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Published: Monday, Feb. 18 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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The examples in this news story have just gone too far especially with children that young. Reminds me of when I got into serious trouble at the school as a school employee for having a Swiss Army Knife pocket knife attached to my key chain. Yup, it was the model with the fork and toothpick & I'd just gotten back from a camping trip as we are a camp happy family. Sometimes the schools really go overboard.
I also question the schools calling the police on these young people or having police officers in the schools. They never call Mom or Dad before arresting a child or teen (even in Utah) and the entire school sees the perpetrator walk of the police through the hallways. I just see more and more kids in Utah ending up in the juvenile justice system and a lot more drop outs. Just fewer kids to educate in our strapped state.

Park City, UT

RG- I know, I did too. The reason I played cowboys and indians was because I thought indians got a bad rap in movies so I was always the indian trying to get my friends who were cowboys. I loved playing cops because I wanted to be Starsky and Hutch. I really wanted the car!

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