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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 6 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

I hope your not Republicans....

Salt Lake City, Utah

To be sure 3300 South is a state road, not a Salt Lake County road and is UDOT responsible. I live near Canyon Rim and the streets are plowed very quickly when snow begins to accumulate and multiple times after that. I wondered where the Balderas' lived and when Googled they came up on the "Future of Millcreek" web site list of supporters. That group wanted to incorporate Millcreek and did everything it could to disparage Salt Lake County, not sure what motives might be here, but haven't seen snow removal as an issue.


Given the long snowfall dur


Given the nature of our recent storms- lots of snow falling over an extended period of time, I thought our roads were cleared pretty quickly. My thanks to the snow removal crews who worked long hours over many days.

Sandy, UT

Snow plows start with the most hazardous roads. This obviously directs them to the ever increasing housing pressure up on the side hills of the mountains. So those in the "low-lands" get snubbed because of those choosing to build on the side of the hills. It makes sense since sloped roads are much more hazardous--it's just kind of ashamed that the "hill people" get preferential treatment.

SAlt Lake City, UT

Mr. & Mrs. Balderas-- as stated 3300 South is a State road serviced by UDOT. Please review Mayor Ben's comments yesterday regading artifical boundaries that block / hinder varies government services. Given the heavy snow and terrific removal process during the last few weeks, I suggest you support consolidation of services, including snow removal which should not be managed by artifical city, township, county and state lines. As a supporter of the failed Millcreek City, you of all people can see the false hope of a limited government entity providing services in this valley as we are now nearly people-to-people. Your effort to lay blame on the County is short-sided of the real issue, which is eliminating overlaping (duplication) and costly government services in this valley. By the way, snow removal in East Mill Creek, Canyon Rim, Mount Olympus and Millcreek has been exceptional during the recent heavy snow fall. Sorry your road was a few hours behind.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

it look s like someone has:

An axe to grind,
Score to settle,
Chip on their shoulder,
Hidden Agenda,

Having lived in Seattle for 22 years.
4+ inches closed the city for days.

I think the snow crews did a super-human and FANTASTIC job given the storms.


CHS 85
Sandy, UT

Having lived all over the world in the defense of this great country, I can honestly tall you that the Utah road crews do a fabulous job and are horribly unappreciated. Not every street can be plowed within an hour of a storm, but compared to what the rest of the country deals with, we have it made.

4word thinker
Murray, UT

I have lived in towns where they get only a little more snow than here, but the roads get snowpack and ice 6 inches deep and more, because they don't get plowed in anything close to a timely manner. We would drive on that for weeks, often until the first spring rain, which makes the most impossible roads ever.

Since moving to Salt Lake City over 10 years ago, I have driven 3 times when I thought the roads here were as bad as where I came from. That is a great record!

Thank you to Utah for having effective plans and dedicated road crews taking care of our roads!

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