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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 12 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Orem, UT

Even if your numbers are true (they are - look them up for yourself),
Big business is no saint, but it isn't the boogey-man you portray either.


Could you even imagine those numbers if Big Government were ever smaller than BIG Business, and could not control them?

Who would control the safety of your food?
Who would assure that companies would clean up their haz-mat?
Who would pass hold and pass judgement on liability law-suits for negligence?
Who would require cleaner air, soil and water in their production?
Who would control drugs, testing, and assure quailty?
Who would issue Licenses, keep public records, and regulate permits?

Companies and Corporations surely would not.
Their purpose is to make money, and only make money, and as much as they can.
They want any and all roadblocks brushed aside.

Government's purpose is to protect the people, the citizens.

That's why I trust Big Government over Big Business, anyday.

Orem, UT

To LDS Liberal, Open Minded Mormon, and all your other screen names...

I have never trusted "Big Business", but generally when one of them gets out of line, pushes too far, or fails to serve their customers the "Little Business" down the street is ready and able to eat their lunch.

Not true for "Big Government". They can abuse their power all day long, treat citizens like dirt, and there is almost nothing that we can do about it. We can vote in a new boss, but the apparatus is still the same.

How you trust government given all the scandals uncovered over the years, is beyond my understanding.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "LDS Liberal" I still don't see why you would trust Big Government over Big Business.

Thanks to big government telling us what we should eat we have higher obesity rates than before.

We now see more teen pregnancies since government started to teach sex ed.

Our forests suffer bigger fires because of federal management.

The cost of insurance is higher because of big government.

Big government set up the banks for financial failure by requiring that they lower their lending standards.

The government does not protect the citizens, just talk to people living near the Mexican border or that want to go into the national forest areas that have signs warning of drug and human trafficers.

The government is spending your children's and grandchildren's money before they earn it.

There are many in government who want to get rid of the constitution so that they can take more of your money and spend it how they want.

Again, why trust the government, they are equal or worse than businesses?


JoeCapitalist2 - "Security gurads, cleaning crews, lawyers, tax accountants do not add any real value to the company like employees who are designing, building and selling the companys products do."

I beg to differ - security guards prevent theft and damage to comapny products and property, cleaning crews keep arears clean and safe and prevent liability actions, lawyers reduce potential liability actions and prevent law suits, tac accountants reduce the comapny tax liability. All of these directly relate to the bottom line of the company and the company would not be able to function without them unless the builders, designers and salesmen pulled double duty and performed these tasks also. Of every occupation listed I would argue that sales are the least essential. If the companies product is good enough it will sell itself.

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