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Published: Sunday, Feb. 17 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Orem, Utah

Good idea. Having both Eric Bledsoe & Mo Williams should give no let-down at PG during a game. Mo has 7 years on Eric, so could basically mentor him as his replacement. Remember that it took revered Stockton til his 4th year to become the starter over Green.

I like Watson & Tinsley as backups when there's no other option, and would see keeping one of them as the 3rd PG. They're just not starters that can win games against any competition all year long, even though they're doing nicely so far this year. But they're not as impactive as Eric & Mo. And, you DO need depth at that position.

I think Millsap has lost his mojo. So wouldn't feel that bad about seeing him go, especially for a young trey-shooting PG.

Burley, ID

I'm certain the Jazz would likely want to make the trade. But for the Clippers, it's a bit of a risk. Why? Because there is no guarantee that Paul will want to re-sign with them after his contract ends. The downside is that Paul walks after his contract ends, and they lose a young, athletic point guard in the process.

I hate the thought of losing Millsap, but the chances are pretty high the Jazz are going to lose him any way. His agent is going to be demanding big money for his next contract ... way too much, in my opinion, for the Jazz to stomach.

If the Clippers are willing, I say the Jazz should pull the trigger on the trade.

Ogden, UT

It seems like Mo has hardly played this season with the thumb injury. Bledsoe seems like a good addition, but Millsap is a sentimental favorite of so many Jazz fans. That being said, I think Millsap has one foot out the door. Millsap has recovered from his slump and is playing harder, but either he or Al need to move aside for Favors and Kanter to get more playing time. Al doesn't seem a likely trade option, Paul might be the next best option.

This all being said, it seems rare that when the Jazz do trade someone, you don't hear about it until it happens for sure, i.e. D-will.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

Make it happen!

Tokyo, Japan

i would like this trade...only if there is another team involved...so that the salaries would match...because i dont want us to get salaries of players that we really dont intend to have in the future...probably like Matt Barnes...bledsoe would give us an athletic PG...but im not sure about his treys though...and i am also not sure if he is a pass first PG...or a westbrook type PG...but i am high on him...ever since last year...i've been wanting the jazz to trade CJ for him...lol...i think another team needs to be involved...and we need to get another young player to complement our core of Kanter Favors and Hayward...if this happens..i am hoping that Favors and Kanter would get huge minutes to develop...and by next year...play as starters...i would probably make a move on Sacramento..Orlando or Milwaukee...and trade big al to them...for either Thomas Robinson...Nikola Vucevic and/or John Henson...for Possible backups to our bigs...+ their 1st round picks...this would force Corbin to play our core

West Jordan, Utah

With Bledsoe's contract salary and years remaining, it makes sense to trade Millsap if the Clippers feel strongly that they can get Millsap to resign (and at a price they feel worth it).

Yes it would be tough to say goodbye to Millsap. But with eight free agents and possible new contracts in need of a raise against the salary cap, the Jazz would be well served to get Bledsoe.

I don't know if Mo Willimas comes back. His contract is also up and this is the second time he has hurt his thumb severely in the last few years. Maybe that drives down his value, and the Jazz could afford both PGs (Bledsoe & Williams) who can play combo guard minutes. That said the Jazz have Burks and Hayward who are under contract as well. So eight free agents is tough, but so are the contracts left at crucial positions to consider relative to the Jazz having so much untapped young potential type talent.

The Jazz need to sign the right guys, let the right guys go, replace them. Develop who they have, trade well, and draft well in this small market. Welcome to the NBA.

Tokyo, Japan


i agree with you with Millsap losing some of his mojo...he still plays hard...but there are times where in..his play is sub par to the millsap we know...especially if he doesnt get involve much in the offense...Eric Bledsoe may be the PG of the future we are waiting for...now the jazz needs to unload the blackhole on offense which is Al Jefferson...so we could go back to an offense where there are a lot of screens and passes...to open up guys...and i hope they change the coach as well...Nate Mcmillan is available...Alvin Gentry...i think we need someone like Vogel to lead the team...we need someone young ambitious but with coaching talent and direction...for us to go back to being contenders...not pretenders

Temecula, CA

The Clipper announcers like Bledsoe a lot. I'm guessing he would be playing more minutes than Mo Williams if both had still been with the team and the Clippers had not picked up Chris Paul. I think that Paul Millsap needs to be moved this year, but I will sure miss him as a fan. A trade for a point guard this year makes good sense since the Golden State pick that the Jazz will get in the upcoming draft might not be better than number 18-20 and the Jazz might not be considering Burks as a long-term PG.

Baton Rouge, LA

They should do this trade.

Clippers Receives: Paul Millsap, Ronnie Price + Portland's 2 Second Round Picks + Cash

Trail Blazers Receives: Caron Butler, Alec Burks + Jazz's First Round Pick (Via Golden State, top 6 protected)

Jazz Receives: Wesley Matthews, Eric Bledsoe

Ivins, UT

This makes more sense than trading Millsap for Humphries. I doubt the Clippers would have trouble resigning Millsap next year because everyone wants to play in L.A. anyway and he would probably rather really be there than stay in Utah truth be told. I would support this trade but I really doubt it will happen. It seems than whenever the Jazz make a trade it's never one that's being rumored and more often something unexpected.

idaho cougar fan
Twin Falls, ID

It would be hard to see Milsap in another uniform, but if they offer us Bledsoe they should take it. You can trade for Bledsoe and whoever has an expiring contract from LA. If they get it done, we have Bledsoe, Burks, Hayward, Favors and Kanter future starting 5. I like that!

