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Published: Saturday, Feb. 2 2013 11:43 p.m. MST

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Huntsville, AL

We need leaders like Perry, Governors, speaking up and taking a stand on morals. Obama is the opposite of this. He'll speak up for whatever is immoral and try to shove it down everyone's throat until evil is the law of the land.

Saint George, UT

Well, one thing is for sure, God does not condone Homosexuality. He doesn't condone a lot of things, but I don't see people posting that they are proud of being an adulterer, or that not being admitted into the priesthood for such is bigoted. This has nothing to do with being tolerant of different views. I can easily tolerate someone telling me they love a perversion, but then to tell me that I must allow them to teach my children on an overnight camp out is quite another issue. I am not intolerant; I am careful. I have that right. If the Boy Scouts do this, something that has been trusted for a century will now have made them less trustful, something that every parent should have concern. I have two eagle scouts, and two more on the way. Please don't devalue their accomplishment of being 'morally straight.'

Eagle Mountain, UT

I hope to clarify my point of view here, in a kind way. I hope that those dealing with homosexuality will understand...The only gay men I've had a chance to know included 2 who left their wives and children for another partner, 1 that sexually abused a child, and one that had sex on his mind constantly. All had pornography addictions. I know that there are those out there who deal with same-sex attraction who aren't living lives that hurt others, but because of my limited experience, I feel it would be foolish to trust a gay man with my son. The cause of these attractions has not been substantiated. The history hasn't either. It's all so gray, and embracing something that is not yet fully understood would be unwise, particularly when we bring the children into it. Let's love one another, but acknowledge our weakness in just not knowing much about this issue, no matter what side we take.

Lindon, UT

@Bandersen, 8:02 PM Feb 3, 2013 - I agree. Couldn't have said it better. The issue is really with the change in leadership, not so much the boys. This can be compared to a lesbian girls' PE teacher in Central Utah a few years past, who was terminated. This caused a big stink in the gay community and in the media. Neverless, how would you feel if you were one of the girls in the PE class and your lesbian female teacher walked into the shower room with girls going into and out of the showers. How do you think the parents felt. And what about the school board. They were only protecting the girls' privacy rights. Gay men have no business being Boy Scout leaders.

the truth
Holladay, UT

Remember we are talking about a PRIVATE organization.

So it is the Gays and gay supporters that are being the bullies here, trying to force acceptance their views and behaviors onto a private organization.

Bullies are bullies regardless of number or size.

BSA is not pushing their private views on anyone who is not a member, they are not the bullies.

Columbia, MO

Perry has courage. Obama has none.

Bronx, NY

So only this that you deem to "be on the right path" deserve to be treated with "respect"?

@the truth
If gays are.being bullies because they seek encussion then your demanding that the BSA adhere to your wishes would be what exactly?

All in the eye of the beholder I think.

Cedar Hills, UT

Well said and well done Gov Perry! Utah Gov Herbert ought to follow up with a similar statement!!

Leesburg, VA

Unless I am missing something, "The Gays" are not pushing the BSA to do anything. "The Gays" do not have that much clout. How could they? society has repressed and vilfied them for two thousand years.

The ones who are promoting the change are: Intel, Emerson, Verizon, 3M, Bank of America, UPS, Pfizer,, etc. etc. I never knew these companies were gay enterprises. More power to them.

Mcallen, TX

Start another scouting program for gays. It's just that simple. BSA doesn't have a monopoly on scouting.

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