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Published: Sunday, Feb. 10 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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American Fork, UT

America should take some responsibility for the violence created by the entertainment industry. We're consumers; we buy this stuff. And these arguments are obfuscations; side shows that try to deflect attention from the violent nature a free for all gun culture instills in our society.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Violence has a reason. And that reason is usually hate. While depiction of violence might trigger a persons method of violence the true cause for the violence is hate.

The political hate pumps on TV and radio are probably the root cause of much of today’s hate. The competition between the warring factions of businessmen is fierce to the point of using every opportunity to create fear and distrust of the others.

It is not so much that the propaganda dispensed calls for violence but that it plays upon weaker minds, taking away proper judgment and creating a lethal weapon out of a person himself.

Other hate pumps may be the failures of the economic system, personal relationships and a thousand other things. All of these need our attention if we are to actually reduce the incidence of violence in humans.

Mister J
Salt Lake City, UT

The entertainment industry will cop to this 16 seconds after Wall St admits to being Greedy, self-absorbed clowns who nearly wrecked the global economy.

Far East USA, SC

"It is time for the entertainment industry to take responsibility for creating and adding to violence in America. "

Well Lisa, Welcome to American Capitalism. The entertainment industry is doing what they believe will make them the most profit.

So, we either live with what they produce and vote with your pocketbook, or regulate them.

What do you propose?

salt lake city, utah

Personally I think it's about time the greeks and others took some responsibility for violent trash like the Illyd, or the Odyssey. and how about Jewish epic the old testemant?

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

I can't remember ever being forced to attend a movie or being chained to a chair and forced to watch television. Personal choice is what we should be discussing. Just because someone in Hollywood used his agency to produce a violent product does not mean that we have to use our agency to buy that product.

Let's put the real blame and the real responsibility where it belongs - with the individual. Many of us living in Utah have been advised to spend Monday evenings with our families and to use that time to grow together as a family. We have also been advised to use part of that time to help our children understand how to make proper decisions - and the natural consequences that follow every decision that we make. In our family, we used some of that time to discuss movies, music and other entertainment.

If no one supported violent movies and violent TV shows, just how long would those types of entertainment continue to be produced?

Eric Samuelsen
Provo, UT

Lisa, I do disagree pretty strongly. Surely you know that depiction does not suggest advocacy, and that it's perfectly possible for violent images to be used to attack actual violence. I would agree that Hollywood films promote a completely unrealistic fantasy about what constitutes heroism. But let's make something like Taken 2 the poster child for Hollywood violence, not a film like Django Unchained, a deconstruction of violent narratives.


We should remember that the entertainment business is just that- a business. All the stuff about art from directors and producers is great but, first and last, movies must make money to keep being made. They'll keep making violent movies as long as the moviegoing public keeps throwing money away to watch them. As a public we mourn the deaths from violence, demand that something be done to stop it, then tune into ever more violent television programming and buy tickets to ever more violent films. We live in a violence-soaked culture of our own making.



"Many of us living in Utah have been advised to spend Monday evenings with our families and to use that time to grow together as a family."

How's that working? That same group warns against the dangers of pornography. Utah has the highest internet porn rate in the country, with the "family values", Utah County crowd, leading the State.

Dietrich, ID

There is another intersting side to this coin. HOw often do we hear the majority of Eagle Scouts and Seminary and Institute graduates go on a mission and get married in the temple. That is true, However I wonder is the reason that is true is because the type of people that graduate from Seminary and INstitute and are EAgles are the types that would go on missions and get married in the temple.

Same for violence, It may have an effect However I wonder if the same type of people that watch pornography and violent movies are the same type that are violent. Just happen to watch movies that depict what they do in real life. Not everyone that watches violent movies is that way. Just wonder if the same type of people that watch violent movies are more inclined to violence anyway.

After all Ghenghis Kahn, Adolf HItler, JOseph Stalin did violent movies cause there violence?

Utah Dem
Ogden, UT

So Lisa, you've seen some graphic, disturbing scenes on TV, were you tempted to go out and commit violent acts? Probably not. It is my opinion that those that are tempted to react from these imagines are already unstable, have mental health issues or both. Not sure you can 'blame' movies, video games, TV or music.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

OK --
I blame Bugs Bunny and the 3 Stooges.
There, you feel better.
Do you really think Hollywood is responsible?

How about the $$$
Copmpanies only make those movies because they make money.

Are you suggesting "Socialism", and limit free market capitalism?
Good Luck getting the Right-wingers to support you there.

And to answer the letter wroter question:
Which stars are willing to take up this "cause"?

I don't know - but Bruce Willis is a hardcore Pro-Gun Advocate,
so you can count the Pro-Gun people out.

Mike Richards --
You are once again suggesting making Family Home Evening an American requirement.

I'm still against you for it.

salt lake city, utah

Mike Richards...I agree with the need for personal responsibility.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah


As you know, God chooses one spokesman at a time to represent Him to the entire world, just as He has always done. Few people listen to God's prophets. That does not excuse anyone who ignores God's spokesman. God's spokesman was instructed to present FHE to the world. You may feel that the Prophet only speaks to fourteen-million people. God disagrees with you.

God gave us agency and He will require an accounting from each of us on our use of that agency. Using the excuse that Hollywood offered a product is not a reason to misuse our agency. Since the time of Cain, mankind has misused agency. All are accountable. None are exempt. Passing the blame to those who produce and distribute products not only shows contempt for the great gift of agency but also is an admission that we are incapable of controlling ourselves.

Salt Lake City, UT

Movies don't kill people.

Guns do.

spring street

Nice attempt at deflection Lisa but still to buying it. shall we get back to talking about sensible gun regulation then?

spring street

@mike richards
why are you trying to lay this at the feet of "liberals" hatred for all things hollywood is clearly a right of passage for most conservatives. I do appreciate that you finally recognize in at least this one area that you need to respect others free agency to bad you fail to extend beyond this one issue.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Spring Street,
My 7:08 comment was a response to LDS Liberals' 3:50 p.m. comment.

There are both liberals and conservatives who are guilty of producing violent or sexually suggestive movies and television shows. There are both liberals and conservatives who are guilty of producing movies that mock the family, that mock religion, that teach children to mock their parents. There are very few producers who make movies that show good functioning stable families that solve problems without violence. There are few producers who make movies showing men and women happily married.

We all know better than to support those producers who degrade society, but few have the personal courage to boycott those movies and television shows.

Orem, UT

Joe Blow: "Well Lisa, Welcome to American Capitalism. The entertainment industry is doing what they believe will make them the most profit."

If that were really true, then they would create far less violent movies and far more family friendly movies because the latter make far more money at the box office than the former.

They also wouldn't fight tooth and nail to prevent editing of their movies so that they are better suited to a much wider audience (i.e. make more money).

Hollywood certainly likes making money, but if they have to choose between a little less filth for a bit more money and keeping the filth in and making a little less, they seem to vote for the filth every time.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

You want Free Markets, and are against Socialism.

You do a complete 180, and want Government to get involved, and ban violent movies from Hollywood.

Which is it?

BTW - Socialist coutries CAN and DO censor sex and violence in the media.
So, Are you for or against it?

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