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Published: Monday, Feb. 4 2013 12:20 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

The waitress was fired, Hmmm hardly seems fair for calling out a cheapskate!

sandy, ut

The pastor ignored common sense and decency when leaving that hateful remark on the receipt. The pastor gives god %10 of the whole income, the receipt calls for %18 of the amount of a meal. This pastor is one of the reasons that people are starting to distance themselves from religion. This better then anybody who doesn't believe attitude is stunning and disgusting.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

And now a waitress who doesn't make much money waiting tables to begin with is out of a job.

Happy now, pastor?

What about you, Applebees? How's your corporate pride feel now?

Plano, TX

Maybe because He only asked for 10% ?

Huntsville, UT

I won't be eating at Applebees again any time soon.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I've decided to NOT eat at Applebees until they apologize to the waitress. I wish everyone would join me in this.

Salt Lake City, UT

Do unto others...

as you would have them do unto you.

Los Angeles, CA

Not eating at Apples Bees doesn't solve anything. Both the Pastor and the waitress were wrong. The Pastor was obviously offended by the gratuity on her bill and then incorrectly twisted scripture (who knows why!?). The waitress obviously broke Apples Bees policy by snapping a picture of a receipt that was property of the company. She had no right to snap a photo of the receipt, even if the Pastor deserved to be exposed. All of that said, be careful the next time you write a dirty comment on your receipt...

Virginia Beach, VA

I will ditto what TruthFaithGrace commented. I will add that I'am 20 percent tipper on good service and a 25 percent on outstanding service. What I don't like is being bullied into an 18 percent tip that was expected on the receipt, even though I would of tip higher. That would of been my statement on the receipt.

Henderson, NV

I know a man who is notoriously cheap when it comes to tipping, and actually told me once (albeit we were students at the time) "I always leave a dollar - it equals out in the long run." My respect-o-meter for him hit rock bottom then, just as it has for the "pastor" now.

Huntsville, UT


Most restaurants do not automatically add a gratuity unless the group dining is over a specific number (usually 6). In which case, it is usually posted on the menu or at the door that a gratuity of x% will be added to the bill.


I often wonder why I pay any tip, all meals are overpriced. Is it my responsibility to overpay for a meal and then pay for the service also, what a scam.

Salt Lake City, Utah

In my very not so humble opinion, the pastor is more sorry about getting caught and people finding out what type of person she is than about making the comment. Her initial response to the situation was all about how posting the receipt makes her look bad in front of her congregants. (Yeah - and fussing about it makes her look sooooo much better - not!)

The waitress who posted the copy of the receipt should have crossed out the customer's name - but she should not have been fired over it.

My advice for the pastor: If you don't want people to know you are a horrible person, don't be a horrible person!

@ thebig!: Interesting thing about restaurant meals and tips - if you cook at home you don't have to pay for either one. Wait staff get paid a very low wage and tips make up for it. If you don't want to pay for an overpriced meal or don't want to tip the wait staff, cook your own food and serve yourself.

@ ldsrebirth: Applebees has a clearly stated policy that an 18% gratuity is automatically added for parties of 6 or more. Most restaurants have similar policies.

Mapleton, UT

If I am not mistaken, Applebees did not "add" the 18% tip. They merely calculated and displayed the 18% amount on the receipt as a convenience for the customer. I for one find it challenging to compute percentages other than 10% or 20% in my head in real time, so I would have actually found the information helpful.

Beyond this, I think the pastor was way out of line; moreover, Applebees was even further out of line in firing her. I hope she sues Applebees for lost wages--and wins. As for the pastor, suing is probably not worth it, but I am confident that there is a Higher Power that will extract justice...

schererville, IN

Just as a technicality, I hope everyone realizes the pastor DID tip as the 18% was included in the $34 total. The infamous "0" in the tip line just meant she wasn't going to over tip.

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