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Published: Sunday, Feb. 24 2013 8:30 a.m. MST

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Layton, UT

Carver, I share your angst with WA but nothing is going to change nor should they at the UHSAA. My hope is that WA will move up to 3a where they will face stronger competition .

Layton, UT

Oh and yes I have seen them play

The Crimson Knight
Las Vegas, NV

Heres my top sixteen teams in state regardless of classification. Wish we could have a sixteen team tourney post classification tourney.
1-Lone Peak
8-American Fork
9-Wasatch Academy (should not be 2A, they would have done fine in 4A)
11-Morgan (best 3A would be fine in 4A except for region 8 where they would struggle to even make tournament.)
13-Mt Crest
15-Pleasant Grove
16-South Sevier (Just to make JD happy)
I'd like to hear some of your predictions if this tourney could happen. Who did I leave out? state your case.

Lehi, UT


You're making the players sound like livestock....

Have some respect!


Huge shout out to the boys for GV for making a run at the title when no one else believed. And dont worry all you haters out there, I am not going to tell you GV could compete with any classification in the state. We are who we are... a small town team doing it the traditional route. I guess in our case we have a good run every 14 years :) But the ride these boys took us on this tourney will never be forgotten in our community.

Speak English - USA
West Jordan, UT

I will say this right now; if Lehi, Riverton, Layton, or Copper Hills played in 2A or 3A, they would be hard to beat. I guess what I am saying is that in a tough region in 5A, teams that do not make it to state because they are beat up all region season would still be better than a 2A or 3A champion.

I know you can argue that Wasatch Academy beat Weber, and that is a quality win. But if they had to follow up that win by playing Davis twice, Weber again, Northridge, Layton, and Syracuse they would get killed! South Sevier lost to West Jordan, a team that was 7-16 this year. Over the course of a long region season, there is no way the smaller teams could do it. No way. Can you imagine how badly beat up South Sevier, WA, or Morgan would be playing Lone Peak, American Fork, Bingham, Pleasant Grove, and Riverton if they replaced Lehi as the 6th region team?


The continual banter about 2A schools beating 5A and 5A school dominating 2A is funny to listen to. Just the facts.. in 2A schools you will be very lucky to find enough basketball talented kids to even field a competitive varsity team at the 2A level. In order to do that you have to rob the very best players from juniors and sophomore and sometimes freshman to build a varsity team. By doing so, thinning out an already razor thin JV and freshman roster. We are very grateful for the kids that dedicate themselves to basketball but yet still being responsible to give the same dedication and loyalty to baseball and football. Once every ten years we get superstars at our level and this discussion crops up. Very rarely could a traditionally homegrown 2A school compete at a higher classification. 2A folks.. be grateful for the unique environment we have to develop athletes and young men in our small communities. College basketball scholarships are not the end game for high school athletics.


@TheCrimsonKnight I think Northridge is top 16, cconsidering they lost to Bountiful by 1, lost to Weber by one in OT, barely lost to Alta, and beat Davis twice. They are pretty solid.

Park City, UT

YEE haw- I agree with you, but I would still like to see the state adopt a super state tourny where all the classifications finalists were put into a tourney and let them play it out and see who wins. I'm sure that most year 5&4A teams would win it, but every few years I think a smaller school would win it and earn some bragging rights.

JD Books
Sulphurdale, UT


That super tourney idea has been floated to the powers that be at UHSAA and they nix it because of baseball starting.

Lehi/Utah, UT

It's not only about Baseball but they also have a moratorium, where the coaches aren't allowed to coach their players for almost a month after the tournament is over.
I wish they would do what California is doing this year. They are calling it the super 16, where they take the best 16 teams from any classification (they could have all teams from a single classification if they wanted) but they take the best 16 teams from the state and they have a tourney. These teams from what I understand don't even play in their respected divisions state tournament, just this double elimination super 16 tourney. But like you all have said and what i stated they have reasons that they don't do it here in Utah.

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