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Published: Thursday, Feb. 7 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Bill in Nebraska
Maryville, MO

The thing is everyone brings up Thomas Jefferson and his comments. What they fail to state is the context of his words. He was speaking to a group of Baptists at the time when he mention church and state. It wasn't to take religion out of the public square that so many want to happen, basically taking the freedom away from some practicing their religion. Thomas Jefferson like many of his peers believed in Jesus Christ but not in the teachings of that day.

The Constitution of the United States in no uncertain terms never states a separation of Church and State. It just isn't there. Where some speak of Jefferson, others speak of John Adams who basically stated that a state without religion is dummed to failure.

No matter what your messiah, Mr. Obama, says this is still a Christian country founded on Christian Principles. It is right and only fitting that a picture of Jesus Christ is in any school in this country. Unlike Maude I would much prefer children use Christ as their role model over any other person. After all he is the redeemer and savior of the world.

the truth
Holladay, UT

@Joe blow

Tolstoy, You must prove it violates the constituion.

Joe blow, Jefferson was writing to concerned baptists ministers that governemtn would interfere in religion and churches,

The wall block government. not the people, perhaps you read the whole letter and it's context,

not the spew the false and abrideged lestest version.

Under Jeffeson, versions of bible were pritned by congress, misionaories were sent to the indians, even the koran was translagted and published.

And schools were never considered the government, as they should be properly viewed they were local community concerns.

If you believe schools are the government then that is an argument on the overreach of federal government.

salt lake, UT

Again bill the only way you can truly have freedom of religion is for the government to remain neutral otherwise you elevate one above all others. Having a portrait of Jesus in a school is not neutral it is showing preference for one religion over all others. Despite various attempts throughout history to distort or history and constitution we are not nor have we every been a Christian Nation. You are free to believe Jesus is your redeemer but do not force that on my children.

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

I am a Christian and I believe that this action was appropriate. I would not wish for school officials to be teaching my children their idea of religion. That is the province of family. I'm sure that many of my Christian brothers and sisters would call for the removal of a picture of the prophet Mohammed. One way this kind of display might work would be to have representations of many religions and promote a discussion of how religion informs our collective morality. That would be an education indeed.

Aurora, CO

It's not a portrait, it's a artist rendering of what he or she envisions Jesus to look like. There are many out there and not all look the same.

m.g. scott

There is no known picture of Jesus Christ. And as one pointed out, a blond haired blue eyed Jesus is highly unlikely, so what is all the fuss about?

m.g. scott

We all know that there are some state laws that Congress does not endorse. For instance, the recent gun laws in New York that allow for only 7 rounds per ammunition clip. That is a state law, not a federal law. And it probably will stay that way.
Now to my point. The 1st Amendment says that "Congress" shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, nor "prohibiting" the free exercise thereof. Therefore I believe that the Congress (which is the federal law) is supposed to take a neutral position on religion and it should be up to the individule states to determine what religious expression is acceptable in the state run public schools. Much too much is made of the establishment clause and the so called seperation of church and state. It's more like seperation of church and federal government. Clearly the federal government has no interest in promoting or demoting religion. They're supposed to stay out of it. The wording of the 1st amendment makes that clear. I only wish so called scholars would bother to read it that way.

Santa Monica, CA

Get it out of there now (BTW--I love Jesus).

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Not that this settles the debate in any way, but that portrait is a copy of a painting by Warner Sallman. It is estimated that there are over 500 MILLION reproductions of it in the world today. US soldiers carried the pocket version around with them in WWII. (Imagine that. Jewish soldiers seemed to somehow tolerate it.) In 1944 alone 14 million copies were made.
Perhaps there is something to this Jesus fellow that may be worthy of study, even if just for its historical value.

Middle of the Road
Home Town USA, UT

This is so ironic. If the atheists don't believe in God or Jesus then why should it matter? They obviously recognize the portrait as Jesus or they wouldn't be so Rumpelstilsin about it. Jumping up and down along with the ACLU. And who is to say that is who it is since it is a painting and not an actual photograph.

It must be a reminder of the good HE did and who he was that they are upset about. This whole ACLU idea to take it down infringes on the religious freedom of the religious,not the other way around.

They need to put up a CTR shield and it would do the same to remind the ones who honor GOD to choose the right.

Rural sport fan

Isn't it funny that the ACLU gets into things like this, while our social studies textbooks are full of pictures of Buddha, various Hindu gods, as well as Greek and Roman gods, not to mention famous people who based their world views and actions on religious concepts, like Mother Teresa or Mahatma Ghandi; we have holidays named after Christian clergymen like Martin Luther King Jr, and other holidays based on the popular dates to celebrate Christ's birth and resurrection; our calendar is full of the names of Norse gods, and yet NO ONE is suggesting we tear down any pictures of ANY of those people...except Jesus and Santa?

Odd, isn't it?

Bored to the point of THIS!
Ogden, UT

I can't believe we're debating this!

What year is it again?

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