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Published: Sunday, Feb. 17 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Tokyo, Japan


interesting input on Big Al...yes he has a lot of post moves...and is a great post player offensively...but...if you have been watching...its the last 3 -5 secs of the clock that Jefferson usually gives the ball up...he is consistently a black hole on offense...and a marginal defensive player...i would trade him in a heartbeat if it were up to me...he is simply not a franchise player...

South Jordan, UT

Kakashi: I guess we aren't watching the same game. Jefferson has proven himself a willing pupil. In some ways, he has completely remade himself as a player with the Jazz. And passing out of the post is a prime example.

1) He passes to a wing who moves the ball around the perimeter to the opposite side of the court. Jazz end up with a clean 3-pt attempt. No assist but he triggered it.
2) He passes out of a double team, repositions, and gets the ball back. Usually, he ends up with a good shot. No assist but he triggered it.
3) His assists are up almost 50% with interior passes to Millsap, Favors, or a teammate diving to the hoop.

The great thing is he can still score against a double or triple team late in the shot clock. The Jazz have no other go-to guy.

His defense is dramatically improved against the pick and roll. He was awful when he arrived. Now he is credible. He gets more deflections than before. He's not perfect but he's not awful.

The real proof is that about 26 teams would love to have him.

Holladay, UT

As the celtics and spurs and portland and other great teams, past and now, have proven you can find very good point guards mid to late in first round.

There is no need to waste trading for a point guard especially one that can't consistantly shoot the three.

The humphries trade woould be much better deal,

Sloan under-utilized and never developed Humphries, he has shown in NJ that he is good pf.

But if the jazz are serious about winning a championship you need great players in the SG and C positions, even a great small forward would help.

Since they are incapable of trading for those kind of players like the lakers, celtics and other champioship teams can, they need draft picks.

Trades for picks make much better sense.

louisiana jazz man
Dubach, LA

millsap turned down the extition because the new cba only allows extition's for three years he can sign 4 or 5 years when his contract is up. that is probly why al hasent signed a extition . both will probley be signing there last big contract. so they probley would like it to be as long as they can get. millsap has said he likes it in utah and would like to stay. big al has said all along he loves boston and still has a house there. if utah dosen't trade him i have a preety good idea where he will be next year. and i have a preety good idea were the jazz will be no jefferson no millsap. kanter and favors and who ever they can over pay to intice to come to utah to back up favors and kanter. who ever that would be wont be as good as al and millsap or other teams will try and get them. if they are as good they will cost the same. so as they say the future is really looking bright for the jazz. favors and bledsoe will have to play there butts off with no backups.

Tokyo, Japan


i have been watching all the games of the Jazz this year...and i really dont see much improvement to be honest...he doesnt kick out the ball quick enough...he would still try to shoot it with two defenders in the post...he would still try to do his moves...and would kick it out as a last option...and...if you said the 26 teams would love to have him?...well...in my opinion...i would let them have him...for me...He isnt a go to guy late in a quarter...he isnt a franchise player for me...a second or third option...maybe...but a franchise player he is not...time and time again...with Jefferson in game...the ball rotation...is extremely predictable...his defense is shot..opposing teams love running the pick and roll against him...and if he is your cornerstone then good luck with that...i think there are other players better at him at his position....and i can only say that he is a temporary fix...a different coach may change it...but right now...the offense is predictable with him...and that is counter productive...

Tokyo, Japan


i understand that sloan doesnt really develop players that well...but i wouldn't touch humphries...but i do like the draft picks...also...that is what's lacking today...since the main objective of management and owners is continuity...not really a championship...so we could not develop the young guys...because the staff isnt proven in brining out the best of a young guy...if you would notice...the starters are still the vets...even if they are overrated...


just to add...i am not saying...that AL Jefferson..is a bad player...its just that...in my opinion...he isnt a franchise player...and more often than not...he is a blackhole in the offense...and a defensive liability....its just recently that big Al picked up his game...but overall...i dont want him signing a huge contract for long term...he is just a 2nd or third option at best for me...heck even the wolves gave him for cheap...

Palmetto Bug
Columbia, SC

My ideal trade…

Jazz get: Pau Gasol, Eric Bledsoe, Ronny Turiaf
Lakers get: Paul Millsap, Lamar Odom, Raja Bell, and Grant Hill
Clippers get: Al Jefferson (and probably Jamaal Tinsley or Earl Watson)

The primary pieces are Gasol, Bledsoe, Milsap, and Jefferson. The other pieces are to make salary caps work.

Jazz get a franchise center who can lead/mentor the team for two years and a young prospect, Lakers get a perfect complement to Howard and some veteran players, Clippers get the crunch time post player that could put them over the top while only giving up bench players. Through around some draft picks and everyone wins.

