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Understanding panic disorder, agoraphobia and OCD

Published: Wednesday, Feb. 20 2013 10:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Enjoyed reading the article and the many comments. Until mental illness affects yourself, or someone very close to you, it is very hard to fully understand this illness. I don't know what it is...but mental illness seems to be so common anymore! Is it increasing, or is it just our awareness? I really find mental illness in the workforce to be increasing more all the time. What I use to not be able to understand (in the behavior of a business colleague or peer) seems to have a basis in mental illness. I am now educated such that I can provide empathy and help versus scorn and confusion. Best to everybody!

Heber, UT

It is TRUE! King David said: I was wonderfully created. The Autonomic Nervous System is a perfect creation of our Lord. The Sympathetic response as you mentioned will get you out of danger. it's a protection. This system doesn't stop to decide. it acts. It's created ONLY to be used in times of Real Danger. If you overuse it by pwaking up every day feeling Fear and depression. Your unconcious mind takes over your concious mind. Causing neurons to be blocked. This system gets exhausted. Deploys your organs of minerals and vitamins,etc. Voila! Mental illness. Sickness. how to stop it! Bless the Lord, ....who healeth All thy Diseases. Psalms. The Parasympathetic is the REPAIRING system. This one will be activated as the sympathetic receives the signal: Jesus heals me. Would you take your mercedes benz to any technician around the corner? Jesus disigned your body. This is Real escience not philosophy. Learn techniques of how to breath, eat healthy fresh food, walk, sleep, drink water, FEEL Peace, Love, Happyness, but most of all FORGIVENESS!!!. Believe ye that I am able to do this? -Jesus-

utah/florida, UT

I hear LDS members talk about loving and accepting those with mental illness all the time. I don't find that happening. Members of my ward avoid me. I look normal, try my best to fit in.. yet my heart is heavy with the extreme sadness of depression, OCD and panic disorder like the author...although I have a few more issues. I go through periods of having to be relieved of doing my visiting teaching as I can't face visiting anyone. I've had to ask to be released from church callings while I dealt with my issues then reassigned when I could cope again. I do my best but I feel judged and ignored. My home teachers are non-existent. No one seems to want to visit me. Few talk to me at church. I see that look in their eyes of those I try to speak to look around for an escape. My heart breaks week after week when no one sits by me and I feel alone yet am surrounded by members. Members: practice what you preach. Your words say one thing while you say another. It hurts.

utah cornhusker

i felt compelled to post even though this article was posted a few days ago. My home teachers and the last two bishops I have had have been very caring and loving. My vt come each month and are so loving towards me. I think because of the intensity of depression and panic attacks can be hard for people even ward members to understand. My husband even though he loves me immensely cant comprehend what it is like. I wish insurance companies were better at paying for services. I have to meet a 500.00 deductible before they would even cover it at 80/20. Its almost like you are penalized for needing these services.

Riverside, CA

Amen!!!! Lasvegaspam! The stigma makes it so much worse!

Shrewsbury (UK), 00

I suffer with OCD intrusive thoughts which affect me on a daily basis. My fears are harming the people I love or harming myself. I also have a fear of not being real and that this life is just a dream. I also struggle to believe in things I don't understand and sometimes even doubt my own existence, which I know sounds crazy. Most of this stems down from having a bad experience with a cocktail of medications that was initially prescribed to help me with mild anxiety which was affecting my sleep. Thanks to a sertraline etc I went 3 days with no sleep and then ended up hallucinating and believing I was dieing. The Paramedics that responded to me asked me if I was going to harm myself or my family! From that point on these have been my OCD intrusive thoughts. The story about Abraham and Isaac in the Bible also set my OCD into overdrive when it was mentioned in Sunday School one Sunday. I live every day at a time at the moment and feel totally alone, even though I have a Wife and children. I think I'm going mad!

Tooele, UT

Bro. Wells:

I'm very late to the conversation, and this is a stolen moment: I'm posting from work, but not to worry, this won't detract in any way from my current duties. I don't have time to read all of the comments, so if this already has been covered, forgive me. With respect to temple worship, could you do a single initiatory, perhaps in a place that's outside the booths that normally are dedicated to that purpose? Whatever the case, I'm sure that the temple presidency and workers at the temple in whose district you reside would be very sensitive to your situation.

I can't imagine what your particular set of challenges is like, but I wish you well.


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