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Published: Monday, Feb. 4 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

The primary purpose of the ad hoc, kangaroo, so-called "Gang of Eight" is to deceitfully lead the American people into supposing that it represents both major political parties and practically all Americans, when it certainly does not. I find it fascinating that Bennett would put so much value in the recommendations of the "Gang of Eight" but outrageously dismiss the unprecedented jamming of Senate phone lines as nothing more than the actions of a few crank callers. No chance MULTIPLE Americans have identified the same valid arguments, Mr. Bennett?

The "business, religious and community leaders" have their own agendas and motivations. Arguably these agendas and motivations are largely self-centered and demonstrate little regard for the best interests of society as a whole. The unity of the nation and well-being of its citizens are severely harmed as a result of illegal immigration.

Immigration policy is supposed to be driven by an interest in what is best for the nation. It is not supposed to be driven by a lust for votes -- especially votes of persons who apparently do not respect U.S. immigration law.

Shame on Bennett. He was rightly ousted from the U.S. Senate.

Salt Lake City, UT

"...'de facto amnesty' because they have been able to stay here without paying any fines."

Wrong, Mr. Bennett. What has given them de facto amnesty is the fact that law enforcement has willfully refused to do its job. There is no element of "Deterrence and Attrition" -- through earnest enforcement and meaningful penalty -- to speak of in this nation. Especially in Utah.

Clearly, amnesty is morally wrong and profoundly unfair. Bank robbers who "pay a fine" are not then allowed to keep the loot. Nor are their children allowed to keep the loot.
Nor therefore should those who demonstrate contempt for this nation, its sovereignty, its laws and its citizens be rewarded with amnesty (by whatever euphemistic term). It is unfair to the billions around the world who actually love the country and desire to enter it legally and pledge sole allegiance to its flag. It is unfair to those who already have done so. It is unfair to millions of Americans who suffer today as a direct result of the covetous, disrespectful, illegal acts of these individuals.

"Don't break up families."

A disingenuous utterance. Illegal aliens are free to repatriate AND are free to take their children with them.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

I think leaders of both political parties don't really care much about their actual LEGAL constituents.
They (both political parties)get their funding from special interest groups that are somewhat elitist in that they have somehow managed to make the enforcement aspect a political issue rather than a legal one.

We have to remember; political party leaders are, by definition, immoral if they condone or otherwise ignore lawbreaking.

Legalizing 20 million job seekers doesn't help the constituents of EITHER political party.

liberal larry
salt lake City, utah

I think Mr. Bennett is missing the point of the immigration debate within the Republican party. The real question is wether the GOP can regain its right center mentality and stop careening off into the far right fringe. At some point the conservatives are going to get tired of being, in Bobby Jindal's words, the "stupid party" and make the leap into the reality based center of political give and take.

The fight within the party is more interesting to watch than the debate about immigration.

T. Party
Pleasant Grove, UT

Immigration is our nation's lifeblood. The rule of law is our heritage. We don't have to give up one to have the other.

Compromise is one thing, but Bailout Bob has always been just a little too willing to make a deal at the expense of principle.


I oppose the extension of the H1-B visa in Senator Hatch’s S169. This visa mounts to an indentured servitude that allows businesses to exploit technical labor. The benefit of the H1-B is short term profits for a few. However, this visa program deflates wages by overcrowding scare jobs. Yes, there are too many workers already; the claims of shortages are, in fact, not true. When you wonder why American students are losing interest in STEM, the answer should be self-evident. The problem in STEM is not poor teaching or laziness or poor parenting or video games or moral decay. American students are smart, and they see the writing on the wall.

Springville, UT

DesNews and KSL's obsession with compromise, as if compromise is the ultimate right way to go, is bizarre. Compromise is very often degrading and eroding. Think of the nonsense of compromising with stupidity, insanity, irresponsibility, or even (can we say this word here?) depravity.

This spirit of compromise has been effective in helping people lose their convictions and standards. And so, more and more, I see a people that stand for nothing.

Provo, UT

Leading experts on the STEM workforce, have said for years that the US produces ample numbers of excellent science students. In fact, according to the National Science Board’s authoritative publication Science and Engineering Indicators, the country turns out three times as many STEM degrees as the economy can absorb into jobs related to their majors.

Ogden, UT

Where to start...

This country is now in the process of being invaded and overthrown by foreigners...

They have been flooding into this country from the south over the past decades to the point now that they have a significant voting block to influence elections (basically from providing amnesty in the past). This gets the attention of all politicians.

How do immigrants get here? They either cross the border without permission or come on visas and just stay. All are illegal. All are breaking our immigration laws.

It has now come to the point that illegals (who, incidentally, have been taking Americans' jobs while unemployed Americans sit home drawing unemployment) are in such abundance that our politicians are huddling, trying to decide how they can appease them in order to continue to garner their votes. Of course, this means amnesty. Foreigners will settle for nothing less.

What should our politicians do now? Republicans and Democrats should get together and agree to stop the massive illegal immigration before it's too late. How? Enforce current immigration laws. Secure the border as best they can. Cancel all Hispanic visas and refuse to issue more.

Trust Logic
Brigham City, UT, 00

Nice article Senator Bennett! I appreciate your perspective. It looks like the same people that continuously called your office have now taken over your article comments though.

I consider myself a fairly conservative Republican, but I have never understood this over-zealous emphasis on immigration. I can't understand how the same people who believe so strongly in capitalism and a free market can whine so much about job competition. Doesn't it work there too? Since when were we entitled to the God-given right to have better jobs than the rest of the world?

