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Published: Sunday, Feb. 24 2013 8:30 a.m. MST

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Lehi, UT

Crimson Knight:

Where do you get the info that MaxPreps will host a 4 team National Championship playoff?


JD Books
Sulphurdale, UT

Go Rams! Only one more game to win and then you will "hoist the gold trophy".

Park City, UT

JD- SS has to win 2 more right? Or are you saying that if the beat WA that the state will just give them the trophy?

MiddleofNowhere, Utah

Yes, they technically have two games to win. The fact is, whoever wins the SS WA game tonight will be the state champs. No question, the other bracket is nowhere near as good.

JD Books
Sulphurdale, UT

Yes, I am sorry, they have to win two games and Emery gave SS all they wanted this year.

For Sure
Lindon, UT

JD Books

Everyone keeps making a big deal about Parsons scoring 2000 pts. How many of these points were actually meaningful? His coach has left him in games that were blowouts to pursue this mark since he was a sophomore. There is a huge cost associated with this mark like lack of playing time for teammates and a team that really suffers when Race struggles. Look no further than the Orem tournament for evidence of that. Anyone that has followed this program can attest that it is, and has been, all about Race Parsons since he was a 16 year old Freshman. Tonite Wasatch Academy will expose South Sevier and show why a one man team loses when it really counts. McEwen and John are great defenders that are both quick, fast and athletic. This could be a blowout win for Wasatch Academy

Midway, UT

I just have one question... where are all the boys, region 9 boasters now? All northern region teams in the finals... 3/4 of the semi-final teams... northern.

Vernal, Ut

Congratulations to Wasatch by one who stated they would not make it past their first postseason game. They played solid, disciplined ball and seemed to consistently improve as the year progressed. Kudos to players and coaches!

sports wife
Gunnison, UT

Good Luck Gunnison Bulldogs! :)

Moab, UT

Let me set the record straight.Fist off Austin Clark first played for Grand as a Freshman then went to live with his mother playing his sop year at North Sevier then she rented out her house and moved him to S. Sevier for his junior and senior season.He also averaged basically the same amount of points as Race did as a freshman and a sophomore. Then when he got to South Sevier he got to watch Race shoot a lot. I believe he would have done much better as an individual player at either N. Sevier or Grand than he ever did at S. Sevier. He was the most talented under used player in the state, because it was always about Race.Not taking anything away from Race, he is a fine player. However, I agree with "for sure" about a one person team it hurt them in the end. It's a good thing for AAU ball where Austin could actually play his true position, which is a guard not a power forward or center and could actually get seen. I believe he is going to a junior college in Wyoming after turning down numerous other offers.

Lehi, UT

Congratulations to Wasatch Academy for making it to the 2A finals. Also congratulations to South Sevier for being a perennial contender!

JD Books:
Please entertain us one more time this weekend with your logic and excuses on this one. Please, please, please...

Odgen Sports Fan
Ogden, Utah

Congrats to Region 11. They were way overlooked. Good luck to all 3 of them. 3 teams in the top 6 of the state. Bear River shot better than any HS team ever Friday night.

Enterprise, UT

My guess is that there will be some coversation in the up coming months about what to do with private schools. Utah better wake up.

Heber City, UT

Congrats to Bear River and Morgan. Two excellent teams will play tonight and it will be a good one!
Thank you for an awesome post season run Wasps... we are so proud of you and the growth you've made this year as men and as a team.

Layton, UT

Carver,there is nothing to talk about or wake up to except those who are fine to play the private schools except when they win. As has been stated numerous times private schools have not dominated titles. While I was rooting for SS they aren't even in the hunt no pun intended without transfer Clark. No one in the informed community takes these anti private school attacks as anything but poor excuses. That said, if WA wins title I hope they move to 3a by special petition like LCA did a few years ago. And while LCA was forced down these last two years they do return to 2a next year.


Gunnison, who is playing in the 2A state title was beaten by San Juan, South Sevier, North Sevier, and South Summit during the regular season.Now these teams are sitting and watching a team they beat play in the title game. Wasatch Academy also beat them twice. I can't help but wonder what made the difference, the coaching or the boys. Either way congrats to Gunnison and may they continue to improve to beat Wasatch Academy.

For Sure
Lindon, UT

Grand Dad is right on. Clark would have been better off statistically had he stayed at Grand or North Sevier. Fortunately he did play AAU ball and had the chance to showcase his numerous skills. I am still confused as to why the SS coaches didn't try to take advantage of Clarks versatility last night in the loss to WA. Had they moved him to the perimeter on offense it might have changed the game. Moving Race to the post and Clark to the perimeter would have helped them both score more points. The SS coaches have 1 plan and when that doesn't work it is game over. Good luck to WA in the finals, they are a truly talented team. If #24 for WA is really a 15 yr old Freshman he will play in the NBA someday. That kid is really good.

MiddleofNowhere, Utah

Wow, Desnews really doesn't want me to comment anymore, so I will be as kind as possible so that my point can be made. Gunnison made it to the championship tonight because they were on the right side of the bracket. And it is my personal opinion that Wasatch Academy will defeat them by a margin of forty points in tonight's match-up. Thank you.

Enterprise, UT

2afan, how wrong you are. To this point in time there has been very little to talk about. Any one who watched last nights game between SS and WA was looking at talent, not created by a good coach, but by years of coaching. Those WA players have been tuned for years and the door is open now for the other grazillion players outside this country waiting to get here. So let's get real here. 2afan, have you seen WA play? Mark my words, this is the start of big change by the UHSAA.

JD Books
Sulphurdale, UT

Slammer....perennial contender? How many schools have hoisted two gold trophies in the history of their schools, let alone 2 out of the last 3 years? Congrats to Wasatch Academy on the win, they game planned to stop one of the top five players in any classification and they were able to do it. Hunt will look to the next generation of dairy farmers, elk hunters and hay haulers to start a new run next year. The lower grades at SS are loaded with talent and have already hoisted gold trophies at various jr. Jazz tournaments all over the state. There are more parsons in the bloodlines coming up.

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