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Published: Thursday, Feb. 14 2013 12:05 a.m. MST

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Glendora, CA

This is the reason why I am grateful I live in California. Much more is available for assistance for my Down Syndrome son over here. Because of that, my wife and I are extremely "blessed".

Hayden, ID

Important question no one is asking? Who is going to pay for it? We don't have the money and we can not just keep borrowing from our grandchildren.

Glendora, CA

With all due respect to the good people of the area of Idaho that you live in, I have to ask myself the very same question, in terms of the wealthy retired California pensioners who live in your area, Who in California can afford to pay them such luxurious pensions? Certainly our Iraq/Afghanistan veterans should at least get their fare share of sacrificing themselves as well.

Thinkin\' Man
Rexburg, ID

This is like saying "people keep getting cuts on their feet, so the government needs to buy more band-aids for them."

No, the answer is to wear shoes or sweep the dang floor!

If medical care were cheaper, the major problems would go away. Do away with the middleman system. Cut hospital administrations. Limit malpractice awards. Open insurance to nation-wide competition. End the collusion between health care providers and insurance companies that guarantee high payments. Cut government red tape. And most important of all, DO NOT create a big expensive Federal health care bureaucracy.

This ain't rocket science.

UT Brit
London, England

@Thinkin\' Man

Why does government run health care have to be expensive? All other first world countries have some form of government health care and run at close to half the costs of what the US spends per person.

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

Good article. Medicaid expansion would not be neccesary if we had a truely universal single payer system. You poeple who push the goverment scare stuff crack me up. Mountanman is right we should not be pushing costs of to the next generation, but we really aren't doing that with this medicaid expension, so as usual he raises a red herring.

Kearns, UT

Thinkin\' Man,

The only way that the US will see a drop in medical expenses is to remove all middle men. Hospital administration is fine, most are very lean already.

The US pays nearly 10 times the next closest country for medical care yet receives less than nearly all countries.

France, UK, Canada, Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, etc., all have a single payer system. They pay into it via taxes, they pay co-pays at the doctor and all have better access to care, better care, lower infant mortality rates, longer life spans and healthier lives.

The problem is that we have been sold a bill of good from the insurance companies that this is the best way when it is proven incorrect everywhere, even in the US.

If we dropped the insurance companies and went to a dedicated single payer (1 large insurance company) medical costs would drop overnight.

Of course, we would have nearly 10 Million unemployed due to the nature of insurance companies but with lower medical, more money would enter the market creating more jobs at all levels. The economy would normalize in about 3 years.

Centerville, UT

@Thinkin\' Man:

"Do away with the middleman". If by this you mean have a single payer system, I agree with you. You also say we should open insurance to nation-wide competition. So, wouldn't we still have a middleman? You recommend we cut government red tape, but the administrative costs for Medicaid are lower than private sector insurance companies.

Bountiful, UT

I agree: Utah needs to accept the Medicaid Expansion!

Provo, UT

I've read that much of the 1.5 billion will provide health care to those here illegally, once Obama care kicks in.

Social Mod Fiscal Con
West Jordan, UT

The core argument in the article is that since the Federal Govenment is going to give us all this free money, we would be stupid to not take it.

This is exactly how the federal government is currently ruining our education system. Local districts can tap into a large reserve of funds, if they only conform to the guidelines dictacted by the federal government.

What we end up with are bad educational practices pushed by people who have no connection to the distinct needs and desires of the local parents and students. All funded by ... oh yea, us. Or more realistically, by our children's children's children.

Nothing is free, not even free healthcare. If Utah capitulates to the federal bribe, doesn't that make us co-conspirators in the crime being committed against our posterity?

Hayden, ID

@ Morpunkt. You are right, most of my neighbors are former Californians. I frequently ask them why they left California to live here. Typical response: escape from high taxes, the school systems, pollution and crime. I get along with them well and welcome them here!

Glendora, CA

That is precisely my point. The reason why taxes are so high here is to pay for their decadent pensions. Their lobbyists in Sacramento are essentially the robber barons of our time.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Sounds to me like thinkin man and mm are advocating a single payer system! I knew you'd come around. Single payer systems are cheaper, more efficient, and better. Get rid of the for profit insurance nonsense. Tell them to get real jobs

Bountiful, UT

And here is the real cost to this monstrosity called Obamacare: $1.76 trillion over the next ten years.
[Source: CBO]

And that amount is just the Government's share – not our individual increased costs.

American Fork, UT

Single payer system is the answer. We're already spending more than enough to make it work. We can include everyone. Bankrupt no one.



The figure for Obamacare you cite is gross cost--not net cost.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates the Affordable Care Act will have a net savings in comparison to there being no bill. The CBO and Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) now estimate the insurance coverage provisions of the ACA will have a net decrease in federal deficits of $2 billion over the 2012-2021 period

Elk River, MN

Eric, the expansion of Medicaid is not humane. It is the State, by force or the threat of force, robbing from one group of people and giving to another. Nothing the state does is humane. People, acting on their own, voluntarily, commit humane acts. Government is force. Now, if a local church or other non-government agency wants to establish a fund to help people without insurance, that is humane.

The federal government does not pay 100% of the expansion. We, the people, pay 100% of the expansion. And then, when the ratio changes to 90%, that'll be an extra 10% that's taken by the local robbers.

Oh, how cold and heartless I must be. These people are SUFFERING. Yes they are. I believe I should help. However, I don't believe that help should come by way of a government agent threatening me with the loss of life, liberty, or property. And, when all the layers of velvet are removed, Eric's cry for humanity administered by the government, is enforced by a gun.

Bountiful, UT


Oh yes, but it is still a $1.76 trillion cost to the treasury, isn't it? I will never claim that we did not have a health care cost problem that needed to be solved, but Obamacare, as drafted and implemented, is NOT the cost effective solution.

For one example, it still did not completely solve the Medicare cost problem but merely kicked the can down the road. Per the Medicare commission numbers, Medicare will run out of money in 2024. That will be in 2021 if you believe the CBO projections.

As for saving $2 billion over ten years, that is merely "spitting in the bucket." This Government spends that much in just five hours.

Nancy Pelosi's statement still rings loud in clear as to how Obamacare was literally thrown together without any significant logic as to how to make it an effective solution. "We have to pass it so that we can find out what is in it."

Salt Lake City, UT

But to the broader issue, how health care should be provided. Health care is more a social issue than a commercial one. Health care requires a socialist sollution. Instead we are trying to solve the health care crisis by serving a variety of private interests. This is like squareing the circle.

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