Provo, UT

@ no comment

If you have ever seen Bledsoe play, I would not read too far into those numbers. He gets limited minutes because of Chris Paul. When he does step onto the court, he makes things happen. More consistent minutes will likely mean more consistent numbers.

You never know how a player will turn out, but the Jazz need a long term point guard and I don't see a lot of options out there. I think Bledsoe will turn out to be a good player.

John Wicks
Salt Lake City, UT

Lindsey won't do anything. He is the worst GM since Tim Howells. I'd trade Lindsey to the Celtics for Ainge.

Little Andy
Tremonton, UT

You heard it here today. No trades. Sorry folks..


Millsap hasn't lost his mojo, he is sharing the paint with a guy that needs tons of room to work, forcing Paul's game outside. The games that Boozer and then Jefferson both missed over the years gave Sap the chance to prove he is a 20/ten player, with better defesive skills than Jefferson. I hate to see Sap go, but this trade would help both teams.

no comment
New Orleans, LA

Why is everyone so excited to dump Millsap for another mediocre point guard? Do you really think that this will help the Jazz?

Bledsoe has career averages of 43% shooting, 30% behind the arc, and a 3.3 to 2.0 assist to TO ratio. For perspective, Earl Watson averages 41% shooting, 33% behind the arc, and 5.3 to 1.8 assist to TO ratio. He is the typical looks-good but plays-bad trade disaster du jour.

Bledsoe doesn't pass well enough to beat out Tinsley, but he might give Watson some competition for third string.

South Jordan, UT

Wiks/Andy: No informed fan wants to trade just for the sake of trading. The Jazz only make trades designed to improve the team. Their reputation of usually getting the advantage in trades has created wary trade partners. Trading is harder for the Jazz since they won't take bad contracts and won't give away something for nothing.

For weeks, Jazz fans have proposed the dumbest trades. I've lived in Lakerland and Sonic Country. Jazz fans are the most emotional, least intelligent, and most ungrateful.

If the Jazz get Bledsoe, Jazz fans will be complaining before the playoffs are over. But the benefits of the trade won't be fully realized for 2-3 years. It's a trade for the future just like the D-Will trade. Losing either Millsap or Jefferson will hurt the Jazz this year. The trade assures an early playoff exit. But it promises deeper runs down the road.

Some fans don't like the Jazz front office; that's their privilege. But the rest of the league has great respect for the Jazz organization. That speaks more loudly than the barking of the local dogs.

South Jordan, UT

No Comment: If you're going to rely on stats for your argument, you only display your ignorance.

Earl Watson leads the league in Assist Ratio (percent of possession that result in an assist) at 50.1. Jamal Tinsley is tie for second with Chris Duhon at 44.7. Chris Paul is 8th at 37.4. Which would you rather have?

Chris Wilcox leads the league in True Shooting Percentage at .712. Kevin Durrant is fifth at .657. LeBron is tenth (directly behind Nick Collison and Tiago Splitter) at .638. Which would you rather have?

Al Jefferson is 12th in the league in Value Added at 12th in Estimated Wins added (9.1) (directly ahead of Tim Duncan in both categories). By the way, Millsap is 21st (7.5). They are both tremendous assets to the Jazz.

You can make stats say anything you want. Bledsoe is a tremendous athlete and tenacious defender. He is often compared to Westbrook around the league. Everybody in the league and the media are high on him. Stack your opinion against everything else and, well, you're worth no more of my attention.

Ivins, UT

I'm pretty sure the DN comment board police have me on a shorter leach than the rest of you. If I ever called someone ignorant in my comments they get rejected right away. Come on Deseret News, let me have the same freedom everyone else gets and allow me to also "call them as I see them" sometimes.:)

Tokyo, Japan

let's face it...with the coaching staff that we have...we are an average team...that is one and done in the playoffs...we have depth and talent...and they cant use it efficiently...read the interview of Mccallum with Phil Jackson...Jackson mentioned why popovich is winning even without duncan playing...and how predictable the offense was before popovich changed it during their championship run...Jackson said...the spurs has a lot of scoring options...they dont just dump it on duncan...they had a lot of options and would give you different looks each time...and that's what we lack...with our ultra predictable offense...i even call the play while im half-asleep looking away from the TV...i'd say to my kid brother...PG dish to wing...wing pass to jefferson...wing will cut...getting Al a somewhat iso on the post...where he will try to put up a shot...if it fails...kicks out to PG...that happens 90% of the time....i missed the days where we have loads of screens and passes and working the pick and roll to perfection...

South Jordan, UT

Kakashi: Yeah, I know what you mean. It reminds me alot of the Stockton/Malone days and those were just awful. (Hopefully you caught my sarcasm)

Tokyo, Japan

on the bright side...lets face it...we no longer have a has been john starks...Danny Manning...tom gugliota and Donyell Marshall...let's just hope it doesnt happen again...

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