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Published: Sunday, Feb. 24 2013 8:30 a.m. MST

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Nephi, UT

I've followed 2A basketball for many years. During the time I helped as an assistant high school varsity coach, I began tracking some of the stats of the eventual state champion. I have found that over the past 16 years there has only been one team in that time that has won the state championship that didn't have at least three players average in double figures in scoring for the season. There have been many teams that had two players average double figures in scoring that played for the state championship but lost in the championship game. Right now according to the DesNews scoring stats- only Wasatch Academy has 3 players averaging in double figures in scoring. Maybe Race Parsons scoring average can compensate for the lack of the 3rd scorer-- but if a team can put the defensive clamp down on him and make the other players make up for his lack of scoring, they won't repeat as state champs. It seems as though havaing that 3rd scorer keeps the opponents defense honest and spread out.

City, UT

For 3A sleepers, I wouldn't be surprised to see all the region 11 teams advance.

Lehi, UT

You raise another interesting point - Shouldn't Race be returning from his mission already instead of playing as a high school senior? Isn't Race 20 years old or almost 20 years old? Hasn't he been held back by his parents TWICE pre-high school so he could rise above his Monroe, UT peers?

Another reason he scores 28 points a game - a 19+ year-old playing against 15 to 17 year-olds.

The Crimson Knight
Las Vegas, NV

I have seen the future and this is how 3A turn out: first round, Delta 64 Ben Lomand 63 OT. Snow Canyon 62 Park City 55. Judge 78 Dixie 55. Payson 51 Bear River 44. Wasatch 61 Desert Hills 50. Spanish 72 Ogden 58. Morgan 77 Carbon 50. Cedar 49 Union 48 OT. 2nd round: Snow Canyon 66 Deta 57. Payson 55 Judge 51. Spanish 66 Wasatch 60. Morgan 43 Cedar 41. Final Four Payson beats Snow Canyon again 64-60 and Morgan beats Spanish Fork in double OT 91-88. Final Morgan 38 Payson 36. Champ is Morgan. 3A is wide open this year. Watch for sleepers like Cedar and Payson, both teams guard the heck out of you and play physical ball. Region 9 is down this year compared to last. Wasatch and Payson are very different teams then their pre-season record. (both play only 4A and 5A schools) Should be a fun week end!

Harwich, MA

If the game is a toss up go with the Coach. I would never bet against Scott Hunt (SS).

Hurricane, UT

@ binghamalum
If you study lone peaks season, nobody in the state of Utah played competitively with lone peak. SS and Wasatch academy could compete with lone peak as well as any team in the state. They could not compete at the level lone peak is at, but they can compete with any other team in the state. 2A is not "THAT BAD" as you say. Lone peak is just " THAT GOOD"

Craig Rydalch
Salt Lake City, Utah

Race Parsons has division 1 talent and has proven it both at South Sevier and in the summer programs. Anyone who questions this does not know what they are talking about and obviously has not seen him play. He is a talented kid and even a better person.

JD Books
Sulphurdale, UT

I think it is debatable as to if Lone Peak could beat South Sevier. Until that is proven on the court a person cannot say one way or the other.

Vernal, Ut

So, someone please answer the question, how old is the Parsons kid?
With respect to 3A hoops, region 10, with the exception of Union, appears to be weaker than last year, and we remember how that turned out with all region 10 teams losing to region 9 teams in the first round. I think Judge will prevail against Dixie but not a lot of hope for the other region 9 teams, although Union has shown potential. How is it that region 9 and 10 are matched again this year?

richfield , UT

@zelmob57. Race Parsons is 19 years old, and a very good high school player. It is quite an accomplishment to score 2000 career points in high school, but Division 1 recruiters know exactly what they are doing. All you have to look at is field goal percentage, this tells the true story. Often Race takes 25 to 27 shot attempts in a game, this is about the same amount of attempts any 4 to 5 players would normally take in a game. I have never seen another high school player who has the green light to take such low percentage shot attempts and continue to shoot. Clark is the underrated player in South Sevier. Often Clark will take 1/2 to 1/3 the shots that Parsons takes and will score similar points. Race is not the player on South Sevier who has been held back. Last year 4 out of the 5 starters had been held back. South Sevier also is getting quite a reputation for recruiting outside players. This is getting to be a common practice at South Sevier and the other 2A schools know it.

Orem, UT

@ Binghamalum and @Slammer. Every high school kid that works everyday to become better and puts himself out there for others to watch, enjoy or criticize deserves our respect! You get all worked up over JD Books who most likely isn’t even from South Sevier. All Mr. Books does is play on your insecurities or jealousies which gets you to attack innocent kids who are just trying to play the game they love. Wanna-be coaches and analysts like yourselves who have nothing better to do than bash great kids and good basketball players should instead try to do something positive in kids lives. And if Books was from SS, he would realize he is only hurting SS fans and kids. But maybe that is his true intent. A little advice, if you wrestle with pigs, you just end up smelling like the pigs and the pigs like it. Good luck to all high school basketball players, keep dreaming and working towards your goals.

