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Published: Saturday, Feb. 9 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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John C. C.
Payson, UT

Undocumented workers do pay most taxes.

Income Taxes: It is a common claim that they don’t pay taxes. To be sure, some of them don’t pay some taxes. But according to the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy at least half of unauthorized immigrants DO pay income taxes--federal, state, and local. Similar reports come from the IRS and the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

Sales Taxes: They certainly can’t avoid sales taxes.

Property Taxes: If they own, they pay. If they rent, their landlord pays property tax from their rent money.

Payroll Taxes: I concede that some undocumented workers are paid “under the table.” But according to a report by Standard and Poor’s analysts Social Security receives $6 to $7 billion in payroll taxes per year from undocumented workers even though they won’t qualify to benefit from them.

We, the retiring baby-boomers, need a supply of young workers. Unfortunately we U.S. natives no longer raise enough children to replace ourselves. Check the census reports.

Springville, UT

So, the big question is what's in it for DesNews, KSL, and its owner? Why have they pushed so hard in favor of illegal immigration? If they would honestly answer this question, it would help with dialogue. Why can't they be honest about this? Dishing out propaganda only makes the thinking public suspicious, and the ignorant compliant.

Orem, UT

Immigration is an economic problem? Silly me, I thought it had to do with human beings. I guess we look at ourselves in terms of dollar signs these days.

Murray, UT

John cc
It's the legal immigrants that start jobs, most fail in the first year. People here illegally are a burden. They file taxes, and get back 4.2 billion in earned child refunds that they are not entitled to (claiming children that don't exist, or nieces and nephews that live in other countries). America pays over 113 billion each year to subsidize people here illegally as cheap labor for business. Most don't earn enough to file taxes, but do for the tax credits. If a person is paying income taxes, they are taking a high paying job from an American.

This article talks about vibrant youth, America has it's own. And if they worked harder, countries south of the border would be industrial giants. How a person works is not related to their ethnic group, or legal status, it's the person.

Most of the arguments you used were for legal immigrants. Mixing the two is an insult to America's people.

Murray, UT

John cc

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 was opposed by agricultural interests because the employer sanctions against hiring illegal aliens adopted in that law were perceived as likely to end the supply of illegal aliens and financially ruin the producers. To ease their fears, a provision was adopted in the law that allowed for a supply of "replenishment agricultural workers" to be admitted if a labor shortage were found to exist. To determine whether a shortage was arising, the Department of Labor set up a National Agricultural Worker Survey, and a national bipartisan Commission on Agricultural Workers.

The Commission completed its study and reported to Congress that there was an oversupply of farm labor. The new employers sanction measures had failed to deter the influx of illegal aliens and the surplus of labor was condemning agricultural workers to continue to toil in deteriorating wage and work site conditions. All governmental reports since that time have echoed the same conclusion. According to the executive director of the California Institute for Rural Studies "In terms of constant dollars, there's been a significant decline in wages, we think by over 25 percent, over the last 20 years."

Provo, UT

I need to re post my comment. I will blame the spelling errors, grammar on cold medication.

One thing is correct, NAFTA was sold to the American people as an end to illegal immigration.

Our legal immigration helps the US meet our needs when administered properly. Illegal immigration does not. How does allowing 4 million people into the county legally on visas and green cards help, when we have 23 million people looking for full time work?

The help wanted sign is not totally accurate, they would be illegal, we need to acknowledge that the open border movement, including ethnic groups, churches and organizations, put out the welcome mat. If you read the stories in the paper, the majority came here looking for work. They did not have a job promised them before they came.

America has a vibrant community of young people. To say otherwise insults our youth.

We need to enforce our laws in country, it's the only answer to controlling our borders,

There is a difference between legal and illegal immigrants. One helps the country, and one is a burden that hurts the moral fabric of America.

Provo, UT

"Unfortunately we U.S. natives no longer raise enough children to replace ourselves. Check the census reports." ---John C. C

"U.S. replacement rate is still close to 2. And it has dropped in the past and then bounced back up again, said Ventura, an official at the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics."

Down for 4 years during the recession, it's still .1 below replacement rate, but rising last year, a sign births are on the rise. And Hispanic immigrants won't help, their numbers are now below replacement rate.

We can't pay our bills by letting in more people. That's a pyramid scheme that will soon run out of people and resources. When this generation gets ready to retire, we will need to let in 70 million to support them. Amnesty would give citizenship and full rights to social services to 11-15 million people that did not work their full career here.

They came here and worked against the law. As people, they are subject to the laws of the land. Even the people brought here as children, as they had a path to being legal at 18.

GK Willington
Salt Lake City, UT

I agree with Eric S & one vote earlier in this thread. It would seem that Mike R and his kind have conveniently forgotten what is inscribed on the Statue of Liberty...

"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door! "

Provo, UT

The poem on the Statue of liberty welcomed legal immigrants. Illegal immigrants never passed through it's doors.

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