. If TV is so big on Sunday, which it is not in college, than give the Sunday money to those that play Sunday. You won't get an argument from the other schools unless the money really isn't there.

Meadow Lark Mark

Chris B. Why is it so important for you to express your views here? If "we" are so illogical then why even bother to put up with us when we "attack" you?

very concerned
Sandy, UT

@Chris B.

I guess what I would say is; you are right, there is no specific place in the Bible that prohibits going to sporting events on Sundays. The principles and doctrines regarding Sunday observance are there in abundance, but the specifics of sporting events aren't. But as far as who gets to say it's wrong, it would be the prophet. HE gets to speak for the Lord. Modern revelation allows for many clarifications of different commandments.

Now I would guess you do not believe Thomas S. Monson is a prophet. I accept that. If that is the case, I understand your questioning. For those of us who do believe he is, we are duty-bound to follow him. It's a spiritual thing that can't be described in scientific black and white but is based on a testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Just my opinion.

(see Doctrine and Covenants 1:38 *. . . my word shall not pass away, but shall all be fulfilled, whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same.*)

Apo, AP

@Chris B.

No need to take this personal. When BYU says that it will not play sports on Sunday, you are free to disagree and you don't have to take it personally. BYU is NOT trying to stop the Big 12 from playing on Sundays, they are NOT trying to stop the U, or the Jazz or even its graduates from playing on Sundays.

BYU is trying to represent the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Church's values and teachings, and its prophet.

You can mock them for doing so if you choose, but it won't look good on you.

So, don't get hung up on this if you're not LDS. Move on with your life and your beliefs.

I'd like to see BYU join the Big 12, however, the grass isn't necessarily greener on the other side.

Generally, when it comes to sports, it's the winning teams who get the press. Sure you'll get more if you do it in a big conference, but it's winning that builds teams and legacies, not affiliations.

Interesting article, thanks!

Omaha, NE

"Where did God say sports are bad on Sundays?"

See very concerned's comments.
Below is a quote from a prophet named Spencer W. Kimball from the 70's who gave a talk entitled, "We Need a Listening Ear."
"Brethren and sisters, once again I call to our attention the fourth commandment given by the Lord to Moses on Mount Sinai: “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy” (Ex. 20:8). Let us observe it strictly in our homes and in our families. Let us refrain from all unnecessary labors. Sunday is not a day for hunting or fishing, nor for swimming, picnicking, boating, or engaging in any other sports."

It doesn't get any clearer than that.

I could give you 5 other direct quotes from prophets. LDS people believe in prophets, and this is as direct of council as it comes.

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

Its clear that college sports and pro sports are a business. If the teams hold their games on Sundays, tons of workers have to work on that day - concession workers, clean-up workers, the paid coaches, the paid trainers, etc. For the TV games, add in all of the workers who help create the TV broadcast. By going to the stadium or watching on TV you are helping cause all of those people to work on Sunday which interferes with their chance to commune with God and focus on God for that day. The scriptures (including the Bible) say don't even let your servant do the work on Sunday. By giving the schools or the TV people our attention and/or money for the day they become our "servants" so to speak so even if a fan is not working by going to the stadium he is causing a lot of other people to have to work on Sunday by going to the stadium or watching on TV.

@Chris B. - Do you believe that it is a clear Biblical principal for Sunday not to be a day of business?


"Therefore, they are set.
BYU's access to the playoff is as good as anyone elses.
The BCS is dead."

Bluto, I agreed with most of your post however you're dead wrong here. BYU is not in one of the five conferences controlling this new playoff therefore they would not be selected for a playoff position under any circumstance. They could go (12-0) beating No.'s 2-13 and it wouldn't matter one bit because their invitation would cut one of the five conferences out of additional revenue.

Cedar Hills, UT

BYU should not and will not ever play on Sunday. Having said that I have seen plenty of LDS people at Disneyland on Sunday - including myself - but the BIG 12 issue is an image thing that reflects poorly on the Church as a whole so Sunday football is out.

Secondly BYU is in a world of hurt with football going forward. Independence makes it all but impossible to attract any decent teams to Provo and I can see recruiting drying up in the next few years for the Y simply because the good players want to be in a BCS conference. It may end up being that BYU drops football within 10 years. Times are changing.

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