Comments about ‘State of the Union was evidence of Obama's ideological fatigue’

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Published: Friday, Feb. 15 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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San Diego, CA

How can a President who has sworn to uphold the constitution pick and choose which laws he wants to enforce, like DOMA and immigration, without going through congress? That would be like if he decided to start enforcing a new law that he made up without going through congress.

Way of the Warrior

You know what else is causing fatigue? The predictable and repetitive Republican vitriol against everything President Obama does or says. And the more it's repeated, the less meaning it has, except to the gullible.

Murray, Utah

As usual, anyone who disagrees with "One old man" gets their ideas and beliefs from talk radio. They cannot possibly be smart enough to have their own thoughts. Only he is that smart.

Durham, NC

@mick..... problem is, you do get the same old responses to just about everything, despite what the topic of the opinion piece is. Its the same extreme one side is good, the other is evil drivel day in - day out. Perhaps these are unique, well researched opinions based off a broad spectrum of sources representing a variety of political thought.... but it doesn't feel like it.

Now I am sure it sounds the same in the other direction as well. Unbending opinions to the left.

Other than the headline on this opinion piece, I think it was actually relatively fair. Of course Obama's second term is largely going to be and out growth of his first. And for the most part, Rubio's response was equally predictable, with the added Republican rebirth on immigration. Did we really expect dramatic change? I hope not, because this is what both parties ran on...

And yes, that sneaked in line "no matter who you love"....please let it rest. I as an employer don't want to know anything about who you love, no matte your life style. That stuff stays at home. Period.



Tooele, UT

Re: ". . . you forget the "well-regulated" part."

Liberals chronically forget that the "well-regulated part" applies only to militias, NOT to arms. Even then, it's a passing, foundational comment, NOT a reversal of "shall not be infringed," or a backhanded conferral of some gnostic, occult governmental right to infringe.

Liberal Obama anti-gun proposals rely entirely on disingenuous, anti-constitutional, anti-American sophistry for their basis. They cannot be sustained without violence to both letter and spirit of the Second Amendment.

Cedar Hills, UT

I felt the state of the union was wonderful!! How inspiring to here from Barack and his fresh approaches to economic resurrection such as raising taxes and spending more money. Is it really so hard to understand people that all we have to do is just raise taxes and borrow more money. Problem solved. Can't wait for the economic boom. I can see the job applicants lining up now as far as the eye can see.... oops I guess that was the unemployment line..sorry.

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