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Published: Monday, Feb. 11 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

And Utah has, what - 50% - of our Congressional representatives as members of the Tea Party Caucus?
[Even though less than 10% of the entire GOP House belongs to it, and only 4% of the Senate.]

All taking orders from Tea Party Caucus Chairman - Michelle Bachmann.

Utah has affiliated itself with the worst of the worst.

Isn't that right Mr. Fiscal conservative Tea-Party darling,
Senator Short-Sale, Lee?

Farmington, UT

I'm one who helped "toss" Senator Bennett at my neighborhood caucus and I'm no tea partyier (even if that is a word).

Bountiful, UT

At its debut, the 'tea party' came off as too confrontational and unyielding. Now it seems poised to lose most every battle they have fought. My solution? Send them the book 'Baby Steps' and if they are smart they may get somewhere.

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

No future for the Tea Party. They have proved unworthy to govern, its as simple as that.
And unles it reforms itself rather than just rebranding itself the Republican party is doomed. It is also just a regional party.

Salt Lake City, UT

While Mr. Bennett's regarding the path and likely fate of the tea party movement obviously omits some significant details, overall it is a fair summary and makes a good point; namely, that the tea party movement has evolved into something that is monolithic, but not very cohesive, that doesn't resonate with the masses to the extent that it originally did, and that its viability is in serious doubt.

As others have stated or implied, if the tea party movement, or any political movement in the United States, would focus on fiscal responsibility (vs. "starving the beast"), government accountability and optimization (vs. all-out minimization of the size and scope of government), and the notion that government exists to serve the people (vs. the notion that no good thing can EVER come from government), then that movement would almost certainly gain widespread support across party lines, would wield a tremendous amount of influence, and would likely be viable for a long time. The only real threat such a movement would have would be from those in power who benefit from the status quo.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Far East USA, SC
The tea party would rather lose with their ideal candidate then to win with one that isn't perfect for them.


HaHaHA, very funny...
sad, but true.

I thought of a few more GOP RINO -
Think about and you are OUT(s) --

Global Warming? You are OUT.
the Earth is old than 6,000 years? You are OUT.
allowing access to Healthcare for all Americans? You are OUT.
banning military assault guns and high capacity magazine? You are OUT.
Civil Unions or Domestic Partnerships? You are OUT.
raising taxes of Billionaires? You are OUT.
immigration reform? You are OUT.
co-sponsoring a bill with a Democrat? You are OUT.
even having lunch with a Democrat? You are OUT.

Don't even think about it...

Just one tick to the left, by ANY measure, or compromise...
and the Political Puritan Tea-Party will burn you alive at the Stake.

But go ahead and keep cannibalizing and self-imploding -- This sort of intolerence in the name of politcal purity and ideology will be your doom.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The Tea Party seem to be super patriots with an economic cause and little regard for people. Their backing by the rich and powerful means that they have the resources to carry on even in the face of lost popularity.

Hyde Park, UT

The Tea Party movement has proven once again that extremism, either right or left can get a lot of attention and a little momentum, but it is unsustainable.

I sincerely hope that the Republicans learn this lesson before the next election.

La Verkin, UT

All political movements start with enthusiasm and idealism. I never jumped on the TP bandwagon and they never jumped to my aid. I think they have done much good in getting apathetic citizens to start thinking about what future we are creating with the two headed monster (D&R). The party movement may well fade if they don't go back to the basic fiscal concepts that energized the people, but those that have awakened may well be a force in modifying the existing parties or creating a viable third party. It will be interesting to see how this develops, but I fear that, if they don't find more success soon, apathy will again become the order of the day as those that care about the future lose hope that anything substantive can be done.

Burke, VA

I think a good questoion for Senator Bennett or any of us who might be wondering what the future of the Tea Party might be is to ask what they have accommplished. They took away seats from moderate Republicans but did they really take away seats from the Democrats? In same cases their presense on the ticket swung a vote away from the Republicansd and helped to elect a Democrat.

Have they put forth any meaningful legislation that has helped us in any of our major issues? I can't think of any. They have mainly played obstructionist or they have put forth legislation that is so far out of line with the American people that it didn't have a chance of being passed. Any of us can waste each others time complaining about the government (in afct, I think that's what do every day on this page) but we need real leaders to actually make things happen in the government.

