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Published: Thursday, Jan. 31 2013 3:55 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

You mean the Big 12 would rather stay as an odd 10 team league, when all other noteworthy conferences are at least 12, rather than invite 2 more teams?

There must not be any noteworthy teams not alredy in a real conference.

P.S. byu fans - you guys keep telling yourselves Holmoe wouldnt jump at the big 12 if they called.

But they haven't.

And they wont

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

If the BIG 12 won't let BYU in, they should atleast agree to have the BIG 12 team with the best record play BYU at the end of every football season to determine who should play in the BCS national championship. The ESPN ratings for the annual game between the BIG 12 team with the best record and BYU would be through the roof.

Orem, Utah

If Bowlsby gets what he wants, that could impact BYU's chances of ever getting into that league. However, by the same token, Bowlsby's desire to get Big XII teams to play OOC games in Oct/Nov could help BYU as an independent.

Also, what kinds of interconference deals are made, and between whom, could either help or hurt BYU's independence scheduling. Keep in mind that Holmoe hinted they're trying to get such deals as an independent with some conferences. That'd likely be BCS conferences, as MWC and the like wouldn't make sense as those conferences would schedule BYU any time anyway.

Fun times we live in!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

It appears that at least for now, this game of musical chairs has stopped.

Utah has a seat.

Regardless of what changes there may be in the future to the college landscape, there will be two constants:

1) Utah will be IN
2) byu and usu will be OUT

Sorry. The truth does hurt.

Oh wait, no it doesn't.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Why don't they just call teams like Boise, byu, or Usu and make 12?

Interesting indeed.

Salt Lake City, UT

WOW, THREE frantic and emotional responses from our resident BYU-hater in the first five comments.

Teams that can't even beat conference foes with winning records effectively lock themselves OUT of the playoffs.

Starting in 2014, BYU will have just as much "access" to the games that really matter, the playoffs, as any member of any conference. And that's what worrying our little friend on the hill.

No more secret computer formulas. No more automatic berths awarded to members of some secret society of "special" teams. If you're good enough, you'll be IN. If you're not good enough, you'll be OUT.

Old ball coach
Sandy, UT

Chrissy.... It doesn't matter if you rid the coat tails of the Trojans, Cardinal, or Ducks. Your Yeewts will still finish behind the buffs and cougars for doormat supremacy in the PAC 10.2

Go Trojans!

Gilbert, AZ


Regardless of what changes there may be in the future to the college landscape, there will be two constants:

1. BYU will always be one of the big boys competing for ANOTHER National Championship
2. Utah will always be on the outside looking in at the big boys of college football

Enjoy being a PAC 12 whipping boy!


btw, Access to the only truly important games, the playoffs, will be open to every team that's good enough; no more secret formulas and automatic entries for members of "special" conferences.

The only teams that will be locked out are those that aren't good enough.

Orem, UT

You can just feel the angst growing inside christy as the reality of being a perennial conference bottom dweller begins to settle in on her. Thinking she was going to on the inside looking out, but now finding herself at the bottom of the barrel looking up has been a terrible shock. Hopefully she'll find some solace in being a well-paid punching bag for the PAC 10.2.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ talkinsports

You seem to be under the impression that BYU has been competing for national titles. That hasn't been the case since the Bowl Coalition was implemented. BYU has had success, but finish in the 20-25 range and being a mid-major is a far cry from being a legitimate contender.

I also think your comment about Utah being on the outside looking in is incorrect. The Utes are IN the Pac-12 which is currently an AQ conference and considered on of the "Big 5". Utah still has a way to go, but winning the PAC-12 means stepping into the national title conversation.

Last point, only one spot is open to the best team from outside the Big Five conferences. That means out of the 6 major bowl games, 11 of the 12 spots will go to teams from the ACC, SEC, BIG, Big 12, and Pac-12; including the four semifinalists. Utah is in a much better position than BYU to access the major bowls in the new system.

