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Published: Friday, Feb. 15 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Saint George, UT


Proceed representative.

Your uncompromising policies are working.

Your base is shrinking

2008, 2012, 2016 and counting.

Bluffdale, UT

he is a void no ideas just say no. it does not work. both groups need to do the thing they dont want to. all taxes need to be raised and cuts need to be made. but not just benifits for people the military is being forced to increase tanks and other weapons they dont want.
to talk about pork. some of these are made in places repulicans are in like ohio. obama won ohio because they got more auto jobs. real jobs not just weapons making. work for the people party guys not corporations. we should out law the party system it divides us.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

"(BO's) ideology is what it is and he can stick to it," Peterson said. "We do the same and we get demonized."

Thank's what now, for proving her correct.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Wish I was paid $175,000.00 a year to do nothing except interviews, and campaigning. Oh yeah, complaining that democrats won't do what he says.

I wish Jason sat down near me at a diner, so I could ask what he has done for America?
It wouldn't take long for his answer.

West Jordan, UT

Hold your ground and values. Vote against everything J-Man. I'm nearing retirement and need to build up my 401K. Sold 30% of my equities when the Dow hit the 14,000 high. Need you to continue your game plan so the market goes down and I can reinvest low.
I'm not sure if your my Congress person now, as your affiliation keeps moving the boundaries. Since you and your are your party are so much into "Winning", please win one for me. Thank you in advance for your assitance in this matter.


Thank you to our representatives and Senators for protecting the rights and the power of the people of the State of Utah.

salt lake city, UT

So what this article calls out is that America deserves the goverment it has. It's unlikely the GOP will win the presidency in 2016 as well, so we should expect this divided goverment to continue which means more deficits and little movement on the social issues of the day. That old saying of "divided we fall" is being played out for all of us to see.


The more the nation gets to see Obama's failed policies and the billions he spends "practicing" with the nations taxes, the less likely ANY democrats will be elected in the 2014 elections. Senatorial seats that democrats hold will likely be replaced with Republicans.

Obama has run out of the extra taxes he coaxed from the "millionaires", now he'll be coming after all the rest of us.

Many thanks to Congressman Chaffetz for at least slowing down the rate of Obama's spending splurges.

Syracuse, UT

This isn't about compromise. This is about total control. Obama wants to socialize this country. Obama wants to provide amnesty (and citizenship!) to millions of illegal aliens. Obama wants to control guns and remove our right to own the weapons we choose to own. Obama wants to send this nation to fiscal catastrophe by spending us to oblivion. These are issues I with which I would never compromise. I expect my elected representatives to not compromise either.

Centerville, UT

A Gallup poll conducted last year found that 40% of Americans consider themselves conservative, 35% consider themselves independent, and 21% consider themselves liberal. The survey leaves some questions:

If truly 40% consider themselves conservative, did Obama win the election by winning the independents?

Is it realistic, with 40% of Americans considering themselves to be conservative, for GOP congressmen to feel obligated to represent so many Americans in Congress by denying Obama his very liberal agenda?

Or, should GOP congressmen simply bow to Obama and liberals and give them whatever they want, even though 40% of Americans identify themselves as conservative?

I find it difficult to believe that the minority party has no role to play in politics. Our system of government, of checks and balances, has been set up to represent the people and distribute power so that one group cannot run roughshod over others, including the minority. It seems that Obama and liberals can cast a vision for what they want (State of the Union) but when it comes down to actually passing laws they will have to engage Republicans and work together to compromise and do the peoples work.

salt lake, UT

your right in that the minority party has a role to play the problem is the opposition party at this point has taken up a position of complete unwillingness to compromise which is driven by their GOP base.From the article " a pew poll from last month found that 36 percent of GOP voters would look favorably on a politician who compromises, compared with 59 percent of Democrats and 53 percent of independent voters." the facts are the gOp is the minority party and it is absurd to think that Obama and Democrats should bow to their complete rigidity.

