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Published: Thursday, Feb. 21 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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John Jackson
Sandy, UT

Impeachment would be good, as it carries with it a finding of facts. We as the public are normal to be "rushing to judgment," and doing so is not wrong of us. What is wrong is that no body -- whether it be a formal court or the Legislature carrying out an impeachment -- has yet rendered a finding of the facts. It would be good if our system was such that some legal or government body did make a quick decision on the facts, in step with the public's rush to judgment. Injustice is not in being tried and condemned. Injustice is being condemned without being tried. The public has condemned Swallow, yet not one justice-rendering body has yet acted. The Sixth Amendment calls for the accused to enjoy a speedy and public trial. Why should not such a principle be guiding us in the Swallow case? I do not say, Let the courts (including a legislative impeachment body) take their course. I say, Let them take their course in the quick and public fashion the Sixth requires of them.

Ogden, UT

It is difficult to admit that the political candidate you supported has behaved so badly that they deserve immediate removal from office. Swallow supporters are tolerating a level of unethical conduct that they would use to absolutely crucify a political figure they opposed.

Swallow needs to resign. The ongoing investigation will reveal whether he needs legal punishment as well.

Sandy, UT

Amen and amen.

Sandy, UT

It is time for Swallow to go. The success of our country.has been due in large part to the relative lack of corruption. The American people are already having to deal with a Federal government that is increasingly corrupt. Let's not let our Utah's government start resembling that of Chicago or New York. We need a zero tolerance policy for corruption - Republican or Democrat.

Pleasant grove, UT

Well said. As soon as the legislative session is over, the legislature needs to move forward with impeachment.

Millcreek, UT

I agree, the attorney general for the state of Utah should have a better reputation than Swallow has. It is time for him to just step aside and hopefully we will end up with someone I and other Utahns feel like we can trust. Stepping down would be the honorable thing to do, and now would be a good time for Swallow to show some honor. Best of luck John.

omni scent
taylorsville, UT

Wow! I'm shocked to say this, but I fully agree with Dan Liljenquist!

Farmington, UT

I have to admit I didn't vote for Mr. Swallow. Now I believe that may have been a good decision on my part.

Max G.
Salt Lake City, UT

The article doesn't make it clear but impeachment is simply the opening of legal proceedings. It doesn't mean that the accused has been found guilty. The person is first impeached, then a trial is held, and then, if found guilty, removed from office.




I completely agree, Swallow should resign and stop embarrassing the people of Utah and his family with his lies. He should never have been elected but now that he is the mistake needs to be corrected.
I also believe Shurtleff needs to be investigated, it seems obvious he is also involved in the Swallow mess and needs to be held accountable for hushing it up.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mr. Liljenquist makes some very good points. I think Mr. Swallow should resign, but not because he has done something wrong. The jury is still out on that. He should resign because this cloud of suspicion - caused largely by Mr. Swallow's actions, which are well-documented - makes it difficult for him to do his job as the state's highest law enforcement officer.

The down-side on any call for resignation is that it might serve as an invitation to opponents of every office holder to make unfounded attacks. There is a fine line to draw when it comes to a call for a politician's resignation, but I do believe the undisputed facts about Mr. Swallow have crossed that line.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I agree with Dan. I know school teachers and police officers who were immediately fired for lesser offenses than what John Swallow has already acknowledged. I understand that John is an elected official and personally believe he should be allowed to present his case in an impeachment hearing rather than simply being pressured to resign. So far the only attempt at accountability John Swallow has made was to request a federal investigation of the charges - but only when he knew full well such an investigation was already going on. As a College Professor I have been told repeatedly that I have a position of trust and will be held to a higher standard than others in society. I accepted that when I accepted the job. Its time for John Swallow to accept it as well.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

For the first time in my life, and likely the last, I agree with Dan Liljenquist. He makes a very strong argument for Swallow's resignation. I hope Mr. Swallow and our legislators read his article.

South Jordan, UT

So is Dan itching to take the position? He jumped on the hate bandwagon with hopes of having someone in Utah remember him? I admit that it is easy to remember that Dan was absent from his duties most of the time he was in office. He collected money for a job he was not doing. I am sure that Disney cruise was nice, but it seems like the pot is calling the kettle black.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Exercising bad judgment is what happens when you don't have a body of values and ethics that you obey. Living a set of values and ethics keeps you from doing things that seemed like good ideas at the time but in retrospect were really dumb.

john mclane
Salt Lake City, UT

Utahns had a chance to elect an excellent Attorney General, one who was named Utah’s 2011 County Attorney of the Year and the 2010 Utah Gang Investigator Association's Prosecutor of the Year while working as lead prosecutor for Weber County. His name was Dee Smith. Unfortunately, Dee Smith was not one of the "Good Ole Boys" from the Republican Party. Utahns got what they deserve for reflexively voting for anyone with the magic "R" next to their names on the ballot.

Ogden, UT

"Our system of government depends upon the fair and impartial application of the law."

That is really funny! Just the oposite is true. Our, one Party rules, system runs on partiality. We don't have a true debate on anything in this State. We don't have benevolent leaders, at least we haven't for a long time. We have a governemnt controlled by some powerful special interest groups. That much is plain and simple!

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

I voted for Swallow but how about we just give the office to the Dem contender?

USS Enterprise, UT

These comments are interesting, but so far nothing concrete has surfaced. If he intentionally witheld information regarding the use of the houseboat, is that sufficient for impeachment or resigning?

Why is it that he is presumed guilty until proven innocent?

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