Has the Tea PArty produced any of those? I can't see any from where I sit.

Salt Lake City, UT

In 2009 and 2010, tea party was TEA Party, as in Taxed Enough Already. Many agreed with that and became involved. When groups like the Freedom Works, claimed they were responsible for your dad loosing, when it was actually 3 candidate campaigns and local grass roots groups, things started going down hill.

I believe Sen. Bennett lost despite Freedom Works' involvement, and those that wanted Dan Liljenquist to win this last year couldn't yell loud enough for Freedom Works to get out of town and stay out of the race. Freedom Works' involvement in 2012 was one of the reasons.

Sen. Hatch won, along with Dave & Kitty, who are amazing.

In 2011, TEA Party went from fiscal conservative to a combination of Libertarian and other specific issues. Yes, there were Libertarians at the beginning, but they hadn't claimed the movement yet. When Tea Party became associated with other issues besides conservative fiscal issues, and national groups started calling Tea Party theirs, it went from TEA Party, to Tea Party, to tea party.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

Bob Bennett was a wise and capable Senator, unlike Mike Short-Sale Lee who will not work with anyone. We have an utterly useless voice in Washington now. Will someone in the Republican party rise up and save us from Lee in 2016? Mr. Huntsman, how about you?

Durham, NC

"Hooray for the radically uncommitted, meandering, milquetoast, moderates who stand and have conviction for nothing."

Why thank you. Considering the source, I take that as a proud endorsement. I would rather be radically uncommitted than just another drone that repeats the never ending sludge of negative, party purity, conformist types.

I feel warm all over.

Springville, UT


Your comments have consistently been on the left (we call it "Radical Left"). I'm only surprised you didn't blame Bush. Now, get back to work.

Salt Lake City, UT

There was reason a'plenty to be angry at the time (still is); however the anger pushed aside reason and to a certain extent the tea party shot itself in the foot. Mr.Bennett's ouster was one of the latter, judging from Senator Lee's performance.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

Is the Tea Party over?
Is the John Birch Society finally dead?
Is Joe McCarthyism still rampant?
Is the Salem Witch Trials over yet?

They never go away,
as long as there is ignorance,
they will just keep re-incarnating themselves.

Price, Utah

1. I liked Bob. His Rural Business conferences are sorely missed Mr. lee. He never charged $150 to attend Governor.
2. I believe Beck left Fox.
3. Taxed Enough Already will reappear each time taxation with representation gets onerous on the middle class.
4. If the Koch brothers truly financed many of the rallies and seminars they got much more for their money than Works did for financing Occupy. I hope NY and Oakland sue him for their loses.

slc, ut

Maple Don, Please vote for yourself! You need to get a few more votes. The tea party needs them as they fall in to the decline they deserve.

Ogden, UT

Nothing in politics goes on forever. Sen. Lee seen to that. Sen. Bennett sour grapes are just that. Sour. We witness often two sore losers. You and John Huntsman Jr.

Provo, UT

What is the future of the Tea Party? I will tell you (with a grin):

The March Hare (Ryun) thinks we in the "post-party" era, despite the fact that time has been punishing them by stopping at 6:00pm (tea time), giving the illusion that the Tea Party will never end.

Meanwhile, the Mad Hatter (Glenn Beck) continues to weep voraciously while trying to figure out why a raven is like a writing desk, but being unable to find the answer in any of Skousen's revisionist history books.

The very tired Dormouse (Meckler) was arrested at New York's LaGuardia Airport and charged with felony possession of a weapon, so he fell asleep on Jason Chaffetz' cot.

Alice (Palin) is becoming insulted and tired of being bombarded with riddles (such as questions about what news magazines she reads), so she is painting the roses red for her daughters' "un-wedding" while preaching Family Values.

Eric Odom is taking the advice of the Dodo (Bachmann) and organizing a caucus race in the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, investigating the Muslim Brotherhood's "deep penetration" into the U.S. government using flamingos.

And Mike Lee is a hedgehog.

Croquet anyone?

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