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Published: Saturday, Feb. 2 2013 6:00 a.m. MST

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Rexburg, ID

In my opinion there are three types of people. 1. Non producers, they take more from society than they give. If they have children, much of the time the children follow the same path. 2. Producers, they give more to society than they take. Examples would be creating business, jobs, or performing job where they can fully support themselves and pay more taxes than they derive benefit. 3. Producers with families, they are the most valuable to society because they do the same as the producers while raising by example more producers. Without producer families, the future generations are in for troubling times.

Austin Coug
Pflugerville, TX


Populations that choose to have 2 or less kids as you suggest will eventually die out (minus immigration). This is proven fact. Wouldn't that be "selfish" and "irresponsable"? The irony of your namecalling is quite notable. Go read up on Russia and the struggles they are having right now as they are in a serious population decline. My only ask is that people get informed on this topic before trying to tell everyone else how many kids they can/should have. That is a personal decision and i give yout that same right without calling you names.

Las Vegas, NV

I don't think it's selfish for someone to not have children. I think it's more selfish to have children so they can act as insurance for old age.

provo, UT

I couldn't agree with HopScotch more. It is not your place to judge why someone is single. Assuming that they are all "distracted" by a career or "playing with toys" is wrong. None of us really know the true story of another's life. That said, why is it a bad thing for someone who's story hasn't played out the way they anticipated to enjoy what's good about their life - and yes, be OK. I don't think this means giving up on an opportunity to get married if it presents itself, but the idea that all single people should mope around and allow others to convince them that they should feel sorry for themselves or become neurotic about getting married is crazy. Please know your judgements are harmful to others and someday, you will receive your own judgement. Please, try to live your own life and enjoy the blessings you have and let others do the same.

Payson, UT

Solution to so many ills-

Marriage is good when you have a compatible spouse. So don't marry until you are fully mature. In my case, 25.

When married, have 2 to 3 children. On average, this creates a steady population column with one generation easily taking the place of he earlier one without the problems of overpopulation.

Either you or your spouse should work full time. The other should work part time or if affordable, do charity work. Leave a space for another family to have someone get a good paying job. (This is also part of the reason marriage can be so beneficial to society)

...but alas, who would do this if not imposed by government, which would necessarily have to be a totalitarian state.

Wally West

Fewer families mean fewer minivans. This is bad, because...?

Wally West

@ MelvinR

By #3, you mean more consumers of earths finite resources, right?

Monsieur le prof
Sandy, UT

Having children is what makes people into responsible adults. They learn about sacrifice and what it means to truly love others more than they love themselves. But personal growth is hard and takes work. That's why the immature choose to be children throughout their lives, selfishly doing whatever pleases them at the moment, free from responsibilities, and free from change. They may add little to society, but will still expect to be supported in their old age.

The spoiled "Me first" generationmay may well prove to be the demise not only of our social system, but of our culture, as well.

Omaha, NE

Nature, which humans are part of, has had population ups and downs and manages to recover. Things like the plague, famine, war also reduce populations but they recovered. Hippie kids did not turn out the same as their parents. While I understand that hose single too long won't have kids, others will. Love mine but don't depend on them for my care.

Saint George, UT

It is nice to read an article that shows, analytically, the importance of children. To watch all these governments in a panic trying to solve all of the problems associated with dwindling population is quite humorous and sad at the same time. Children are a blessing to present and future generations, something that can't be denied, even when self-centered living becomes the norm. Just last week an article in the Deseret News brought up the point of over population, something that was derided by some who posted their comments, as if 7 billion was somehow too much for this planet to bear! The problems of poverty are caused mostly by governments trying to make things better. When governments recognize the sacrifice and the faith that comes with a family, perhaps they won't continue to hold them up in derision. God bless men and women who get married and have a family, the source of real happiness!

Orderville, Utah

I can only respond from my own experience. I was married at 26. I dated a lot before that, I also enjoyed the single life. I have a strong belief that the family is ordained of God and it is something I have always wanted. I am home from work after teaching school. One son is sitting next to me playing a game on the iPad. Another son is messing around with toys by the fireplace, my daughter and I just enjoyed ice cream together and my beautiful wife is teaching piano lessons. This is much better than anything I ever experienced as a single person. You may tell me that single life and family life can be equally fulfilling but I would disagree based on my experience. Family life is the greatest blessing in my life. I am much happier, much more fulfilled, and more able to recognize my gifts from God because of my experiences as a father. Sure, there are tough days that I forget what it is all about. More often and not though is a peace that comes to me knowing that things are good and I am happy.

Davis, CA

//"And in the long term," wrote Jeff Wise recently in Slate, "on the order of centuries — we could be looking at the literal extinction of humanity." That is, if fertility rates worldwide settled at the 1.5 percent currently common in Europe, by 2300 the world's population would fall to 1 billion.//

Where is the downside to this? 1 billion people does not equal extinction. Furthermore, this would only be a good thing. The Earth is suffering from human overpopulation; our current way of life is not sustainable. Reducing the population to 1 billion people would free up resources and allow each individual to have access to a greater amount of resources.

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