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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2013 3:50 p.m. MST

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I've seen more fans at a high school girls volleyball game than there were at the Huntsman Center on Sunday.
That's got to be great for recruiting, showing highlights of a 31 point blowout loss in front of 37 fans.

Spanish Fork, UT

I vividly recall Ute supporters insisting that the move to the PAC-12 would be welcomed by Ute fans. For many decades Utah was unable to fill Rice-Ecles. ONLY recently has attendance been reasonable (although if a sell out # at RES happened at LaVell Edwards, the stadium would seem empty). Majerus era the HC rocked. Because... the Utes were winning. We all wondered what would happen to these die hard enthusiastic Ute supporters when they started losing regularly.

Now we know. Abysmal attendance at the HC. Where are the fans??? Even in the final days of 1-26 Roger Reid the MC regularly had 10,000 or more.

To make matters worse, the PAC-12 is insensitive to cultural issues in SLC. Sunday play is a guaranteed financial loss for Utah. And the next game is at 1 PM. Half the fans will be in church. Why demonize and mock them for doing what they believe right.

Sad day for Utah sports. They're losing and their fans are voting with their feet. PAC-12... maybe not such a great thing.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ plyxply

I doubt you've seen 4,000 people at a HS girl's volleyball game

@ RockOn

The PAC-12 was a good thing in every imaginable way. Utah athletics is bringing in more money than ever before and all teams are seeing the benefit in the way of new facilities and/or better equipment. Hopefully wins will follow the upgrades. I realize Sunday play is a frustration for many LDS Ute fans, but two games per year in pretty minimal when all is said and done. Attendance will rise, even on Sunday's, when Utah starts winning again.

Mount Olympus
Salt Lake, UT

Re: RockOn

You are making up stuff.

"Even in the final days of 1-26 Roger Reid the MC regularly had 10,000 or more. "

Roger Reid was 1-6 then he was fired.
Tony Ingle took over for the last 18 games.
And the Marriott Center regularly had less than 2000 people.

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