South Jordan, UT

If this is serious, the Jazz must be livid that it leaked. The Jazz protect their players from rumors and a leak like this could even be a deal-breaker.

To make salaries match, the Clips will need to include Butler, Odom, or Jordan (who supposedly is at odds with Clippers management). I don't see Jordan unless the deal is for AJ instead of Millsap. If I were the Clippers, I'd want to unload Odom because of age and energy but they are apparently pleased with his recent performance improvements. It looks like Butler.

Jazz may be able to throw in someone so their roster stays at 15. Bell would be ideal but it could be any of the low paid players (Murphy, Evans, Tinsley, Watson).

If Millsap goes, I think it says the Jazz want to retain AJ. That's smart. Favors is ready for prime time. Kanter isn't. More than that, AJ has been the best thing to happen to Favors, Kanter, and even Millsap. All three have dramatically improved footwork and ball fakes which apparently comes directly from AJ working with them in practice. Game experience doesn't provide what good practice time can provide.

South Jordan, UT

With this trade, the Jazz might have too many riches except, ironically, at the bigs. Here is a potential rotation:

3-4 man guard rotation: Bledsoe, Foye, Burks (Mo would be in rotation when he returns from injury making it a four man rotation for two guard slots. All four can play either guard position)

Guard bench: Tinsley, Watson, Murphy

2 man SF rotation: Hayward and Butler

SF bench: Carroll and Marvin

3 man PF/C rotation: Jefferson, Favors, Kanter

PF bench: Evans

louisiana jazz man
Dubach, LA

1. i doubt they got there foot work watching al. they hired a coach to work with them on that he has been working with millsap for years. it must be working because you noticed. 2. i hope they do trade him you never know what you had untill it is gone. the only one on the jazz that comes close to millsap's effert is carrol. i guess you forget millsap two banged up knees hobbling up and down the court. other night finger knocked out put it back play on. any one else out for a week. gordon out what 9 games strained shoplder i imagine millsap's sholder get strained nightley. probly has lost a little mojo from playing hurt all the time. but he heard all the fans and blogers down on boz so he gutted it out probly damiging his knees would be my guess. never fear i imagine favors will pick up the slack.

South Jordan, UT

If the trade goes through (Millsap & Bell for Bledsoe & Butler), they Jazz still have six free agents at the end of the year. That's six open roster spots.

The six free agents are: Mo, Foye, Tinsley, Watson, Carroll, Jefferson

For their 4-6 players they need to get to a 13-15 man roster, I'd like to see:
- Resign Foye
- Resign Carroll
- Resign Jefferson

Now it becomes a little more dicey because there are options:
- Use at least one of their two first round draft choices on a PF/C (the other can be the best athlete available); or
- Trade both first round draft choices to move up and draft a PF/C; or
- Do a sign-and-trade for Mo combined with one or both first round draft choices (if that's legal with the complicated trading rules in the NBA) to move into a top-5 draft position

South Jordan, UT

Louisiana Man: If a coach has been working with Millsap for years, he didn't do much for him. Millsap has moves this year he never had before. My favorite is when he shows the ball and then runs right past the guy to the hoop. That ball-showing is vintage Jefferson. Favors offense is patented Jefferson with more power. Kanter already had good footwork but his spin moves definitely remind the observant fan of Jefferson.

I've heard Favors and Kanter would be better today if Jefferson and Millsap were gone so they could get the minutes. They would be on the floor but not learning how to play the post. The Jazz have no coach for post players and haven't had for years. Without Jefferson, these guys would be progressing like Fesenko (that is; not at all). The Jazz finally have a guy who know how to play the post and is willing to teach it to the young guys and people want him gone.

By the way, I'm a big fan of Millsap also. I'd love to keep both. But Bledsoe is worth parting with one of them.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'd prefer we keep Millsap and give them Big Al for Bledsoe.

South Jordan, UT

Carnack: I love Millsap but there are a couple reasons I prefer to keep Jefferson over Millsap.

- Millsap was offered an extension last off-season and turned it down. There are two possible reasons for that: 1) He wants to go somewhere else so we'll lose him anyway; or 2) he wants to maximize his income which will probably price him out of the Jazz' range and we'll lose him anyway. Remember he signed with Portland the last time he was a free agent. I don't sense an overwhelming desire to stay in Utah. Jefferson, on the other hand, has given only positive vibes. It's true he could be priced out of the Jazz' range but I think he likes it here and might re-sign with the Jazz at a discount.

- There is no evidence that Millsap makes his teammates better. Jefferson, on the other hand, demands attention in the post making the perimeter guys more open. And I've already talked about his tutoring the young bigs on post play. He definitely makes his teammates better.

Iowa Jazz Fan 2
Cedar Rapids, IA

ESPN's Marc Stein says the Clippers, though willing to talk, are still reluctant to part with Bledsoe, because they do not have Chris Paul locked up, and Paul doesn't need to decide to stay with the Clips or not until July. If he walks in July, and they have already traded Bledsoe, then they are in deep trouble.

If I were the Clippers, I would not risk that.

no comment
New Orleans, LA

Are you nuts?

Bledsoe has career averages of 43% shooting, 30% behind the arc, and a 3.3 to 2.0 assist to TO ratio. For perspective, Earl Watson averages 41% shooting, 33% behind the arc, and 5.3 to 1.8 assist to TO ratio.

Is Bledsoe an upgrade on our 3rd string point guard?

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