Wireless Lawyer
Lehi, UT

Anyone still talking about BCS bowls and AQ conferences must enjoy driving their Edsel. The BCS is dead. It's the NIT. Once the playoff starts in 2014 all non-playoff bowl games will be fungible.

Moving to a four team playoff was the crack in the dam. It won't be a crack for long. The whole dam is coming down. Smart money is on the under if the over/under for moving to 8 or more teams in the playoff is 2016.

rock springs, wy

Does anyone living outside Salt Lake City really believe that the Utes will ever contend for a PAC12 football championship? Their "championship" was getting invited to a conference that only invited them because they needed two more teams to 1) enable the PAC to have two divisions and a championship game, 2)an easy in-conference win in all sports for the top tier. The PAC10 could have accomplished those goals by inviting almost any other "also ran," which Utah, with the exception of a few good years, has been.

Columbia, MO

The Big 12 should be forced to change their name if they are never going to expand to 12. Asking for special consideration has been a trademark of the Longhorns for quite some time.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ gchris

Utah will have its day in the sun. Even Washington St. played in the Rose Bowl as recently as 2003. There is a lot of parity in the PAC-12, which makes the week-in week-out grind difficult, but it also opens the door for great opportunity because it gives everyone a chance.

Rexburg, ID

Re: Chris B

You speak of truth. The truth is Utah was invited as a place holder to the PAC, nothing more. Utah's record in overall sports is not a good as that of BYU. At present, a couple of religious bigots in the PAC 12 will kill any deal of letting any religion related school into the PAC. Hey, the PAC wanted the Longhorns, but they were asked to take Baylor as well and guess what, that killed it.

Bottom line. Utah did not get into the PAC because of sports excellence, it was invited in as a place holder so the PAC could have a championship game.

If the NCAA allows the Big 12 an exemption to the rule, I think USC, Oregon, Stanford. et al will be seething with anger in the realization that they would not have needed to share revenue with two extra schools.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA

Two For Flinching

You seem to be under the impression that Utah has been competing for national for a national title since the Utes busted their first bcs bowl. That has NEVER been the case.

Despite the frantic chest beating from the hill, U were never a serious national championship contender. The best U ever did in the final bcs standings was 6th place, which wouldn't have gotten U into the four-team playoff, if it had existed back then. At the height of your football success, you weren't a legitimate contender, and from what we've seen in the PAC 10.2, it's obvious, U never will be.


"The Utes are IN the Pac-12 which is currently an AQ conference and considered on of the "Big 5"."

Sorry to break the news to U, but there are no AQ conferences when it comes to the playoffs.

Gilbert, AZ


"Utah will have its day in the sun. Even Washington St. played in the Rose Bowl as recently as 2003."

That day for Utah could be a looooong way off. Arizona and ASU joined the PAC 10 in 1978. 2013 marks their 35th year in the conference. ASU has only played in TWO Rose Bowls in those 35 years. The Wildcats are still looking for their FIRST Rose Bowl. Oregon State hasn't played in the Rose Bowl in almost 50 years, since 1965.

Don't be so certain that Utah's first Rose Bowl appearance will be your lifetime.

Baltimore, MD


Utah fans are operating under the delusion that simply being in the PAC 10.2 makes the Utes national champion contenders.

I hate to break it to you, but PAC 10.2 banners aren't considered national championship banners by anybody living outside of Salt Lake Valley.

Being a mid-major quality team in a major conference simply makes you a convenient whipping boy, not a NC contender.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

It'll be interesting to see how the PAC 12 reacts to the Big 12's request to lower the required number of teams for a championship game from 12 to 10.

If the proposal is approved, will the PAC 10 have buyer's regret for acting too hastily in inviting Colorado and Utah?

Springville, UT

The dream, er delusion, of competing in the Rose Bowl, in a national championship, having greater access to inevitably nothing is quite humorous.

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