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Published: Sunday, Feb. 24 2013 8:30 a.m. MST

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Ogden, UT

Home teams win first round who do you think will be in the finals S Fork

Enterprise, UT

Somebody want to give us an idea why 2A has a three day{one and done}tourney and 1A has a four day event for both girls and boys? If it can work for 1A, it can work for 2A. Come on UHSAA give these kids a little more reward than a one day slip up and your finished for the year. The oppertunity to play for three more days could double the tickets sold. Give these kids a break.

JD Books
Sulphurdale, UT

The tournament is just an annoyance anyway. We know who will hoist the gold trophy in 2A.

Park City, UT

JD Books- I know right? Go Wasatch Academy!

Lehi, UT

JD - I hope Wasatch Academy blows SS away! I think they will! What would you be willing to do if in fact SS doesn't win 2A?

Enterprise, UT

I like WA over SS but sometimes grit wins out and I like SS grit.OK, WA has five college players in their starting line-up but team work and grit may pay off for SS. Going to be a great game; if one or both of them don't get upended before the mtg. But both teams are exceptional! Go 2A tourney!

Lindon, UT

Wasatch Academy and South Sevier will be the best game in Utah History for small schools. I doubt that there will ever be 7 college players on the same floor together again in a 2A game. My money is on SS as they have been there before and have tournament history. Race is well....Race, and not much else needs to be said. He has dominated now for 4 years and stopping him now seems unlikely. I think that WA will limit Race as they have size and quickness but they can't stop Race completely and Clark will come up big. Clark is playing the best ball of his life has been playing like an MVP candidate since his return from injury. He is 100% healthy and has a lot to prove. Look for a great game and GO RAMS!!!!!

Ogden, UT

What about 3A, who do you guys have winning each of the first round games, and who are the sleepers?

Hurricane, UT

The sleepers could be all of region 9. All teams are more closely matched than other regions. Look at the upsets tonight, any one playoff team can beat another. Round one could see number one and two seeds from up north fall to three and four seeds from down south.

IRS Agent

@ PG#1 Fan

I don't know about there never being 7 college players on the floor again in 2A. Back in the early 80's Richfield had 5 of their first 6 all play college football. There is a lot of talent at some of the small schools.


I miss the old Richfield / SS rivalry games from the mid 70's to the early 80's. Those were some of the best games and the best rivalry in the state.

South Jordan, UT

7 COLLEGE basketball players really????
If SS and Wasatach reach the finals.... which Im sure they will.

If your best Recruit of all them players is only going to SUU, thats really not saying all to much people.

What other kids from SS are going anywhere???????
And what kids from Wasatch are signed and going somewhere?????

I would like to know!

All I do know is......

South Sevier is 18-3 right now
0-3 when they played the big boys in Orem
West Jordan. 6-17 may not make playoffs
Bountiful- Very solid 4A team
Foothill, Nevada, solid team,
Fremont you beat yes, Fremont is also 1-18 right now.
Race Parsons is very good, but whys he going to SUU then, a bad basketball team.

Wasatch Academy 21-1
Lost to 3A Judge after beating a solid Weber team.
Have only watched this team once, but they are solid, Still super confused how that many african american kids can end up at a private 2A school in Utah.

This surely will be a great 2A championship game.
But 7 college basketball players, WHO??

South Jordan, UT


What 7 college players do you see from SS and Wasatch??

Race is the best player of them all, yes....
But Signing at SUU doesnt credit his worth at all.
Thats the worst basketball school in the whole state.
I mean im sure he has a full ride, so who am I to say anything,
But common, and also he's been playing against 2A competition every year for 4 years.
That doesnt help your cred!

Vs West Jordan 13 pts
vs Bountiful 10 pts
vs Foothill Nevada 24 pts

Some decent competition and look what happens ha

But still this will be a wonderful competitive 2A Championship game!

Just in case you little town ppl wanted to know!
Lone Peak is the #1 team in the nation on MAXPREPS
#3 on ESPN TOP 25
#3 ON USA Today poll.