Santaquin, UT

Sorry to rain on your parade Tolstoy but in the U.S. House of Representatives the Republican Party is the majority party. Furthermore, the majority of state governors and legislatures are controlled by Republicans. The only thing Republicans don't control is the White House and the U.S. Senate. So perhaps it is equally absurd that the Republicans should bow to the complete rigidity of Obama and the democrats.

Salt Lake City, UT

1conservative says - "The more the nation gets to see Obama's failed policies and the billions he spends "practicing" with the nations taxes, the less likely ANY democrats will be elected in the 2014 elections."

Congress sets tax rates, not the President. If the President is getting his way on tax experiments, then Jason Chaffetz is ineffective.

"Obama has run out of the extra taxes he coaxed from the "millionaires", now he'll be coming after all the rest of us."
The tax rates that affected millionairs haven't even gone into effect yet.


A poll (Dec. 2012) by Pew Research Center finds that President Obama and congressional Democrats lead their Republican counterparts by a wide margin in job approval ratings, and are seen by a majority of respondents as more willing to work on a compromise for a budget agreement than GOP leaders.

when comparing the two parties on willingness to embrace bipartisanship, 53% said Democrats were "more willing to work with leaders from the other party," whereas Republicans got nearly half that number, 27%.

Pew compared job ratings between Pres. Obama and House Speaker Boehner. Whereas the president received favorable marks of 55%, the GOP's chief negotiator for the budget talks had the approval of 28% of Americans. Congressional Republican leaders' job performances were reviewed favorable by a quarter of Americans, while Democratic leaders saw positive ratings of 40%.

Jason, you're doing a good job of leading your party down the drain (unfortunately taking the country with you).

Far East USA, SC

Some of you have very short memories.

You scream about spending. And so do the leaders of the GOP.

However, they are hypocrites.

Just a few short years ago they voted to enact the largest entitlement program in 30+ years, Medicare Part D.

And it got a yes vote from Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Eric Canter and even Paul Ryan.

The GOP leaders are anything but fiscal conservatives.

(sidenote from my previous post

Thanks Star bright. I should have added the Death Panel claim to my list)

South Jordan, UT

I love Jason Chaffetz! All you naysayers should go and listen to him speak. He knows his facts and figures. He represents Utah very well an a conservative voice. I agree with Bryan. Thanks for your comments!

Hold the line, Jason. Keep working hard. You represent us well.


Chaffetz getting his feedback in Heber City?
That bastion of intellect, reason, diversity & acceptance?

Salt Lake City, UT

Why is it that the media always points out that Conservatives don't want to compromise when liberals do the same thing? You never hear the media mention the word extreme when referring to the left, but they always use that term when they talk about conservatives as if conservatives have only existed since 2009. The media has become so full of hate. They call conservatives the same thing they call Al Quaeda, extremists. And lets not forget Moderates are the ones who elected Obama. He didn't win because there are so many liberals that they out number the right. The moderates voted for the most liberal President in history. Maybe the so called moderates aren't really the moderates they believe themselves to be. No real moderate would ever call one side extreme and not the other. If you are really seeing the right as extreme and not the left then you are not a moderate.

Sugar City, ID

Imagine you are on a city council and a newly elected mayor, taking advantage of his power, succeeds in changing a zoning ordinance in order to put a shopping mall in a quiet subdivision. When you and other councilmen voice legitimate concerns, the mayor ignores and belittles you and uses bullying tactics to push through the zoning change. Construction on the mall starts. Then the mayor says that there are budget problems some of which are associated with modernizing the roads near the new mall and he says “We need to all work together now and cooperate and raise taxes for the good of the city.” From your past experience with this ruthless and deceptive man, are you going to cooperate with him?

After the way Obama treated the Republicans in shoving through Obamacare, is there any reason at all that they should cooperate with such a ruthless and unprincipled man? We all witnessed that fiasco. Obamacare was passed without one Republican vote. After the way he mistreated the Republicans in the house and senate, why should they cooperate with him?


What seems to escape Rep Chaffetz and his gang of obstructionist is the GOP lost the last two Presidential elections. That means the majority of the country is not buying what they are peddling. Destroying the country to make a point is just wrong.

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