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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 19 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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City, Ut

I'm in the camp that does not like exercise--and for just one reason: Its called BOREDOM!!

People who can go to the gym every day, or who can run every day get something out of it the other half of us don't. I can exercise hard. I have exercised hard a lot. I'm happy for about 10 or 15 minutes. Then the brain-numbing starts to set in....

It is not about being lazy or tired or unmotivated or sweat or work. Its just I have NEVER had the 'endorphin high' I have been promised happens. SO doesn't for me. The most I have ever felt is glad I did it because I was supposed to-and glad it was over-and that I didn't have to have guilt for that day for not doing it.

And it is not a little rather-be-doing-something else feelings, like everybody does in many situations. It is complete brain-cell killing BOREDOM.

Oh,and DREAD that I have to face that SAME BOREDOM all again tomorrow.

Taylorsville, UT

I think this country has this all backwards. People don't hate exercise, there just isn't any benefit in providing for their family or lifestyle. Saving energy to provide for the family is the animal instinct in all of us and exercise that doesn't provide food is not cost effective or beneficial.

We are hard wired to conserve energy, those who live and think energy is a must are the ones with the OCD (obsessive compulsory disorder), haven't realized they are wasting energy producing nothing. Humans will work and exercise to the level of need to provide with what ever occupation they have. A person wasting energy for needless exercise are not very good providers if they are too tired to help their family. I think a child would rather have their parents at home sharing communication and education with them than out chasing the wind.

Exercise is overrated when eating and food preparation and production are more valuable assets. Exercise has never proven to be any benefit to longevity or health and food has.

Conservation and eating unadulterated food is the name of the game.

Window Rock, AZ

excuses, excuses. When one looks at the body mechaniccs, it was built for running, not fast running. it is known that a human being can run for miles if performed at not such a fast pace. Thats how human hunters caugth their prey because they were able to out run them. their prey although faster and with faster acceleration tired out sooner and succombed to the human hunter. the tarahumra indians in mexico live by running; they are known throughout the world for long distance running, And, they don't fancy running shoes like we spoiled americans use. Before, native americans ran to hunt; this was before the horse was introduced to them. The Hopi Tribe in Arizona are known runners. I ran and was able to raise my family and go to school and work. Military personnel run and get the job done.

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