They are 21-1, lost to the #2 team in the country in Florida.
If you wanna watch the best PUBLIC high school basketball team in America, Go to the 5A tourney .

South Jordan, UT

@PG #1 FAN

Where in the world are you getting 7 college basketball players??

I know race is going to SUU

That is it!

Please fill me in on kids who have signed and where there going.
Since you mentioned 7.

I thought Wasatch had like 3 underclassmen, so I dont see them college bound YET.

MiddleofNowhere, Utah

If you dislike 2A so much, why do you even worry about it? Apparently there is no talent and isn't worth watching. By the way, SS and WA will meet in the Semifinals. Race is probably going to SUU because his dad played there. Why does it matter? Also, by the way, Race is going to be the 6th, let me say that again, SIXTH high school player in Utah history to score over 2,000 career points. I don't care what classification you play in that is amazing! Another thing, SS almost beat WJ, Bountiful is the only 5A school that really beat them. Yes, they wouldn't take state in 5A, but who asks that of a 2A team? Also, at least one other player from SS is playing college ball. Clark is playing somewhere, just can't remember the name of the school. Nope, it's not UCLA, but since when is playing college ball not good enough? Also, just because you attended a 5A school at one point and Lone Peak is now the #1 team in the U.S, that doesn't make you the authority on what players are good and what players are not.

Lindon, UT

For any 2A school to produce 2 players that move on to the next level is great. Most 2A teams don't have that many in the history of the school. Austin and Race have both worked hard to get the opportunities that lie in front of them. It is hard to get noticed in Monroe UT. I had heard that 5 players on the WA team are being recruited. If that is wrong, somebody with knowledge of the program should set the record straight. WA is a very good team that is talented and diverse. These teams are certain locks to play in the semi-finals. I think that Race and Austin are the 2 best players in 2A and talent ultimately prevails. A side note, I think that Coach Hunt moves on after this year. If SS wins out, he will be 46-4 over the last 2 years and with the cupboards relatively bare I think he will move on to another school and preserve his legacy. GO RAMS!!!

JD Books
Sulphurdale, UT

The difference will be that the farm boys from SS are used to hoisting gold trophies and the rest of the field isn't. In addition the coaching staff is the best in any classification in the state of Utah.

Lehi, UT

Parsons is a good player, but in 5A he'd be the number 3 or 4 scorer on a good 5A team. Against Bountiful he scored 10. 10 to 15 points per game is probably the right number for him on average in 5A. That puts him outside the top 20 in 5A. College recruiters know 28 points per game in 2A is relatively meaningless.

That's why he's going to play at SUU - no other reason.

MiddleofNowhere, Utah

@ Slammer,
I guess you have a valid point, but can you really judge what a player would do in a season based on one or two games? If that was the talent level he played against every week, he would find a way to score more points, that's what he does. He had 28 against Fremont, and before you tell me how bad they are I already know, but it just shows how easy it is to argue a point based on one game. I realize he wouldn't be the leading scorer in the state if he played in 5A, but he would still be an all-state caliber player. He could walk on at any school in Utah if he wanted to.

South Jordan, UT


You sound like another die hard SS fan like your fellow blogger... JD books

But U can argue that Fremont is that bad! 28, and he was playing at Home in little SS TOWN, I dont even know the name of the town!

Now I agree he could walk on, but wouldnt make it anyhwere.

But Like I had said, I think the kids a very solid player, but you little town ppl make it out to be some amazing kid.
You didnt read my arguments either,
West Jordan is 5A and wont probably make the playoffs. You lost to them.
Bountiful has a solid chance to go deep in the 4A playoffs, they are not 5A.
Fremont is going to finish 1-20 this year.

So Im happy he has a full ride to SUU, but seriously 2A is that bad all around the state.
I would love to see SS beat the Private 2A school who is clearly recruiting players, so Good luck in the tourney!
Sure hope that its going to be online so I can watch the semifinal!

I also liked, no one mentioned any other college players on theseteams otherthen Race

JD Books
Sulphurdale, UT

He should have been offered by BYU and he could have played there after his mission

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