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Animals injure visitors and have 'lost their fear of humans'

Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2013 8:20 p.m. MST

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Orem, UT

People just want to do away with wildlife. What is wrong with the Elk being in a place we can observe them. You would rather kill them because they are make the traffic slow down. Not a bad thing. Slow down and observe the world, it is a beautiful place.

Hayden, ID

Here is the solution: Have the federal government bring in wolves from Canada. That's what they did here in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming and now we have lots of wolves but very few elk. I miss the elk!

Powell, OH

First, change the laws so anyone using National Parks and public lands "assumes the risk" for anything other than deliberate man made injury. Then, have a special hunt to reduce the numbers as well as introduce Wolves into the area.
If wolves are good enough for Yellowstone they are good enough for the Grand Canyon.

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