It's against the law, I understand, but Congress can change laws. Identity theft and the huge drug problem, I understand. There is a lot we need to do there! But every time I hear the argument that they take away jobs, I think I'm listening to liberals complaining that the rich are taking away all of their money. Pick a side!


To "Trust Logic",

I agree in trusting logic. I implore you to think through the whole scope of economic issues, not just some ideologically driven knee jerk reaction.

The 1987 Nobel Prize in economic was award to Solow’s work on “growth accounting” in which he ascribes most of the growth in our economy to innovation. So, domestic innovation is of paramount economic importance.

Innovation is also of strategic importance. During the Cold War, we signed treaties to limit export of our intellectual know-how (U.S Export Administration Act of 1979, and others). We call export to foreign nationals a “deemed export”. We invaded Iraq on the grounds that they had weapons development that we had hoped to prevent by restricting know-how.

By importing professional labor, we export technology that we should keep at home for these reasons. A free market is an idea, but real life demands more definition via the Law.

Respectfully, a neighbor.

Ogden, UT

@Trust Logic:
"I consider myself a fairly conservative Republican, but I have never understood this over-zealous emphasis on immigration."

Here's a point or two...

First, there are millions of people around the world who want to emigrate here. They apply and get in line. It's unfair to them that many come here illegally and demand amnesty/citizenship. It's grossly unfair to those who are law abiding and want to do it the legal way.

Secondly, with too many immigrants from one country (i.e., Latin America) they develop a voting block and influence our laws and polity to benefit themselves, relatives, and other countrymen.... not fair.

"But every time I hear the argument that they take away jobs, I think I'm listening to liberals complaining that the rich are taking away all of their money."

Taking away jobs wouldn't be so bad if unemployed Americans who lose their jobs to foreigners would not go on unemployment paid form tax dollars... for as much as 99 weeks. It is just plain stupid to allow foreigners in to take Americans' jobs when we have plenty of American workers sitting home on unemployment.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

"...It may not be fair, but the rhetoric surrounding the immigration issue in the last six years has been interpreted as a statement that Republicans do not like Hispanics..."

Fair or unfair, Republicans asked for it by running to embrace the immigration issue when Lou Dobbs and others were using the airwaves to whip up emotions into a hysterical frenzy.

If the Republicans want to learn from this, they need look no further than when George W. Bush was Governor of Texas which has a large hispanic population. Bush reached out to them and was making some GOP inroads into the hispanic vote. That's gone now and all because of how the GOP flocked to exploit the immigration kerfufle and make it theirs. It backfired and now the GOP is picking itself up off the mat.

You make your own bed, you sleep in it. Obstructionism is a political tool that has not served the party well or the country either. The GOP gets no sympathy from me on this matter.


Thanks again to Mr Bennett. I appreciate the insight he gives each wwek on his articles for how the government functions. Thanks also to Trust Logic, he makes several good points about the immigration process. I support both Mr Bennett and Trust Logic on this most difficult and emotional issue.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

The bedrock principle of republiconism is never ever compromise.

As long as republicons come from republicon gerrymandered districts, they will continue to marginalize republiconism by following this bedrock principle of republiconism with impunity.

Springville, UT

Those who claim they've been conservative all their lives and are now liberals on this issue either lack conviction or are disingenuous. It's easy to understand why this is a big issue to certain groups. The biggest winner will be the Democratic Party. A number of people know it, including the writers and editors of this paper. Businesses that employ illegals are also hoping to continue their cheap labor gains. Churches are competing with each other for members as well and are hoping to gain. Those are the three main groups pushing for amnesty, the Utah Compact, etc.

You might be conservative on a few (or no) issues, but to encourage and support creating an environment that only further ensures Democratic Party control and one-party national rule, is not being a true conservative. Only a fool would fall for that. There's no gain for the Republican Party by endorsing this.

Provo, UT

Carter won 56% of Hispanic vote (9% voted 3rd party), Mondale 61%, Dukakis 69%, Clinton 61%, Clinton 72%, Gore 62%, Kerry 58%, Obama 67%, Obama 71%.

Yes, give them amnesty, and they will run to the polls to vote Republican, the party of entitlements will lose badly.

Ogden, UT

"Yes, give them amnesty, and they will run to the polls to vote Republican, the party of entitlements will lose badly."

Give them amnesty and we'll get another 20 - 50 million looking for the same benefit. We don't need that. Our country can't handle it. We currently have millions of unemployed Americans who will never get jobs with fifty million more competing for the work. Any working stiff American should understand that their jobs could be sucked away from them by an illegal with amnesty and a green card (or whatever document the government will provide).

And what about Obamacare? With amnesty they will be entitled and will need government subsidies. We can't afford it. We can't survive it.

We need to stop the immigration... stop issuing visas to Hispanics since they are the major violator of our immigration laws. And by all means, no amnesty or citizenship. They can live among us but that's it.

Salt Lake City, UT

Republicans, compromise.

That's cute.

The current Republican house enjoys a 10% approval rating because we pay them $175,000 a year, per person...

to pass only 3% of any legislation.

The Republican party in the Senate have filibustered, literally, over 400 bills.

I applaud the sentiment of this letter Mr. Bennett but there is a reason you lost your bid for re-election for the Republican party in Utah, running as a Republican.

It has become to extreme, to function.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO


"....Look at it this way, as someone else previously posted, the Republicans are stopping 97% of bad legislation put up by the Democrats."

Yes, but that means the Republican Party is defining itself by what it's against. If they don't want to go the way of the Whigs, they need to do more than play a totally reactive game. Republicans like Robert Bennett see that. If the GOP can reinvent itself as a proactive party with an visionary agenda that speaks to voters, it will be finding its way out of its current bleak situation.

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