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Published: Sunday, Feb. 24 2013 8:30 a.m. MST

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Spanish Fork , UT

Morgan is not a deep team it is a one man show! Better hope he(Miles) doesn't have a off day or they will be in trouble!

Provo, UT

JD- Austin Clark is NOT a home grown farm boy ....He went to North Sevier, then Grand, then North Sevier again....then recruited to South Sevier....Reminds me do the days Wayne ball players "transferred" to South Sevier.

Hurricane, UT

Athletes transfer to different schools for many reasons statewide. Those who complain about it are always uninformed as to the truth, and usually trying to justify why their teams have lost. At any given moment we as adults can choose to be part of the problem or part of the solution. Lets choose to lift everyone up, encourage, praise, and recognize all for their efforts. Be mature enough to understand that someone wins and someone looses, and that's the nature of sports. Noone is to blame so let's stop looking to blame or find fault when the end result is not what we wanted. In the end, it's not about what we want anyway, it's about what the athletes learned along the way that matters. Lets teach the kids that excuses only serve to weaken ones character, and that taking full responsibility for winning or loosing defines the heart of a champion.

IRS Agent

@ JD Books

How can someone enjoy basketball sooooo much when they obviously know sooooo little about it?


hahahahaha, JD books has no credibility whatsoever. Your team lost to one of the worst teams in 5A. No intelligent person thinks your little farm team would have any chance against Lone Peak. It's like reasoning with a 2 year old, they just don't have the capacity to understand when they are wrong so they just get louder. I do admit, your posts are quite amusing.

Crazy About Hoops
Ogden, Utah

Charford - Great positive comments that fit most situations. There are a number of unfair situations out in the sports world that are not done for ethical reasons. Lets not catagorize all transfers under the fair and positive catagory. Lets start with private schools who have no boundaries and public schools who do. Never has been fair. Some private schools have a different and new starting five each year, sometimes from overseas. I do realize that not all athletes in the public schools do not live in their boundaries, but most do. I know some students playing at private schools who live over 100 miles away and drive that everyday. Other states have separate leagues for private schools or have them play up a classification.

IRS Agent

The problem with the whole Private Schools have an unfair advantage arguement, is that history has shown that those schools don't win championships at any higher rate than the public schools. If you look at the results over time, there is no real advantage. However, when a public school that has a good team comes along (their "best team in years") and they end up getting knocked out of the tournament, they all cry foul.

Every now and then, things align for a particular school, and they become dominant for several years (ie the football teams from Millard, or the wrestling teams from Delta during the 70's and 80's). The same thing can happen for a private or charter school, but the reality is it doesn't happen any more frequently.

In a lot of cases, when those schools do end up with a blue-chip athlete, they usually lose them quickly to a larger school (ie Waterford and the Mika kid).

Speaking of Waterford for example, they have been around for about 20 yrs, and they have one state title in basketball and one in baseball. The numbers just don't support the arguement.

JD Books
Sulphurdale, UT

South Sevier does not recruit. They excel on the hardwood, gridiron and diamond on their own. The baseball team looks dominant this year.

tremonton, UT

Wow you guys are really overlooking Bear River in 3a. They lost to Morgan by 1 point twice. Morgan out shot them by more than 30 free throws in those games. Get good refs the win. They went into 5 overtimes to loose their other two losses in region 11. They missed an undefeated region season by the total of 4 points, missed 2nd place in region by 1 point and 1st place by 2 points. In pre season they beat 5A North Ridge, region 1 second place team, who beat Davis twice. Anyone can win on any given night. I'm just saying watch out for Bear River. You might get caught off guard. I guarantee Morgan doesn't want to play them again.

The Crimson Knight
Las Vegas, NV

Here's predictions from vegas baby! 4A here we go
East (17-6) vs. Murray (13-10), East 71-62
Play-in winner vs. Orem (19-3),Orem 54 Provo 47
Maple Mountain (13-9) vs. Mountain Crest (15-5) Maple Mountain 65-61 OT
Herriman (12-10) vs. Highland (14-8), Highland 56-50
Lower bracket
Springville (16-4) vs. Roy (16-6) Hardest game!!! Springville 85-84 3OT
Westlake (8-14) vs. Bountiful (19-3) Bountiful 77-50
Woods Cross (13-8) vs. Olympus (16-5) Olympus 67-60
Sky View (15-8) vs. Timpview (17-3), Timpview 65-50
4A is the best classification in the state this year with only the exception of Lone Peak. Orem, Bountiful, Springville, Timpview, Roy and Skyview are almost as good as Brighton the second best team in 5A.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

An average 5A team would dominate the 2A ranks. That is just a fact and no amount of delusion can change that.

btw LP would probably beat SS by 60+ if they wanted to.

Jon Doe

First off arguing over 2A is dumb. Lone Peak would whoop any team in the state no questions asked. You can't compare SS with them.....They aren't even on the same playing field. I agree with bearfan that bear river will be a tough team. When Wade wants to play he can light it up...His better games have been against Morgan which is why they were close. Still Morgan wins 3A.

