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Yes: We must remove the barriers on utilizing domestic resources; No: U.S. can jump-start economy by taking lead in green technology

Published: Sunday, Feb. 17 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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American Fork, UT

We can, and should, do both. Our petrochemical abundance really isn't that abundant, and it's certainly not limitless. It will take years to make green technology viable, and we are going to need petroleum based resources until then. Drill, baby, and get those wind turbines up.

Ogden, UT

"Should Obama press for more energy exploration?"

Obama should stay the heck out of it. Decisions to produce more energy is/should be a private business concern. The government is putting itself into businesses where it doesn't belong and is not needed.

Moab, UT

Using California as an example of how to run things pretty much destroys your whole argument.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Alfred said:
"Should Obama press for more energy exploration?"
Obama should stay the heck out of it.

Or should he? The government gives welfare checks to the big oilly companies who are reporting record profits.
But I guess like good conservatives we should conserve nothing and hurry up and use all our natural resources before our greedy children can.

With over 7000 inactive permits in Utah alone, how about if your not using it, give it up, and get another, instead of just adding more land to the oilly coffers to control?

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