Tiger Fan
Orem, UT

To binghamalum & Slammer

You are always touting Lone Peak which they certainly deserve. I have watched them several times and they are as advertised. They may well be the best Utah High School team of all time. Great kids and players! And they are getting recognized for their success. (btw, Lone Peak has more than 1 player that started school 1 year later). For your info, two years ago Lone peaks Mika, who is a tremendous player, was at 2A Waterford. He was a good player then. Scored and dominated. Sadly his team didn’t even make it to the state tournament. South Sevier had many good players that year and were led by Parsons and they won the championship. Realize I said many good players at the 2A level.

Tiger Fan
Orem, UT

You bash on Parsons and say he would be a 3rd or 4th scorer at the big school’s level. You may be right, but have you looked at what numbers kids like VanDyke , Hunsaker, and others have put up against Bountiful the past several years? Good coaches (Maxwell) and others can shut down dominant players if other players don’t pick up the slack. No disrespect to VanDyke or Hunsaker. They are both outstanding players! If you were really as knowledgeable as you try to come across, you would spend time watching AAU ball where kids like Parsons compete against and with your big school kids, instead of spouting off in a blog. I watched Parsons work out in a Fall Showcase with the Schenke kid from Weber, (another great player) and VanDyke to name just a couple, and Parsons not only held his own but was fairly dominant with mostly 4A and 5A kids.

Vernal, Ut

soggybottomboy, thanks for the info. I am far removed from South Sevier but do enjoy the way JD Books stirs the pot and gets an interesting dialogue started. When all is said and done, we can probably all agree that a great value of high school athletics is to provide a way to have our youth engaged in a structured activity to challenge them physically and mentally. It also provides numerous situations to reveal their character and provides opportunities to learn to strengten their character. The kids, with very rare exception, are outstanding people. Sometimes the adult followers can be somewhat tedious!
As an unrelated clarification to my earlier post, I meant to state that I did not have a lot of hope for the other region 10 teams during the first round play-in games, not region 9 as indicated.

The Crimson Knight
Las Vegas, NV

I can end this debate right now. I've coached at a lot of different levels 2A,3A,5A. The top 4 schools at 1A and 2A can compete with the best in the state. ( I said compete with not always win) The problem is THEIR DEPTH! The first five or six can play but the 7th is a fat kid about 5'10 255 who plays center, or a kid with a mullet who's a better rodeo racer. Last year 3A was better than 4A. This year 4A is better then 5A with the exception of the Peak. Parsons is older, so what. How old is Emery? Their both good. Also, Wasatch Academy is legit.

richfield , UT

@middleofnowhere, utah. The point is that S.S. holds kids back so that when they are seniors they will be playing against kids a year younger than them, so they have that advantage. They will do anything to win. If that means holding athletes back in school, then that is what they'll do.

JD Books
Sulphurdale, UT

I am a lifelong SS fan and I bleed red and white. I am not ashamed that I give 100% to the rams. I think many are probably jealous of my fervor and that is why they bash me. The fact is year in and year out SS puts some of the best teams on the gridiron, diamond, wrestling mats, volleyball courts, rodeo etc., and certainly hoops. No matter hold old Race is, he is a great player and every 2nd grader on up wants to emulate him. The hoops fervor that the community feels certainly rivals Kentucky basketball and Alabama football. Race is not the only kid that has every been held back for competition reasons. Richfield does it, San Juan does it etc. I think Baker is also held back but does it really matter? Maybe folks from Monroe think I am hurting them but the beauty of it is next week in Cedar City, Race, Patsy and the boys will back up my bravado and will hoist another gold trophy. I urge Bingham alum to come to Monroe sometime to see how many red championship banners we have.

Lehi, UT

So by your logic SS hasn't played the LA Lakers yet so nothing has been proven with that matchup either, right?

By the way, it's not your "fervor" that you're getting "bashed" about. It's about the ridiculous things you type onto your computer.

Odgen Sports Fan
Ogden, Utah

Crimson Knight – Your predictions were close, but you obviously did not watch many northern Utah teams. Bear River and Ben Lomond are really good teams. 3A has a lot of parity. All the games will be close on Thursday.
JD Books – Your enthusiasm for SS is admirable, but you have blinders on. Lone Peak is the best team in the history of Utah and would beat SS by 30. I hope you know sports and basketball better than what your comments indicate.

South Jordan, UT

Oh boy I love these posts. I love everyone's passion, Jd books you to.

1-how are you comparing SS to Lone Peak...?
Is being ranked #3 in America not valid enough for you small town folks.?

2-how does going 0-3 against better competition valid argueing your SS rams could compete with the whole state???
Especially when WJ won't make playoffs in 5a....so if they beat you, why wouldn't all the 5a teams...?

4a is not as good as 5a this year, the reason I say this stuff, Lone Peak is the #3 team in the nation, and none of you seem to want to give them credit at all. SS could of played to Orem and LP in that Orem tourney, but lost all 3 games.

4- Mika was also only 6'4 at Waterford and he wanted to play varsity, at LP he wouldn't have till junior year, but he grows to 6'9 and Quincy says, come back to LP.

5-race parsons is good, signed at SUU......great, buttttttttt why suu if he's a top 2 player in utah according to you all.....?
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