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Published: Thursday, Feb. 7 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Taylorsville, Utah

Just from my perspective as a "Inquiring Mind Wants To Know" why celibate men in their ministry so concern about birth control.

Ogden, UT

The current proposal strikes the correct balance among the parties. The Catholic hierarchy, on the other hand, is trying to impose its dogma and beliefs on people who do not accept Catholic beliefs. Their Talabanic attempt to compel religious practices should not be acceptable or accepted. Approve the President's proposal -- it works equitably for everyone.

Salt Lake City, UT

You know what helps prevent abortions?

Birth control:

’Teen pregnancy, abortion rates at record low’ – By James Kelleher – Reuters – 02/08/12

‘Chicago – Birth and abortion rates among US teens feel to record lows in 2008 as increased use of contraceptives sent the overall teen pregnancy rate to it’s lowest level since at least 1972, a study showed Wednesday.’ – article

Far East USA, SC

I find it ironic that those most opposed to abortion are also opposed to birth control.


I worked in a Catholic hospital for 12 yrs that provided coverage for birth control. Catholic hospitals employ non-Catholics and serve non-Catholics. The Bishops and the Catholic Church are wrong, wrong, wrong on this issue, as they were on the issue of protecting children from abuse.

Bountiful, UT

I can totally understand why a church or anyone else with a shred of decency would be against abortion. I can't see however why anyone would be against birth control.

I can't see why the ussue birth control would be seen as more wrong than child sexual abuse. Take a deep breath, get your bearings, think about what you are doing. Why is this issue so important?


Imagine if there were a conference of nuns deciding whether men should have access to viagra, or PSA tests.....

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