Lehi/Utah, UT

@thecrimsonknight - It is hard to try and compare what classification is better when the last time any of these teams would have played is in the pre-season. I know that records can make it look like 4A is better but you have to remember that Davis, Weber, and Northridge are beating up on eachother and so they are all going to have their fair share of losses. Region 2 is terrible. Then region 3 has 2 good teams but still a down year for them and then region 4 had to play against Lone Peak. AF is a really good team and Bingham has depth. All I am saying is that 5A is beating eachother up, (with the exeption of region 2) they all have at least 2 to 3 good teams. 4A has 1 region with 3 good teams (region 8 - Orem, Timview, Springville). Bountiful, Mt. Crest, and Olympus all had cake walks in region. Not to say 4A isn't as good as 5A, I just think it is a lot closer than people realize. I do however Like your predictions for 4A and I think that it will be Olympus vs. Orem in the final. Olympus upsets.

South Jordan, UT

Bingham is finally going to part ways with Coach Dubach !

Thank you, will they please hire a coach who knows how to build a program, he has plenty of talent, the sophs just went 23-0, and 8 of the 15 kids are freshman,

So common Hicks!

But again
5A Lone Peak
4A- I dont get why none of yah are giving Region 5 a chance, when you pick both maple mountain and springvile to upset there teams.
This class is going to be up in the air becuase how many MEDIOCRE teams there are in the 4A classification.

Can you all say... down year in utah high school basketball,
Weber won Region 1 in 5A- Lost to 2A Wasatach Academy.
West Jordan wont make the playoffs, Beat 2A SS
Lone Peak beat Brighton by 40 points-They won Region 3
Hunter is 10-0 in region plus champs-Will lose first round to Syracuse

Alta beats Bingham
Weber beats West/tville
Syracuse beats Hunter
AF vs Jordan should be a good contest
LP kills WJ/OR CH
Davis beats Kearns
Brighton beats PG
Northride beats Viewmont




Hurricane, UT

Crazy about hoops.

I agree some situations are not fair. I said kids transfer for many reasons, fair or not. But it still doesnt benefit anyone to focus on fairness. Its overcoming whats unfair, get up everyday and fight anyway, figuring out how to win regardless of the circumstances. If private schools recruit then public schools need to figure out how to compete. Juan Diego and hurricane played three yrs in a row for the state football title. Juan Diego won all three yrs on the last play of the game. Hurricane came back a fourth year and won the title. Hurricane hasnt recruited at all. In fact they have lost great kids to Pineview, and Dixie for several years. STILL a state championship caliber team. It comes down to leadership. Hurricanes football coaching staff is 1st class. South sevier high basketball coaches are the best in the state.

Park City, UT

sportsfan1- so, since you were bagging on Wasatch not having the shooters or athletes to play with Spanish Fork, does that mean they were just handily beaten by a really bad team? If my team were beaten by 10 pts, I wouldn't want to say the team who beat them weren't athletes or good shooters. Maybe Wasatch took off their cowboy boots to play this game huh?

What is up with Binghamalum being able to sneak the slur "hicks" past the moderators. He's done this before and honestly, I am offended by it. I know a lot of people who wished they could live where I do, they are mostly from SOJO.

Highland, UT

When was the last time a region 2 team got out of the first round of the state playoffs?

In the 5A I think AF has a great shot at making the finals. They have some height and good players. I think they line up well in that bracket. On the other side of the bracket, several teams could have fared better had they been seeded in the top bracket. Brighton comes to mind.

I wouldn't be surprised if region 4 won all four of their first round games. Region 2 is toast.

Orem, UT

Orem vs Timpview in the 4A State Championship game. Should be good!

Heber City, UT

Congrats to the surviving 3A teams. One thing is certain, Wasatch is the best sub-500 team left in the tourney.... Go WASPS! Down year? I don't think it is a down year for Utah high school hoops. Lone Peak #1 in the land (RESPECT)! Excellent teams throughout all classifications and overall high caliber young men, coaches and schools. It would be nice for Utah high school hoops to get the recognition of Utah high school football.... we have more work to do.

The Crimson Knight
Las Vegas, NV

Here we go 5A predictions! Sad to say but everyone is playing for second place as Lone Peak will win out, and win out handily trying to be in the top four to compete for the MAXpreps National Championship.
Bingham (14-9) vs. Alta (13-8) Alta 72-62
West/Taylorsville vs. Weber (19-3) Weber 61-48
Syracuse (13-8) vs. Hunter (14-7) The Cuse 58-57
Jordan (17-6) vs. American Fork (15-8) AF 77-76 OT
Lower bracket
Davis (16-5) vs. Kearns (15-8) Davis 71-59
West Jordan/Copper Hills vs. Lone Peak (22-1) Lone Peak by 50
Pleasant Grove (14-9) vs. Brighton (18-5) Brighton 78-65
Viewmont (12-10) vs. Northridge (13-9) Northridge 61-59
National Final 4: Lone Peak v Whitney Young. Lone Peak 72-70.Findlay Prep v Monteverde Mont 81-77
National Championship: Lone Peak 102 Monteverde 98 2OT! Lone Peak avenges their only loss and wins the National Championship!

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